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☛ Dos Cats Partners – Legal Fact or Creative Writing 7-16-18






July 16, 2018
By Glory Ann Kurtz


On, July 1, 2018, I released an article on entitled “Dos Cats Partners” – Legal Fact or Creative Writing?” The first paragraph specifically states, “The Dos Cats Partners name is identified, referenced to and provable as a Dufurrena operated “business entity” by Dufurrena, in Texas, and is identified in a myriad of provable and “identifiable locations”, (i.e.)


  1. In legally filed, open-record court documents in the Minshall Versus Dufurrena and “Dos Cats Partners” lawsuit.


  1. In legally filed, open-record court documents in the Vogel’s Versus Dufurrena lawsuit and “Dos Cats Partners” Receivership Appointment Request.


  1. In Dufurrena’s June 14, 2018 letter to the Officers and Directors of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA).


  1. In the March 25, 2011 “Dos Cats Partners” agreement by and between Eugene and Janie Vogel and Edward L. Dufurrena and Shona Dufurrena, that is included in Dufurrena’s June 14, 2018 letter to the Officers and Directors of the NCHA.


Since the release of the first article, my investigation “has-confirmed” the use of the “Dos Cats Partners” name is also included in an AQHA transfer and registration registry for “Auspicious Cat.” As you may remember, Dufurrena states in his June 14, 2018 letter to the NCHA that this stallion is owned by Dufurrena.  Notwithstanding, this stallion was also the central focus of the Minshall Versus Dufurrena and “Dos Cats Partners” lawsuit for fraudulent advertising due to falsely advertising the stallion as HERDA NEGATIVE, when AQHA registry records “unequivocally verify”  that Auspicious Cat is HERDA POSITIVE.


  1. AQHA registry records for “Auspicious Cat”.


Furthermore, Dufurrena’s June 14, 2018 letter to the NCHA, reflects Dufurrena’s own  self-admission” of his use and ownership of the “Dos Cats Partners” moniker. Additionally, Dufurrena’s June 14, 2018 letter to the NCHA, along with other areas of identification, also proves that Dufurrena has used “Dos Cats Partners”, as a (dba) or an assumed nameidentifier. For the record, the use of the acronym (dba) or “doing business as” moniker, is identified under Texas Law as “an assumed name.”  Therefore, this acronym is a word formed from the initial or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term. For example:


Evidence of such use and “self-admitted ownership”, by Dufurrena, is reflected in his June 14, 2018 letter to the NCHA, whereby he states as follows:  “On January 1, 2016, I purchased the Vogel’s share of “Auspicious Cat” –  Exhibit 14. At that time, the co-ownership agreement was over as there were no horses remaining. Auspicious Cat was owned by me before the Vogel’s acquired (49) percent of him. The horse was originally part of “Dos Cats Partners” that was, at one time, a partnership. I ultimately bought out the other partners and kept the name. The partnership ceased to be such an entity when there were no other partners. I used it like an assumed name,” or “dba”. Once the Vogel’s no longer owned (49) percent, I kept the horse under the same name.”


In the Dufurrena/Vogel – March 25, 2011 hand-written “agreement”, Dufurrena refers to this agreement as being: “also known as Dos Cats Partners.


Acting on the foregoing information and facts, I furthered my investigation as an investigative journalist, and discovered that a (dba) or “an assumed nameused in Texas for business purposes. is subject to filing requirements by law, with the Texas Secretary of State, as well as with the county clerk the business is operating in?


My Dufurrena  “Dos Cats Partners investigation” revealed: 1) “Dos Cats Partners” doesn’t have a record of “ever being registered” with the Texas Secretary of State and 2) the “Dos Cats Partners” doesn’t have a record of ever being registered with the Cooke County, Texas Clerks Office. Both of which are required by Texas Law.




