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☛ An endorsement for Ron Pietrafeso for NCHA Vice President 4-30-16



April 30, 2016

Dear Ms. Kurtz,
I am supporting Ron Pietrafeso for Vice President of the NCHA. I have written an endorsement statement and am including it with a letter from Ron to the members of NCHA.  We would be very appreciative if you would include this in your next publication. Thank you.

Ken Akins

My name is Ken Akins and I’m supporting Ron Pietrafeso for Vice President of the NCHA. I’m retired from the Texas DPS Narcotics Service.  I first met Ron Pietrafeso in 1977 when I was stationed in Alpine.  Ron who was the Agent-In-Charge of the Attorney General’s Organized Crime Task Force, and his team, came to the Big Bend area where we successfully investigated a major international heroin smuggling organization. It was during this time that I discovered what an exceptional individual Ron is; his professionalism, his organizational expertise, and the respect his team had for him was a testament to his leadership.
Now nearly forty years later, the members of the NCHA have the opportunity to elect Ron Pietrafeso as Vice President. The NCHA needs a person who can lead us, a business man and a horseman who possesses the attributes and resolve to transform our NCHA into the Association where all levels of participation will thrive and the attendance of all events will grow to full capacity. I hope all of you will join me and the members who support Ron in electing the right man as Vice President of the NCHA.

Ken Akins

The following is a letter to NCHA members from Ron Pietrafeso:

I am a Colorado native and have been around horses almost my entire life. I am a retired law enforcement officer spending over twenty years in that job that I thoroughly enjoyed; spending four years as a regular patrol officer and then being promoted to detective. During my next sixteen years I worked undercover narcotics and organized crime. I was assigned to the Colorado Attorney General\'s office and became the Agent-In-Charge of investigations. I worked all over the United States investigating major drug smuggling operations and organized crime. I was given numerous commendations for my work including the Denver Police Department\'s Medal of Honor, the highest award that is given.
After leaving the police department I became involved in the automobile business working for three major new car chain dealers, eventually I became a dealer representing Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge. While working for the chain dealers I was responsible, at times, for over three hundred employees. Currently I manage our family business which is J.M. Auto Service and Collision, Johns Towing, Apollo Motor Home Rentals and Chambers Road RV and Boat Storage.
My wife Adrienne and I became involved in the cutting industry over twenty-two years ago. We bought our first cutting horse at the NCHA Futurity Select Sale. Lloyd Cox was recommended to us at that time and we have done business with him off and on ever since. We currently have several horses with Nate Miller who has trained for us for over fifteen years. Our three daughters are all cutters. We enjoy traveling all over the country showing our horses. We live on a 400 acre ranch just south of Denver. We raise twelve to fifteen babies every year most of which are by our stud Rap Cat a son of High Brow Cat.
I have been an officer for Western States Cutting Horse Association and served on their board for over twelve years. I have been very fortunate to be elected as an NCHA director from Colorado for the last twelve years. I was selected by past president Barbara Brooks to serve as a member of the newly created Governance Task Force and I am a member of the NCHA youth committee.
In 2013 I formed a group of people to help get the Western Nationals to Denver for 2014. We raised over $130,000.00 for NCHA and successfully had the Western Nationals in Denver. We will host them again this year.
I have all the respect in the world for my opponent, Phil Rapp. So everyone just make sure you VOTE!

Ron Pietrafeso
Missing Creek Ranch


From the Editor:

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to send them to me and I will make sure that Ron Pietrafeso gets them.

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