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☛ To Glory Ann and her readers 9-1-18


Sept. 1, 2018
By Name Withheld


Ron Pietrafeso, our President Elect, is to be commended on responding to the questions and letter onAugust 30th. However,I must say that I am not at all shocked at his attempt to skirt the issues by calling into question the facts that have been laid out. I will point out one by one why his answers don’t pass the smell test, in the order that he has laid out:

1. While he is quick to point out that the grievance committee members were peers of Dufurrenas, he failed to mention that Mr. Rapp began defending the Dufurrenas prior to any hearings, and at the same time another of our executive board members, Kathy Daughn, was suggesting no more than 30 days suspension for Ed. Mr. Pietrafeso maintains that our rules do not prohibit Mrs. Dufurrena from showing her horses, and he is DEAD WRONG! **See rulebook page 89, section G, “Any horse that is owned in whole or in part by a suspended person, or that has a suspended person as its agent will not be allowed to enter or compete in an NCHA approved or sponsored cutting horse contest.” Being as the Dufurrenas are married, means that the horses entered as “Shona Dufurrena” as owner is still owned in part by Ed who is suspended, which makes them ineligible to show at the Summer Spectacular. He fails to explain why Mrs. Dufurrena was never sanctioned even though she participated in the Dufurrena family scheme- transferring papers, etc. (Untrue statements and omissions by Mr. Pietrafeso)

2. Mr. Pietrafeso maintains that Mr. Dufurrena didn’t violate his suspension and that Mr. Dufurrena wasn’t an agent for a horse being shown. According to his suspension guidelines, Ed can only be in the stands as a spectator. The fact that he was even in the practice area, not once, but twice, is a violation. Furthermore, the horse that he was attempting to work was a customer’s horse, making Ed an Agent. The suspension guidelines dictate’that Ed can not be the agent of a horse being shown. By the way, this is the horse that Mr. Rapp worked as a favor to Ed. (Another untrue statement by Mr. Pietrafeso)

3. Mr. Pietrafeso states that he has never heard Phil Rapp lobby for no sanctions to be enforced upon any of the Dufurrenas. This may be true, but that doesn’t mean that Mr. Rapp didn’t do it, as has been stated by several people with knowledge. The second part of Mr. Pietrafeso’s denial is covered in #2. (weak attempt by Mr. Pietrafeso to cloud the facts)

4. Mr. Pietrafeso claims to have no knowledge about a written complaint being filed. He only needs to talk to the lady at the practice/flag area if he really wants to know the facts. Furthermore, Mr. Pietrafeso has stated that Mr. Rapp and Mr. Ray, along with the police, informed Mr. Dufurrena of the rule he was breaking by being there, and they asked him to leave, which proves the fact that a violation occurred. Why then does Mr. Pietrafeso continue to say there was no violation? (He is absolutely WRONG)

5. Mr. Pietrafeso maintains that the Dufurrenas shouldn’t have to return awards and monies that they won fraudulently. (Did he REALLY say that?!?) The rulebook contradicts Mr. Pietrafeso. **See rulebook page 182, section 4, “The Executive Committee may hold a meeting at any time and place and for any purpose pertaining to the integrity and welfare of the association.” According to the above rule and common sense, the association is obligated to ensure that the awards that were won fraudulently by the Dufurrenas should be returned and given to the rightful winners.

6. Mr. Pietrafeso should be aware that #6 has been answered several times above. (Weak attempt to discredit)

7. Mr. Pietrafeso admits that our membership has dropped drastically, but he doesn’t say why. Could it be because our leaders have been doing what he is doing right now?–Making untrue statements in an attempt to cover up the many bad decisions that are ruining our association. He asks the question if the membership is aware of how the problems are being addressed.–The answer is NO, because the membership is never informed. There is no transparency!

8. Mr. Pietrafeso complains that I have used derogatory complaints in addressing our “leadership”. He is free to use whatever adjectives he likes, but the results, or lack thereof, speak for themselves.

9. Mr. Pietrafeso states that the committee members work long, hard hours on fixing our problems. Does he not know that success is measured by results, not by time spent?

10. Mr. Pietrafeso fails to give a reason as to why other equine disciplines and associations are growing in numbers, while our association is experiencing abandonment.

