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☛ Dufurrenas suspended from NCHA and fined 7-19 -18



By Glory Ann Kurtz
July 19, 2018


Within an e-mail today from Lewis Wray, the NCHA temporary Executive Director, to the membership of the NCHA, members were informed that Ed Dufurrena and his son, Brandon, and daughter Rieta, have each been suspended from the NCHA for 150 days and fined due to their improprieties within the association.


According to the e-mail, “Edward Dufurrena’s NCHA membership has been suspended for a period of 150 days. He has been fined $10,000 for aiding and abetting Rieta Dufurrena in violating NCHA non-professional rules and an additional fine of $10,000 for aiding and abetting Brandon Dufurrena in violating NCHA non-professional rules. He will be on membership probation for a period of three years following the end of his membership suspension. Pursuant to NCHA rules, those results will be published in the Chatter.


Dufurrena’s son, Brandon, has been suspended for a period of 150 days. His Non-Professional card has been suspended for three years. He will be on membership probation for a period of three years following the end of the membership suspension and he has also been fined $10,000.


Rieta Dufurrena’s NCHA membership and Non-Pro card have also been suspended for a period of 150 days. She will be on membership probation for one year following the end of the suspension and she has been fined $10,000.


The suspensions and fines are due to their part in the Minshalls and Dufurrrena partnership and Vogels and Dufurrena partnership, both called Dos Cats Partners. Neither followed the law of being recorded with the Texas Secretary of State and both resulted in lawsuits.


The full story on both of these partnerships and court cases have been well documented in past articles published in

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  1. Hopefully we have no more news about the Dufurrena’s

  2. Hopefully this will be the last we hear about Dufurrena!

    • Probably not. He will more than likely be charged with RICO violations as well as other individuals he has taken advantage of, filing lawsuits against him. Individuals like him ruin the sport of cutting.
      Glory Ann

  3. We hope that he gets everything he has coming, For ncha just a slap on the wrist. they adused the rules for years and all winning Bradon and reite won should be taken off the books. Money won illegally should not count toward life time earnings If ncha does not start putting strict sanctions for abusing the rules it will never stop. thanks glory ann for your good work

  4. Are you joking?!? That’s all they got?!?!? The appeal decision was weaker than the grievance committee’s…and the appeal committee had more evidence! Obviously they found the duffus family guilty…so, why not punish like they have before for the same infractions??? The Ncha better reinstate those who got lifetime suspensions, or prepare for a legal beat down! Good luck to the whitmires, bougets, and anyone else who wasn’t treated so pleasantly!…what a joke!!!

    Dudley Doright

    Ps…what about the people who placed behind them at the shows, especially the futurity?

  5. From a former customer of Ed Dufurrena:

    Glory Ann,

    I can’t speak for others and don’t know if they want to get involved, but I had two friends who were customers of Ed Dufurrena at the time we were. I can’t speak on their behalf of complaints they had against Ed Dufurrena but I do know that Ed was telling one of them at the same time Ed was telling us that we “had the best horse in the barn.” In other words, he was telling another customer what he thought she wanted to hear while he was telling us the very same thing at the same time. That customer told us about that so we got that information first hand. That is definitely deceit.

    Our mare was enrolled in the Millionheir program and Ed told us that all she had to do was mark a 70 and we would be in the finals. He said all they used was steers in Las Vegas and it would be easy to make the finals on her. Well, she marked the needed score but did she qualify for the finals? No she didn’t. Ed just wanted to convince us to pay that huge entry fee and his expenses in Las Vegas.

    Bottom line is Ed Dufurrena was always blowing smoke up someone’s butt to convince them to further his personal goals and pay his expenses. He had our mare for about 18 months and her earnings under his training were only about $1,275. We quit Ed, took her to Dave Stewart who worked with her for 5 months. Dave took her to Las Vegas and she made the finals with him and also had the high score in the semis. The following year she was the Reserve Champion in the Non Pro in Las Vegas. Our mare’s earnings increased almost 30 times more under Dave Stewart in a year with limited showings compared to the 18 months she was with Dufurrena, despite Dufurrena constantly taking her to one show after another. We are convinced that he was just using us to help pay his expenses because every time he hauled her, he got paid for hauling and for any travel expenses for him and his crew. Of course, we were also paying for stall, shavings and the entry fees.

    Also, another friend of ours, was at one time, a partner in the Dos Cats Partnership. I believe she had Ed do a buyout because of the way he was handling the partnership – making decisions and not keeping the partners in the loop or asking their permission.

    We questioned the Dufurrenas about the dull look in our mare’s eyes and how thin she was. Shona told us it was because of her heavy training. We later learned that all they were feeding her was hay. At that time, my friend’s son worked for Dufurrenas and he’s the one who told us this.

