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☛ Lee Dale dies at age 82 8-16-18





By Glory Ann Kurtz
Aug. 16, 2018
Corrected Aug. 17, 2018


It was a sad day for me today when I got the phone call that Joy Lee Dale had passed away at the Senior Care home in Decatur, Texas. She was 82 and would have been 83 on Sept. 25 when it would have been her birthday. She had been paralyzed and in a nursing home for the past 20-plus years following a stroke.


I know there are a lot of ole’ timers who love cutting and also knew and loved Lee that would want to know that she passed away this morning. If you have any personal, fun stories about Lee, please send them to me and I will post them.


I met Lee when I was editor of Quarter Horse News and she was involved in the sale horse business. She and her husband, Dub Dale, both loved and rode cutting horses and had been in the sale horse business; however, when he left and the sale closed down, she decided to publish sale horse catalogs – which she had been doing all along for their sales.


She was one of only a very few people who were producing horse sale catalogs with pages with full pedigrees at the time – and she did it using a small, old computer, gathering information from cutting horse events. She sent me the information and I typed the cutting horse pedigree sheets for her.


After she suffered a stroke that left her with her entire left side paralyzed, she was in a nursing home in Justin. However, after her sister, Susie, died and they gave me her power of attorney, I moved her to Senior Care in Decatur, which was much newer, nicer and next to the hospital. I could then see her more often as I went to the hospital for water aerobics three days a week.


Lee and her best friend, Ann Neely, were top sales ladies at a Windy Ryon’s Western store on Fort Worth’s Northside (now called Cavenders). They were top sales women because they had so much personality and knew so many people.  However, Ann also passed away several years ago while sleeping in a chair in her home.


I was fortunate to know Lee for years and had her medical power of attorney. However, I was devastated today when I received the news that she had passed away this morning. I am in Colorado for the summer and am making arrangements from here.


Since Lee has no living relatives, I’m the only one left to make a decision, I have made arrangements to have her cremated and I will be putting half her ashes on her sister’s grave and sprinkling the rest on my horse pasture in Grandview. She always loved horses and I’ll feel good that I still have her close. I think she would be okay with that decision. I hope I’m right!






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  1. Glory Ann: Lee was a great Lady! I guess I worked the ring at every sale she had a hand in.

    However she and Ann Neely did not work at Leddys they worked at “Windy Ryons” which is now Cavenders!

    Flynn Stewart

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