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☛ “Dufurrena Cutting Horses” – the Untold Story 7-5-18





By Glory Ann Kurtz
July 6, 2018

 A person can be blessed in a lot of ways, for example family, friends, fame and fortune.  However, my best attributes are family, friends and avid readers of and  I have a loyal group of readers who bless me with the gift of giving, and they just keep on giving – information that is!

Recently, I received a packet of information, from an unknown source, containing a stack of Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses invoices addressed to Janie Jandon, Ltd./Vogel, and spanning a time period coinciding with the Dufurrena/Vogel – “Dos Cats Partners”: “agreement-contract.”

After reviewing the mysterious documents there are several which caught my eye:

The first Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses invoice that I reviewed was:

Invoice No. 1852
Invoice Date: 1/31/2012
On  Receipt – Open
Previous Balance: $10,649.91
From: Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses
Janie Jandon Ltd.,/Vogel.

I Initiated a trial balance, i.e.:
     Previous Invoice Balance: $10,649.91
     New Charges this invoice:
Red Solo Cup/Metallic  x Ella, colt 2012 – $658.56
        Billing for Jolenna – $1,245.00

 Total Charges this Invoice:     $12,553.47

  Less applied credits received – Vogel’s:
       Breeding Fee M. Cannon         $735.00
        O.V. Charge for advertising    $3,035.00
        Win check Silverado:               $278.81
        Win Ck./Augusta:                     $784.00

     New Invoice Total                 $7,720.66


 Dufurrena Accounting Method as per his submitted Invoice:

Invoice No. 1852
Invoice Date:
On  Receipt – Open
Previous Balance: $10,649.91
Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses
Janie Jandon Ltd.,/Vogel.

 New Charges this invoice
Red Solo Cup/Metallic Cat, Colt 2012  $658.56
Jolenna      $1,245.00

Payments and credits received – Vogel’s:
     Breeding Fee M. Cannon        $735.00
     O.V. Charge for advertising   $3,035.00
     Win check/Silverado               $278.81
     Win check/Augusta:                 $784.00

Charges this invoice:                $11,460.56

Payments Received:                 ($4,832.81)          

 Balance Due:                              $17,277.67


My Calculations vs Dufurrena:

Dufurrena Balance Due:                   $17,277.67

Less My Invoice above:                      $7,720.66

Over Charges To Vogels =          $9,557.01

The difference between my accrued Charges: identified in “New Charges This Invoice” above or $12,553.47 vs Dufurrena’s accounting method  above, or $11,460.56, computes to a difference in “Charges This Invoice”, between my calculations and Dufurrena totaling $1,092.91.

 However, this doesn’t compute using “standard accounting practices !

Invoice 1852


Another invoice that caught my eye is Invoice 2850:

“What Sneaky Cat” billing from Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses to “Janie Jandon, Ltd./Vogel on Invoice 2850. Invoice Date: 12/31/2014. “For board and training, What Sneaky Cat from October 2014 through December 2014.

  1. For the record, this is clearly an invoice requiring a lot of explaining and for a myriad reasons. As you may remember in Ed Dufurrena’s letter to the NCHA, he stated he bought back this horse from the Vogel’s on 11/29/12.  However, Dufurrena references an Exhibit 10; Invoice Number – 2055, Invoice Date – 12/31/2012, to substantiate this alleged “buy-back.” Exhibit 10 is an invoice From: Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses, to Janie Jandon Ltd./Vogel which clearly denotes; Payments/Credits: 12/01/2012. pymt no. 2700. ($11,000.00) “Bought Back Sneaky.” This horse was sold to Brandon two days prior to the listed buy back date; or 11/29/2012.

2. This is evidenced by AQHA transfer records and Ed Dufurrena’s letter to the NCHA on June 14, 2018.

  1. However, there are two horses listed on Invoice 2850, which require scrutiny, or more specifically: Stevie and Whata Sneaky Cat.  Both horses are showing a 49 percent ownership by the Vogel’s which coincides with the stated partnership agreement in the March 25, 2011 Dufurrena/Vogel “Dos Cats Partners” agreement-contract. The billing on this invoice reflects their 49 percent vested interest partner share, yet this ownership is being denied by Dufurrena.

My question is: Why would the Dufurrena’s be billing the Vogel’s for a horse, i.e., WHATA SNEAKY CAT, they allegedly bought back on 12/01/2012, as per Invoice 2850 in the foregoing??  AQHA records clearly denote on the Sale and Transfer Registry that the horse was purchased by Brandon Dufurrena; from Ed Dufurrena, on 11/29/2012.  It’s a mystery or creative writing? You decide!

Whata Sneaky Cat

Invoice 2850

Another interesting feature of invoice 2055 is trying to verify its accounting numerical values. (i.e.)

Previous Invoice Balance:                       $20,688.79
New charges this invoice:                        $600.00
New invoice Sum Total:                            $22,426.29

Less Payment Credits:                              -$6,091.68

New Invoice Balance:                          $3,771.81


Dufurrena Accounting;

Charges this invoice:                                  $14,717.20
Payments received:                                    ($18,654.48)
Balance Due:                                                $16,751.51


There is no way that this accounting is correct!

If you subtract the Dufurrena Balance Due of $16,751.51, with the new invoice balance in the foregoing, or $3,771.81, it results in “over charges” of $10,999.39!

In its original form, and using the computations on it, this invoice doesn’t balance out to the numerical values as recorded in Dufurrena’s accounting method!

Invoice 2055


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  1. OMG! He’s in trouble??? WOW

  2. I see your forensic auditing skills are still intact. lol This guy needs a few lessons in accounting, especially in how “not” to get caught!

  3. “Creative writing.” ha h ha. These invoices are more like a Martin Luther King story: “I have a dream”

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