11. Mr. Pietrafeso states how hard the committees, directors, and volunteers work. Of this fact, I am aware and appreciative. I have said many times that our problems are with our “Leadership”. We need leaders who can lead and make prudent decisions. Common sense is essential in making good decisions, but common sense isn’t very common these days.

Last of all,Mr.Pietrafeso’sattempts to defend Mr.Rapp and his bad decisions fall flat. He is asking for a list of people who are calling for Mr. Rapp’s resignation, when all he has to do is read the comments on, and he will see the growing number. Mr. Rapp has shown inexcusable conduct in connection with the Dufurrena fiasco, a situation that has and is causing great discord in our association. His protection of the Dufurrenas is unparalleled as far as I am concerned, and I have been a member for 40 years.

Does Mr. Pietrafeso realize the Dufurrena debacle is NOT the only issue?–lt’s only the latest. I’m sure he remembers Denny Dunn, who was the chairman of the Grievance committee, who served as the moral authority of our association and was a convicted felon, with numerous indictments against him. Along with Mr. Dunn, I would imagine that Mr. Pietrafeso remembers Chuck Smith, who was given a two-year $500,000 contract to be our Executive Director. Mr. Smith was fired after 6 months, but we have to continue paying his salary, while he sits in Ohio laughing at us. Shouldn’t we have at least kept him employed through the rest of his contract as head janitor, as we still have to pay him anyway? One  would think that our”Leaders”wouldbe embarrassed to have been duped by someone like Mr. Smith. I’m sure Mr. Pietrafeso is sensitive about the above issues. If memory serves correctly, Mr. Pietrafeso was part of the “Leadership” that was responsible for the aforementioned mistakes. I guess we can only hold hope that Mr. Pietrafeso recognizes the mistakes that have been made, and works diligently toward restoring our once great standing in the equine industry. It’s time for those in our “Leadership” to be reminded that the NCHA is a business and needs to be run like one! Performance is what our success should be determined by! Our membership must be appreciated, informed, and protected!

–Name Withheld
“Truth and fact need no name or face”

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  1. Another great letter. Maybe it will stir members to open their mouths and insist that rules be complied with. Am surprised that no one has mentioned permanent suspension.

    sent from La Grange TX

  2. Our illustrious leaders don’t like to be criticized. But I find most of the members agree with you. So, you have that going for you.

  3. This IS getting interesting.
    I think you’ve done a necessary thing.

  4. Glory Ann. Please print my response, I haven’t seen my first one, thanks

    Well here we go again, UNNAMED is at it again, spewing all his untruths and misstating the real facts, so let me attempt to draw some pictures for UNNAMED. First of all, without being involved all UNNAMED is doing is spreading rumors but people like that should work for the news media who make a living spreading the same type of bull_ _ _t.

    1. UNNAMED needs to check the Texas law about marriage and community property because UNNAMED is dead wrong AGAIN. Here is UNNAMED again asking why Mrs. Dufurrena wasn’t sanctioned, first of all, she was not included in the original complaint and secondly, two different committees hearing the evidence obviously didn’t find a violation concerning her, but UNNAMED knows better. I know Kathy Daughn, she is a good person and if she truly felt that who are you UNNAMED to condemn her. Shame on you.

    2.I’m not sure UNNAMED knows the difference between being shown and being in the practice pen. Let me try to clear this up for UNNAMED, I stand by what I said early Mr. Dufurrena was not an agent for a horse being shown he was wanting to work a horse in the practice pen for a client of his, big difference, next I think I made it pretty clear in my first response to UNNAMED that Phil did work the horse for the member, maybe UNNAMED just doesn’t want the truth out and completely turns around things that are the truth.

    3.UNNAMED finally said something true, “Mr. Pietrafeso says that he has never heard Phil Rapp lobby for no sanctions to be enforced upon any of the Dufurrenas ” UNNAMED even says this might be true, Thank you UNNAMED.

    4. UNNAMED again show me the written complaint or tell me where I can find it, I stand by never have I seen a written complaint by anyone, period. UNNAMED twisting the facts again, UNNAMED should have said Mr. Rapp and Mr. Wray (by the way UNNAMED can’t spell it’s Wray not Ray) advised Mr. Dufurrena of a violation he was about to break, he had not been on the horse yet, and I continue to say there was no violation because it was stopped before it happened.Why is this so hard for UNNAMED to understand, I know why I think he doesn’t want to understand it.

