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☛ Dear NCHA Executive Board members 4-3-18

Dear Executive Board Members,
A short while ago I read an open letter to the NCHA, from a director, on the website, regarding many issues within the NCHA and the dubious decisions that caused them. Ifyou have not read the letter, I would advise you to do so promptly! We are in a state of emergency, and actions must be taken to ensure our longevity. In the letter, I read about several rule violations perpetrated by the Dufurrena family, and possibly the assistance of NCHA Vice-President Phil Rapp in helping to “go easy” on the Dufurrena,as in regard to disciplinary actions by the NCHA.

Upon learning of the verdict of their recent grievance hearing, we see that plan being executed. Everyone who has been guilty of violating the non pro ownership rule has received harsh penalties that were appropriately applied and justified. Now we see a much different set of sanctions that are in no way consistent with other cases regarding the same rule. Every lawyer I’ve talked to has said this can turn into a major legal fiasco for us. I’m imploring the leadership of ourAssociation to seek advice from a competent lawyer before the Appeals Committee hearing is held. Trust me when I say, there is a contingency of past and current members and directors who are adamant about exposing the many deficiencies and lack of common sense that is present within our association. This present matter”smacks” of yet another example of poor judgment if not dealt with in an appropriate and consistent sanction. In the opinion of many, this matter can have very serious legal and financial consequences.

In addition to legal liability from former members who have been suspended for life from the same rule violations, we are also liable to the competitors who were directly damaged by the Dufurrenas’ bad conduct. Right now, we have the luxury of being able to follow the Olympic rules for athletes who break their rules. If athletes are deemed in violation, they are banned from competition, and the awards are presented to the appropriate winners. Why not follow their approach to dealing with contestants who break the rules? Are we not bound to recognize and compensate the rightful champions? Also,the fines that were levied against the Dufurrenas in the grievance hearing are absurd! In the least, the fines should equal the amount of money that was won fraudulently in the various events by the Dufurrenas, and the awards should be given to the rightful winners! I f anything less than the above suggestions are done, it will be regarded as a sham by our Association leaders and produce another example of poor leadership. Now is our opportunity to demonstrate to the general membership and public that our association is trustworthy and will be regarded as the model to which other associations aspire to be. Currently, there is great bewilderment and dismay felt among the people who make up our industry, and feel that our great association has deteriorated to an all-time low, especially within the last several years. These problems have only been exacerbated during the tenure of Chuck Smith’s leadership beginning with his presidency and extending through his time as our Executive Director.

In closing, I want to bring to your attention just how many of us are opposed to the choice of Chuck Smith as our Executive director. We, the body of Directors,were never consulted prior to his hiring, thus making it apparent that he was hired out of mere convenience, rather than conducting a rigorously due diligent effort to find the right candidate for the position. Not only does he lack experience running any association whatsoever, he is also completely in over his head, and lacks the intestinal fortitude of true leadership, all the while being paid a ridiculously high salary usually reserved for someone in upper management in a corporate setting. This is just another example of why our association is currently facing the dire economic conditions we find ourselves in.

Let it be known that many strongly suggest that the present Executive board and Appeals Committee take this opportunity to fulfill it’s fiduciary duties and demonstrate strong leadership that has been lacking in the past.

—-Let the content of this letter concern you, rather than the author

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  1. You are so wright, Chuck Smith does not know go from sachem, he is just working there. HE CAME FROM BEING not a very poor trainer. this is just a tip of the ice burg. Like the tommy manion case, shooting a horse with a bb gun, I know people suspended for life for hitting a horse with reins at a cutting. Before the futurity Manion put his horses in tommy manion inc. . I asked chuck about that he said it would cost the ncha too much to prove tommy manion and tommy manion, inc was one and the same come on give me a break. this is how it`s always been with the ncha they do who way and what they the select few want, I have not seen any actions on ed and family something else they don`t want members to be aware of

  2. Further proof our association is run by a bunch of Good ol boys rather than smart business professionals!

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