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☛ Secretary-Treasurer of Idaho Cutting Horse Ass’n found guilty of felony





By Glory Ann Kurtz
April 16, 2018

On April 9, 2018, Dolly Marie Martin, Bellevue, Idaho, the wife of NCHA Hall of Fame Rider Scott Martin, was found guilty of a felony and received a suspended sentence and was ordered to serve Supervised Probation, as well as repaying the Idaho Cutting Horse Association $29,745.80 that she stole from the association while she was Secretary-Treasurer.


According to an unnamed source, she was Secretary-Treasurer of the association for only 15 months. The association has two shows a year: a Limited Age Event and a weekend show in the spring and a Limited Age Event and Mercuria cutting in the fall.


“She had stolen the money “pretty quick,” said the unnamed source; however, it took almost two years to get her through the judicial system.”


Represented by her lawyer, Doug Nelson,Esq, of the Roark Law Firm, LLP, Hailey, Idaho, Dolly entered a plea of guilty of Grand Theft, a felony, on Jan. 12, 2018. She agreed to pay court costs of $245.50 and a fine of $5,000 (that was suspended). She agreed to pay all costs, fees and fines ordered by the court and was sentenced to a minimum period of confinement of 3 years, followed by an indeterminate period of custody for 5 years, with the total sentence not to exceed eight years. (The execution of the prison portion of the sentence was also suspended, although the costs and fine portion were not suspended.)


She was then placed on supervised probation for a period of 6 years, beginning April 9, 2018 under the control of the Idaho State Board of Correction, subject to abiding by the General Conditions of Probation.


She would be allowed time to pay the fines and restitution, with all of them needing to be paid before the end of her probation. She was allowed to set up a payment plan with her probation officer.


She would also serve 180 days in the county jail as a term and condition of probation; however, she would be granted a work release if she otherwise qualifies under the Sheriff’s classification system.


She was also ordered to serve up to 60 days of discretionary time at the discretion of her assigned probation officer, as a sanction for violating a term or condition of probation, subject to the requirements of IC.R 33(e). In no event may discretionary time be imposed or served that exceeds three (3) consecutive days.


She is also ordered to prepare an apology letter for the victim (Idaho Cutting Horse Association). The letter shall include an explanation of her actions and the ramifications of such actions.


The court also ordered a Judgment of Restitution to be entered in the sum of $29,745.80. A separate written Order of Restitution shall also be entered. The amount is payable though the Clerk of the District Court to be disbursed to the victim in the amount of $29,745.80.


Martin has 42 days from the date stamped by the Clerk of Court (April 11, 2018) to appeal the judgment. The Court also advised her that if she is unable to pay the costs of an appeal, she can apply for leave to appeal in forma pauperis, meaning the right as an indigent to proceed without liability for court costs and fees and the right to be represented by a court-appointed attorney at no cost to the defendant.


Martin must turn herself into the custody of the Sheriff of Blaine County, Idaho, by 5 p.m. on April 16, 2018 for service of the County Jail time ordered herein as a term and condition of probation.

Martin Judgment

Judgment of Conviction Order of Probation

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  1. Again the ncha does nothing, and this is a felony and should command jail time, and I dont mean 180 days, like 10 years. NCHA needs to stand up and do something about this. like other acts. Sorry Scott is a hall of famer, but guilt by association.

  2. It’s about time someone prosecuted her; I guess the third time is the charm. She did it previously with another cutting association as well. Unfortunately, she stole twice the amount published according to her local newspaper, The Mountain Express which wrote an article on this very thing in July, 2017 after she was charged. Shame on you Dolly Martin; add this article to “your come upins” list!

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