    5.Section Four.”The Executive Committee may hold meetings at any time and place and for any purpose pertaining to the welfare of the Association, which meetings may be called by the President, or any eight members ofthe Executive Committee acting together. The call of said meeting must be by notice to all members of the Executive Committee at least ten days prior to said meeting. Copies of the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee shall be sent to all members of the Executive Committee and to all Directors” There everyone, does this rule copied exactly from the rule book say anything about being able to force a member to give back anything?. Can’t UNNAMED interpret the rule as it is written, UNNAMED can’t because it does’t fit UNNAMED’s argument, and yes UNNAMED I did really say that.

    6.Come on UNNAMED be a little more creative than that, what don’t you understand about BE MORE SPECIFIC, Name the rules and give examples, now remember to give the right rule and not your twisted interpretation.

    7. The membership has steadily declined over the last 8 years I presume by UNNAMED’s assertion that ALL the leaders in the past have covered up and told lies. Again I will say there are many reasons that membership has dropped and I’m not sure we will ever know all of them. There has been mistakes made in the past, that is just one problem, the game has gotten more expensive, other less expensive organizations have popped up, other less expensive disciplines are competition, the new perspective member in some cases hasn’t been welcomed like they should have been, some members don’t feel they can compete because the playing field is equal, etc., etc., etc., This can’t be fixed in a day. UNNAMED if you went to the convention you would have heard talk from many of the committees about this problem. I’ll ask you again what are you doing to help this problem or what suggestion have you made to help.

    8.What a feeble attempt at covering up such derogatory remarks made about some really nice people. Please UNNAMED, shame on you again!!!!

    9. Call me sometime and I will give a list of things that this current EC, committee members, directors and volunteers have already accomplished, again what a foolish statement to make when you have no idea what has been done. But UNNAMED you don’t want to hear those things because it would nullify your assertion.

    10. I think I gave some pretty good reasons in number 7.

    11. Please, please, please UNNAMED run for office, I would even vote for you, just to see how you can miraculously change all this, or at least again tell me how you as a director (you claim to be a director) have led any changes besides complaining and making up so many UNTRUTHS!!!

    First of all, I have stood by Phil Rapp because I know where his heart is, he unlike you has stood up for years as a leader and someone who has dedicated many years as a volunteer on the EC, as a director and now as it’s President. He as another member has said is a good Christian man and a great family man. Come forward UNNAMED and let’s put your 40-year record of service against his. I will continue to support him for all those reasons. Where are all these names on all about cutting? All I see is UNNAMED, was that your given name hard for me to identify you by that, is that your first or last name. You UNNAMED couldn’t come close to being the person that Phil Rapp is. Again I don’t see where he protected the Dufurrenas, just another lie by you. Mr. Dunn gave many years to the association also as a volunteer, he was appointed to the grievance committee way before he had personal problems (by the way UNNAMED I had nothing to do with that appointment it happened way before my time as an officer) Mr. Dunn resigned his possession on his own after having these problems and I commend him for that. UNNAMED here you are again I had nothing to do with the hiring of Chuck Smith, however, I was involved with his being let go. We did offer him another position to which he declined and we had to live by the contract. You can argue all day about decisions made by the grievance committees, the appeals committees, or the EC without you UNNAMED knowing all the facts I take your arguing just as another unfounded complaint. You really have a knack for passing on rumors and untruths. How was anyone duped, (by your words “someone like Mr. Smith”), is this another derogatory statement about someone. Seems you like defaming people from behind your cloak of UNNAMED. Stand up and be counted, tell us who you are. So easy for UNNAMED people to cast stones. Well here let me show you how it’s done. I think you are a coward who likes to spread rumors, who likes to defame people and is part of the problem not part of the solution. Have a nice day UNNAMED I hope you can sleep at night after all the rotten things you say about some really good human beings.

    Ron & Adrienne Pietrafeso
    Missing Creek Ranch

    • Mr. Pietrafeso,
      Thank you for this letter; however, your response to the last article is right under the article on this site with your name.
      Glory Ann Kurtz

      • Glory, as a news person can’t you ask Phil if he would like to reply to the letter. His answers might give us some insight as to how he is going to govern.

  5. Where is the horse industry  headed?

    Sherry Chamberlain

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