    Ed also had his loper show our mare at a cutting and we had not approved this – BUT, he was a judge at that particular show and therefore, could not show. Of course, we had to pay for hauling, etc. We believe that Ed was making a living off of charging customers for hauling and other expenses. For instance, he was overcharging us for hauling. He showed at an arena that wasn’t 2 miles from his barn yet we were charged for 10 miles. He overcharged on almost all hauling trips.

    His wife, Shona, nickled and dimed us to death on expenses yet they never provided receipts for any of their expenses. I can’t tell you how many times we got charged for blanket cleaning (even in the summer) and how many times we were billed for the cleaning of their trucks. They once took our mare to a clinic to get x-rayed and for whatever reason, they did not pick her up that day so the vet charged us for an overnight stay which was totally unnecessary – so not only did we get charged for the x-rays, we were also charged for an overnight stay and for hauling. The Dufurrenas offered no explanation nor did they offer us a credit on our training bill.

    Also, the Dufurrenas also increased our training bill without notification when we, in fact, had a contract which they prepared and the contract did not say they could increase training costs.

    Ed Dufurrena was always wanting to create partnerships. It seemed that he was more interested in creating partnerships than he was in training horses.
    – He asked us several times if we were interested in a horse partnership. We never responded.
    – He wanted us to go in partnership on bucking bulls. He would purchase the bulls and we would provide the land and care for the bulls. He told us he had already talked to a banker about his bull purchase. We went to the expense and work of preparing the pasture by plowing and reinforcing the fence. Ed never came through on the deal (never explained why – just dropped it) and we had out-of-pocket expenses for which we were never reimbursed.

    It’s been a while and I can’t remember every instance of deceit and I don’t know if I kept any of the records where I can prove any of this in a court of law. As far as we are concerned, Ed Dufurrena and his wife Shona were nothing more than con artists and liars. When we ended the training partnership, we deducted about $400 from our final bill for overcharges and provided explanation to the Dufurrenas and later learned that Shona was telling other people that we left ‘owing THEM a lot of money.’

    I only hope that all of the deceit and dishonesty of the Dufurrenas are exposed. They give trainers a bad name. We were extremely pleased with Dave Stewart and never felt like he was taking advantage of us. He was honest in his evaluation of our mare and didn’t have us spend money unnecessarily. I wish the Vogels the best but don’t really know if I could help them.

    The above article has been doctored by the editor, leaving out the names of the writer and her friends.

  6. Yes, can you tell me when the suspension starts I see Ed and Brandon have horses enter in the derby, Please, find out when it starts

    • The suspension started the day it was announced – which I believe was the end of last week. What Ed is doing by turning back and horses showing that the program says are owned by Shona, according to their AQHA ownership summary, they are owned by Brandon. I am currently writing an article about this and publishing the AQHA Ownership Summary on each horse they have entered.

  7. I read your article on Ed Dufurrenas case and as far as I am concerned they did not do near enough to him or the kids but not near enough to him. I knew them when they were in Utah and worked for a very wealthy man after he ran them off I was on a plane and that guy was on there. We were talking and I told him that next time he was looking for a trainer give me a call and I would help him find one. He looked at me and said I will cut my wrist before I let another trainer on my my place. But NCHA sees it fit to kick some people out for life.
    D Hughes

  8. 150 days? That’s a joke. $10,000. That’s it? That’s not fair at all. It should be more like $100,000 each!

  9. I don’t know the specifics but it sure sounds like they got off easy considering they make a living showing in the Non Pro and they showed a horse in the Non Pro that they did not own. I will bet they won more than $10,000 each Maybe the NCHA did the minimum because they were afraid of being sued? I sure miss Zack Wood! why is the NCHA incapable of finding and following good leadership?
    David H.

  10. Good job Glory Ann. I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant and I’m sure you’ve caught a lot of flack as you plowed through this but I want you to know I admire your bravery as well as your literary and reporting skills.

  11. glory Ann,
    Thanks for your thorough and exhaustive research You’re amazing as you continue to plow ahead. For whatever reason, I see a complete lack of testicular fortitude and/or conviction in ridding the horse industry of con artists, crooks, knaves and liars. It’s called enabling (or worse) and seemingly the enablers are enabling one another.

    Case in point: The lawyer for the Dufurrena’s is a known and long-time horse owner and NCHA member. If anyone knows about rules and regulations regarding the horse business, he should. He and co-council presented to the NCHA rules and infractions panel the now well viewed: Statement of Horse Ownership History.

    Shameless and without batting an eye, this totally fictitious document was presented as solid proof that the Dufurrena’s owned and/or possessed certain horses at certain time periods. This obvious and blatant ruse, laughable on its face, could only be designed to get the Dufurrena’s off the hook.

    Folks, one thing you can surely say, there was no lack of the aforementioned fortitude and conviction on the part of this attorney in presenting his case; albeit in a sinister fashion.

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