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☛ Horse Rescue shut down amid investigations 4-25-18



April 25, 2018

HiCaliber Horse Rescue, a Valley Center, California, nonprofit, is at the center of an inewsource investigation, as well as multiple government investigations over allegations of fraud, animal abuse and improper veterinary practices.


“I am heartbroken to report we are shutting down,” wrote Michelle Knuttila, HiCalibur’s founder and president, in a Facebook post. “It’s getting harder and harder to find the peace amongst the war we now call rescue.”


It has been reported that there have been ongoing investigations by local and state agencies; statements from former HiCaliber board members who said they knew nothing about the nonprofit’s financials and that records filed with the government were inaccurate; an alleged outbreak of a highly contagious equine disease at the ranch that was kept under wraps and Knuttila’s questionable expenditures, including thousands of dollars spent on Weight Watchers, spy technology, late-night fast food and bar tabs, as well as other purchases.


Attached is an advertisement put out by the ranch regarding their facilities:

Horse Rescue place 16

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