Essentially, open-record court documents, as well as Dufurrena’s “self-admission” statement included in his June 14, 2018 letter to the NCHA, proves Dufurrena’s use of the “Dos Cats Partners” moniker, a (dba) or “an assumed name,” through three separate instances, i.e., 1) in the Vogel’s Versus Dufurrena lawsuit, 2)in the Minshall’s Versus Dufurrena lawsuit and 3) in the Dufurrena 2006 AQHA registry, which includes “Auspicious Cat.” This is evidenced by:

1.   The Minshall Versus Dufurrena and “Dos Cats Partners” lawsuit.

2.     The Vogel’s versus Dufurrena lawsuit.

3.    AQHA “Auspicious Cat” registry records.


I also discovered that Texas Law dictates written signatures of all participants in the partnership are required upon filing. Pursuant to the original article filing, my expanded investigation concerning the filing requirements of a “dba” or “an assumed name” in Texas, revealed the following facts.




Texas Business and Commerce Code.

Title 5: Regulation of Businesses and Services, Subtitle (A). General Practices.

Chapter 71.001. Assumed Business or Professional Name.

Subchapter A. General Provisions.

Sec.71.001. Short Title. This chapter may be cited as the “Assumed Business or Professional Name Act.


Sec. 71.051. Certificate for certain unincorporated persons. A person must file a certificate under this subchapter if the person regularly conducts business or renders a professional service in this state under an assumed name other than a corporation, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company or a foreign filing entity.


Sec 71.052. Contents of Certificate. The certificate must state:

      (1)     The assumed name under which the business is, or is to be, conducted or the professional service is or is to be rendered


(2)     If the registrant is:

(A)     An individual, the individual’s full name and residence address

(B) a partnership:

(i)      The venture or partnership name,

(ii)     The venture or partnership office address,

(iii)    The full name of each joint venture venturer or general partner and

(iv)    each joint venturer’s or general partner’s residence address if the venturer or partner is an individual.


Sec. 71.053. Execution of Certificate.

 (a)     The certificate must be executed and acknowledged:

(1)     by each individual whose name is required to be stated in the certificate or the individual’s representative or attorney-in-fact.


Sec. 71.054. Place of Filing.

A person shall file the certificate in the office of the county clerk in each county in which the person:

(1)     has or will maintain business or professional premises, or

(2)     conducts business or renders a professional service, if the person does not or will not maintain business or professional premises in any county.


Subchapter D. General Provisions Regarding Assumed Name Certificate.Sec. 71.151. Duration and Renewal of Certificate.


(a)     A certificate is effective for a term not to exceed 10 years from the date the certificate is filed.


Subchapter E. Penalties.

Sec 71.201. Civil Action; Sanction.

 (a)     A person’s failure to comply with this chapter does not impair the validity of any contract or act by the person or prevent the person from defending any action or proceeding in any court of this state, but the person may not maintain in a court of this state an action or proceeding arising out of a contract or act in which an assumed name was used until an original, new or renewed certificate has been filed as required by this chapter.


(b)     In an action or proceeding brought against a person who has not complied with this chapter, the court may award the plaintiff or other party bringing the action or proceeding expenses incurred, including attorney’s fees, in locating and effecting service of process on the defendant.


Sec 71.202. Criminal Penalty: General Violation.


 (a)     A person commits an offense if the person:

(1)     Conducts business or renders a professional service in this state under an assumed name and (2) intentionally              violates this chapter.


(b)     An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.


 Click for Title 5 information>> 


Class A Misdemeanor – Definition:


“Criminal Offenses in Texas are divided into two main categories: felonies and misdemeanors. A Class A Misdemeanor carries punishments of a fine of up to $4,000.00 and/or imprisonment of up to one year in a county jail.”


Therefore, my investigation has concluded with backup documents as usual: Dufurrena’s “Dos Cats Partners” – (dba) or “an assumed name”, hasn’t been in compliance with Texas business law through two lawsuits, i.e., Minshall’s and Vogel’s.  This is evidenced by my records check with the Texas Secretary of State and the Cooke County Clerks Office.


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