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By Glory Ann Kurtz
Nov. 15, 2018

The AQHA has made a statement regarding the Dufurrena  and Vogel situation and the adjusting of AQHA records.


Attached is their statement; however, in the end, the AQHA is saying they “will not take any action to change the status quo of its records unless and until a final outcome or resolution of the litigation has occurred by either the entry of a final Judgment or the execution of a Settlement Agreement between the parties.”


The AQHA also states that the reciprocity agreement with NCHA allows AQHA to reciprocally suspend a member who has been suspended by the NCHA for an offense of using prohibited drugs, unsportsmanlike conduct or inhumane treatment. Since the NCHA suspension of Brandon, Ed and Rieta Dufurrena falls outside of the reciprocity agreement., the AQHA has not suspended them.



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  1. This is all fine and well but that being said, NCHA still has not addressed publicly the egregious violations of Ed and Brandon Dufurrena at the Whitesboro NCHA cutting event. When are they going to take action on this?

  2. Glory: any definition of “unsportsmanlike” conduct should include cheating and violations in various ways to enhance the competitiveness, records and standings of horse or rider, which could cover a wide range of activities as to ownership, eligibility of horse and rider, adherence to rules, ethical violations, dishonesty, harassment of judges, etc. etc. It would seem that AQHA and NCHA would have defined the term in a way to make it meaningful and such that it would cover most if not all the issues in the cases you reference. Perhaps Rick Dennis can expound on this. AQHA is simply dodging the issue to dodge the courtroom; nothing new!! But admittedly, the truth is yet to be determined on some of the allegations. Maybe the final judgment will cure the problem. It’s all about due process, right? In the meantime, what is bad for one may not be bad enough for the other, which probably should not be the case. If the NCHA won’t let you join or stay in, why should the AQHA, and vice versa? If a person knew that breaking certain rules in one might include the other, perhaps there would be fewer violations all around. Regards, Maurice Tynes

    • One would think this fiasco would be over, said and done. However, it’s not. I’m simply amazed that the Dufurrena’s are members of any horse organization after the Myriad times they have been sued for fraud. However, they always settle out-of-court before a jury verdict is rendered. Seems to be a pattern with the lawsuits I’ve read. As far as AQHA is concerned it’s their right to take this position absent of a court ruling. I will say this: in the end, the Vogels will prevail is my prediction. As far as the NCHA, I don’t have a clue as to their thought process. Over the years members have been suspended for life for the same rule infractions. Go figure.

  3. It’s going to be up to owners to quit using this type of trainer, that will put them out of business. They are nothing more than scammers.

  4. Grrrrrr… that figures. They can now spend their time competing at AQHA shows. I’m going to look at the Futurity entries and see if they have a horse in there. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

    It’s sure frustrating to see horses bred by Brandon and supposedly owned by Shona Dufurrena in the Futurity draws.
    Have you found the second lawsuit filed by the scoundrels against the Vogels?
    I was sure happy that Lew represented the Tommy and Kay James and the others in the disciplinary hearing and that they threw out Shona’s asinine claim.
    Can’t believe it’s come to the point where you have to have a lawyer represent you in an NCHA matter!
    This latest second lawsuit filed after the settlement agreement was reached over ownership of Stevie Rey Von and the other horses makes me wonder if Ed and Brandon have had tax problems and now have to provide evidence to support their claims. Something’s up. Look to the money!!

  5. Glory Ann……You have no idea how most of your informative information gets my blood pumping !!! This Dufferena fiasco and how the entire situation has been handled by BOTH NCHA & now AQHA is apalling !! I’m sure I’m not the ONLY one that feels this way either. It’s every bit as bad as the Democrats vs Republicans !! No morals ? No integrity ???? I don’t understand …….seems like the more crooked you can be , anymore, is how you achieve all the glory and the big bucks !!! I’ve played this showing and competing game in the Quarter Horse industry for over 40 yrs, since starting in the AQHA Youth Division. I’ve shown in just about every aspect and classes, been fairly successful I might add, by just keeping my head down & working hard withOUT politics !! This entire result of the handling by the 2 major horse associations in not only America, but the entire World just amazes me. I’m at a loss for words with anything else concerning this, for fear of getting my blood pressure up !!!

    Anyways, thanks for being so informative & keeping folks filled in on exactly whats going down….,regardless of the sour feed back you get !!! I’m behind you 1000% !!! And I’m sure I’m not alone.

    A faithful supporter and reader


  6. Question, how is it that Shonna has a horse in the Futurity???? It’s amazing how they get away with that?!!!!

  7. It’s going to be up to owners to quit using this type of trainer. That will put them out of business. They are nothing more than scammers.

  8. Kudos and a great big thank you to NCHA for throwing out Shona Dufurrena’s absolutely laughable and ridiculous claim against those people who filed complaints against Ed and Brandon at the Whitesboro cutting.

    This is exactly what’s wrong with these people. The Dufurrenas think they are above the rules and they can do whatever they want and they just keep proving it and it appears NCHA is ignoring it. I know people who should have filed lawsuits against them and didn’t because they didn’t want the hassle and aggravation. The Dufurrenas give NCHA a bad name and people on the outside are laughing at the management of this association.

    Now the question is, when is NCHA going to take action against the Dufurrenas for the recent infractions and why is Shona continuing to have horses shown? Seems like NCHA is taking an awfully long time and NCHA loses members and credibility by what appears to members as ‘ignoring’ the complaints. Members are going to remember this.

  9. Whatever happened to the Dufurrena case? We never heard about additional punishment.

    • I have nothing more about any punishment. When and if I hear of anything, I will post it.

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