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☛ Bill Chambers hurt in auto accident 5-24-15



By Glory Ann Kurtz
May 24, 2015

Bill Chambers

William “Bill” Chambers is currently in a rehab center in Whitesboro, Texas, following a week’s stay in ICU at Harris Hospital in Fort Worth. On his way home from a roping in Granbury, Texas, where he was selling his popular books, he was hit by an automobile going the wrong way, thrown out of his SUV and it rolled over on him. He has broken ribs, ruptured spleen, crushed pelvis, ruptured discs in his spine and a head injury. Following extensive surgery, he had another surgery on his spine last week.


Bill, affectionately named “Wild Bill” by many and who has written 17 books in the past 15 years, has cerebral palsy that he has had since birth due to lack of oxygen. But that hasn’t stopped him from writing and selling books at horse events. He will not be able to work all summer at the shows and that is how he makes his living.


Even though he is disabled, that is not stopping Bill’s love for horses as he loves to ride and has competed and won in classes for the disabled at the Palomino World Show.


A few of the more current paperback books he has written and sold at various horse events include “Captain Cowboy,” “To Kill A Horse,” “The Spur in the Prickly Pear” and the latest, “The Lord of the Arenas.”  His books are for all ages and have very clever plots and stories.They always include cowboys and horses.


If you would like to help, you can order his books or send a get-well card or a donation to P.O Box 1338, Boyd, Texas 76032. His books are $20 each.

Bill Chambers showing at the Palomino World Show.

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  1. Has Mr Chambers recovered from his injuries? Is he able to go back to writing?

    • Yes!!! He is selling books again and I’m publishing them!! He is a miracle!
      Glory Ann

  2. I read your book called, Angels and Outlaws. I really enjoyed and it was well written. Since I lived during the time you wrote about it made the book doubly interesting.
    Chris Ray

  3. I met “Wild Bill” in 2004 at the Gold Pan Saloon in Custer, SD. I really liked him & bought several books. I am in that area once again right now & inquired about him at the Gold Pan. It has since sold & no one remembered him. I also went to Sturgis & inquired about him at The Knuckle Saloon. No one know him. Where is he currently located? And I would love to purchase more books. Where can I do that? I would love to see him again.

    Thank you very much,

    Yukon. OK

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