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☛ Another letter to Glory Ann and all her readers 9-5-18



By Carol A. Harris
Member/Judge AQHA;  Member AQHA Hall of Fame, Former Member/Judge NCHA, NRHA,Owner of Hall of Fame Stallion Rugged Lark

September 5, 2018

I am so grateful for the recent criticisms expressed to contemporary equine leadership, even though most seem to be anonymous.  I can understand this because our members have been intimidated into keeping their opinions to themselves or else they might fail to win in competitions.  I am old enough to realize that these frustrated members are only trying to protect themselves, their families, their hardworking honest trainers, their horses, and their enormous investments.

At age 95 I have nothing to protect except my reputation for always being honest and fearless.  At this time, in spite of occasionally hearing criticism regarding Glory Ann Kurtz and Rick Dennis, I have made myself examine the propaganda and have discovered exactly where the truth can be found.  It is with my friends Glory Ann, Rick Dennis, the anonymous voices, and the many members who I believe we will soon be hearing from.  Everything I have read in these articles has been well researched and truthful, and I am 100 percent behind them all.  Since there is no right way to do the wrong thing, we must enforce our current laws, trusting that this will help others to eventually see the truth, just like we have.

When business is not conducted correctly and the results become evident, when membership deteriorates and bad horse trainers excel, everyone should smell a rat.  Our horses still continue to feel way more pain than they deserve and our bad horse trainers are cockier than ever, because they are the ones who have created all this unethical chaos.  Our leaders have abused the membership and made them so scared that they don’t even dare sign their names on a complaint.  This is the environment that is created when we have toxic people controlling us.  And they have already begun to control how others see us, proven by the number of members we have lost.  

Even though I’m old I still know the difference between right and wrong, and I hope that this letter will reach the ears of others who feel exactly the same way I do.  I don’t know whether our youth will ever enjoy the horse business or the dog world like I have.  But the only way they’ll ever have the chance to love our animals as we have is by correcting our leadership’s loss of ethics immediately and then backing those who have shown us that they also know the difference between right and wrong.

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  1. Something tells me that when this lady speaks, people listen! Eureka!


  2. She is right, we should drain the swamp, get rid of the president on down to the e.c. they need to be replaced by business men or women, this has really gone to far.We should call a membership open to everyone during the futurity, but I bet they won`t

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