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☛ Does NCHA enforce their own rules? 10-14-18




By Glory Ann Kurtz
Oct. 14, 2018

Yesterday I received a call from a new member of the NCHA who is also new to the sport of cutting, which is just the kind of person the NCHA is looking for. He is considering entering the Junior Cutting at the AQHA World Show; however, when he called the AQHA to enter, he found out that Ed Dufurrena has 4 entries in his class  – the Junior Cutting – with Dufurrena’s wife owning three of the  horses and a customer owning the other. The new member has read about the Ed Dufurrena debacle with the NCHA and  wondered if the NCHA and AQHA didn’t have a reciprocal agreement between the two associations regarding suspension of members. However, I have been told that the only reciprocal agreement the NCHA has with the AQHA is for “horse abuse” or “failing a drug test.” Also, I sent an e-mail to Catherine Cheugh of the NCHA and asked if Dufurrena had paid his fine on time or paid it at all and also I asked if he was still under suspension by the NCHA. I  gave her my e-mail and phone number; however, I received no response. (I guess I’m on the do-not-call list)


However, the new member said he had called the NCHA and was told that Dufurrena had not paid the fine that was assessed him by the NCHA. So even though Ed and Brandon Dufurrena have broken their suspension rules by not paying the fines assessed them, they were at an NCHA approved cutting on Saturday Sept. 15th, in Whitesboro, Texas. Both Ed and Brandon were videoed hanging over the fence hollering, coaching and screaming instructions to their customers who were showing.  I heard multiple individuals sent complaints and videos to the NCHA, whose rules say that a suspended person may only be a spectator in the seating area.  I was told they worked the horses that were being shown (not on show grounds) and some horses being shown belonged to them, and others being owned and shown by customers. These actions were allegedly video taped by some ladies at the show and to make matters worse, when Ed caught them video taping him and Brandon, they both began screaming expletives at the ladies, trying to intimidate them.  This caused a HUGE scene resulting in Ed having to be dragged off by a customer of his.


I don’t know if the NCHA has made a decision on Ed Dufurrena’s two (2) post-suspension alleged rule violations (rules state if you break one rule, you get six month’s suspension, if you break it twice, you get a life suspension.) Also, if you don’t pay the fine, the NCHA can sue you to collect the money if the violations  have been reported to the NCHA under two separate filed complaints, with each complainant filing separate and specific rule violation complaints and each complaint is accompanied by a fee and video documentation of Dufurrena’s actions. But we’ll wait and see.
At a time when the NCHA is losing memberships and is in dire need of new members, it’s going to be interesting to see what disciplinary action the NCHA will hand out to the Dufurrenas, especially in lieu of the newly adopted rules on August 21, 2018, which say if you break a rule, you get six month’s suspension; however, if you break the rules again, you get suspended.
How can the NCHA expect to attract and keep new members when it appears disciplinary action for specific rule violations are handed out on the “who-you-know basis” instead of on the “set precedence” that the NCHA has established on previous rule violations of the type Ed, Brandon and Rieta Dufurrena were suspended for in the first place. The post alleged rule violations by Ed and Brandon are just an insult to every current NCHA member, as well as those previously suspended for the same rule violations and who have received life suspensions.
As it currently stands, it appears the tail is wagging the dog instead of vice versa.


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  1. Again, the aqha, and ncha are changing their rules for certain people, if you or I was doing this we would be gone like you sqid who you are has always been the case with ncha. If ed had spoke to my wife like he did he would be one whooped s.o.b. come on ed anytime lets do this follow up with this , please, you and Brandon have always bveen cowards like letting your wife take the fall for dopping. sorry low down people.


  3. Hello Mrs Kurtz,

    I really enjoy reading all your columns about the Dufurrena family.

    I have a question for you regarding them.

    my brother and I we go the Western bloodstock Auction on December.

    I believe last year this family sold some horse at the auction and we noticed they were betting on their own

    horses. its that allowed on Texas?

    Thank you

    Jaime Sanchez

    • Yep it’s very common at the cutting horse sales. I’ve been to a lot of them and my husband and I have bought horses through them. You kind of have to know the players and see if they are bidding. Some have friends bid for them. The seller knows what he needs to get for the horse and gets people to bid up to that price and then quit when that amount is hit.
      Glory Ann

  4. Almost laughable at their complete disregard for the rules and fines.
    But with no enforcement or consequences for their actions it makes the NCHA a laughing stock…. very sad.
    I used to be so proud of our Assocation and members.

  5. You’re right;however, only the NCHA or the law can get rid of it them . I’m believing they are going to have to self destruct.

  6. I always enjoy what you have to say! You are always honest and straight forward! You are a blessing to us!

  7. I am sold glad you are telling it like it is, but sure have my doubts if NCHA will follow there own rules. As the the have in the past.

  8. Hopefully the NCHA will get a clue that this is not the way to gain the respect of people who MIGHT be interested in cutting horses. There goes the customer base.

  9. Rieta is showing in the limited non-pro at the NRCHA futurity. The horse is owned by Ed. Is there reciprocation between NRCHA and NCHA? If there isn’t, should she be considered a non-pro considering NCHA’s ruling?

    • Mike – do the non-pros have to own their own horse in NRCHA? Just asking.


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