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☛ Letter to the Editor 7-8-18

Hi Glory Ann!
It’s been some time since our last communication, but I’ve certainly kept up with your investigation into the Dufurrena fiasco.  I must commend you on your tenacity in helping expose the truth!  Now, on the eve before the Dufurrena appeal hearing, I wanted to share the following thoughts with you.  I, along with so many others, are sick to death of legal issues and lawsuits involving the NCHA! The ship needs to be righted, and wrongs need to be accounted for, so our association can garner the respect it once had.  In doing so, the rules need to be enforced evenly and fairly!
There is NO DOUBT the Dufurrenas cheated the Vogels, and broke NCHA ownership rules!  The rules clearly state that a competitor or family member MUST own their horse to show in the non pro! It does not say, “You can think you own the horse you are showing”.  The simple dismissal by Phil Rapp (NCHA President…Who received Stevie Rey Von breedings from the Dufurrenas) saying the “Kids”(who are really adults) didn’t know anything about ownership issues WILL NOT WORK as an excuse to go easy on the Dufurrena family.  If Brandon and Rieta truly didn’t know (Which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY) that the Vogels owned a percentage of the horses they were showing, Ed and Shona are worse than what we all thought!  And if this is the case, they need to look to their parents for recourse, not the NCHA!  If the Dufurrena family is not punished like those who have committed the same offenses, We will all know the fix is in, and the NCHA WILL be sued and WILL lose!!  I’m not sure how astute the appeals board members are, but they, along with the Association members need to know! All I’m advocating is to treat people fairly!
Please use this as you see fit! And if you choose to use it, time is of the essence as their hearing is tomorrow morning! Thank you for your tireless effort to rid our great sport of bad apples!!
Name withheld
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  1. Good job!!!
    Don Hagglund

  2. Well Written!!
    Douglas Engle

  3. Thank you so much!!!! This gives me hope that other associations will start paying attention and doing the RIGHT thing.
    Cam Essick
    Pacific Range Design Inc.

  4. So very right these people need to be held to the same rules as all of us do. Like you said if they don`t do the same for ed and family then the bougets have a open law suit not only getting back in , but loss income over the years not hard to prove. Okay ncha it`s time to man up and do something right

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