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☛ “Dufurrena Cutting Horses” – the Untold Story 7-5-18






By Glory Ann Kurtz
July 6, 2018

 A person can be blessed in a lot of ways, for example family, friends, fame and fortune.  However, my best attributes are family, friends and avid readers of and  I have a loyal group of readers who bless me with the gift of giving, and they just keep on giving – information that is!

Recently, I received a packet of information, from an unknown source, containing a stack of Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses invoices addressed to Janie Jandon, Ltd./Vogel, and spanning a time period coinciding with the Dufurrena/Vogel – “Dos Cats Partners”: “agreement-contract.”

After reviewing the mysterious documents there are several which caught my eye:

The first Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses invoice that I reviewed was:

Invoice No. 1852
Invoice Date: 1/31/2012
On  Receipt – Open
Previous Balance: $10,649.91
From: Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses
Janie Jandon Ltd.,/Vogel.

I Initiated a trial balance, i.e.:
     Previous Invoice Balance: $10,649.91
     New Charges this invoice:
Red Solo Cup/Metallic  x Ella, colt 2012 – $658.56
        Billing for Jolenna – $1,245.00

 Total Charges this Invoice:     $12,553.47

  Less applied credits received – Vogel’s:
       Breeding Fee M. Cannon         $735.00
        O.V. Charge for advertising    $3,035.00
        Win check Silverado:               $278.81
        Win Ck./Augusta:                     $784.00

     New Invoice Total                 $7,720.66


 Dufurrena Accounting Method as per his submitted Invoice:

Invoice No. 1852
Invoice Date:
On  Receipt – Open
Previous Balance: $10,649.91
Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses
Janie Jandon Ltd.,/Vogel.

 New Charges this invoice
Red Solo Cup/Metallic Cat, Colt 2012  $658.56
Jolenna      $1,245.00

Payments and credits received – Vogel’s:
     Breeding Fee M. Cannon        $735.00
     O.V. Charge for advertising   $3,035.00
     Win check/Silverado               $278.81
     Win check/Augusta:                 $784.00

Charges this invoice:                $11,460.56

Payments Received:                 ($4,832.81)          

 Balance Due:                              $17,277.67


My Calculations vs Dufurrena:

Dufurrena Balance Due:                   $17,277.67

Less My Invoice above:                      $7,720.66

Over Charges To Vogels =          $9,557.01

The difference between my accrued Charges: identified in “New Charges This Invoice” above or $12,553.47 vs Dufurrena’s accounting method  above, or $11,460.56, computes to a difference in “Charges This Invoice”, between my calculations and Dufurrena totaling $1,092.91.

 However, this doesn’t compute using “standard accounting practices !

Invoice 1852


Another invoice that caught my eye is Invoice 2850:

“What Sneaky Cat” billing from Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses to “Janie Jandon, Ltd./Vogel on Invoice 2850. Invoice Date: 12/31/2014. “For board and training, What Sneaky Cat from October 2014 through December 2014.

  1. For the record, this is clearly an invoice requiring a lot of explaining and for a myriad reasons. As you may remember in Ed Dufurrena’s letter to the NCHA, he stated he bought back this horse from the Vogel’s on 11/29/12.  However, Dufurrena references an Exhibit 10; Invoice Number – 2055, Invoice Date – 12/31/2012, to substantiate this alleged “buy-back.” Exhibit 10 is an invoice From: Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses, to Janie Jandon Ltd./Vogel which clearly denotes; Payments/Credits: 12/01/2012. pymt no. 2700. ($11,000.00) “Bought Back Sneaky.” This horse was sold to Brandon two days prior to the listed buy back date; or 11/29/2012.

2. This is evidenced by AQHA transfer records and Ed Dufurrena’s letter to the NCHA on June 14, 2018.

  1. However, there are two horses listed on Invoice 2850, which require scrutiny, or more specifically: Stevie and Whata Sneaky Cat.  Both horses are showing a 49 percent ownership by the Vogel’s which coincides with the stated partnership agreement in the March 25, 2011 Dufurrena/Vogel “Dos Cats Partners” agreement-contract. The billing on this invoice reflects their 49 percent vested interest partner share, yet this ownership is being denied by Dufurrena.

My question is: Why would the Dufurrena’s be billing the Vogel’s for a horse, i.e., WHATA SNEAKY CAT, they allegedly bought back on 12/01/2012, as per Invoice 2850 in the foregoing??  AQHA records clearly denote on the Sale and Transfer Registry that the horse was purchased by Brandon Dufurrena; from Ed Dufurrena, on 11/29/2012.  It’s a mystery or creative writing? You decide!

Whata Sneaky Cat

Invoice 2850

Another interesting feature of invoice 2055 is trying to verify its accounting numerical values. (i.e.)

Previous Invoice Balance:                       $20,688.79
New charges this invoice:                        $600.00
New invoice Sum Total:                            $22,426.29

Less Payment Credits:                              -$6,091.68

New Invoice Balance:                          $3,771.81


Dufurrena Accounting;

Charges this invoice:                                  $14,717.20
Payments received:                                    ($18,654.48)
Balance Due:                                                $16,751.51


There is no way that this accounting is correct!

If you subtract the Dufurrena Balance Due of $16,751.51, with the new invoice balance in the foregoing, or $3,771.81, it results in “over charges” of $10,999.39!

In its original form, and using the computations on it, this invoice doesn’t balance out to the numerical values as recorded in Dufurrena’s accounting method!

Invoice 2055


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☛ Dos Cats Partners: Legal Fact or Creative Writing? 7-1-18






By Glory Ann Kurtz
July 1, 2018

The “DOS CATS PARTNERS” name is identified, referenced to and provable in its use as a “business entity” by Dufurrena and in a myriad of  “identifiable locations, e.g., :

  1. In legally filed, open-record court documents in the Minshall Versus Dufurrena and “DOS CATS PARTNERS” lawsuit.

1a–Minshalls v Dufurrena

  1. In Legally filed, open-record court documents in the Vogel Versus Dufurrena lawsuit and “DOS CATS PARTNERS” receivership appointment request.

  2-Vogels vs Dufurrena

  1. In Dufurrena’s June 14, 2018 letter, to the Officers and Directors of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA).

Ed Dufurrena Ltr to NCHA Board 06.14.18 copy


  1. The March 25, 2011 “DOS CATS PARTNERS” (agreement-contract) by and between Eugene and Janie Vogel and Edward L. and Shona Dufurrena, which is included in Dufurrena’s June 14, 2018-letter, to the Officers and Directors of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA).


Furthermore, records reflect: Dufurrena’s use of the “DOS CATS PARTNERS” identifier is also  accompanied by the use of the acronym “D.B.A.”  An acronym is a word formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive partsor major parts of a compound term, e.g.:


  • * In Dufurrena’s letter to the NCHA, he refers to his “dba”– in the following paragraph: On January 1, 2016, I purchased the Vogel’s share of Auspicious Cat. Exhibit 14. At that time, the co-ownership agreement was over as there were no horses remaining. Auspicious Cat was owned by me before the Vogel’s acquired 49 percent of him. The horse was originally part of Dos Cats Partners that was, at one time, a partnership. I ultimately bought out the other partners and kept the name. The partnership ceased to be such an entity when there were no other partners. I used it like an assumed name, or “dba”.  Once the Vogel’s no longer owned 49 percent, I kept the horse under the same name.

*       In the handwritten Dufurrena/Vogel contract-agreement on March 25, 2011, marked as, “Exhibit A and Exhibit 2,” Dufurrena also uses the (dba) acronym  to describe this agreement, e.g., “1) This owners agreement entered in on the 25thday of March 2011 between Ed Dufurrena, 820 CR 133, Gainesville, Texas 76240, a 51% share holder with Don and Janie Vogel ______________, St Jo Texas _____________ a 49% share holder in all horses entered into this agreement now or in the future to be known as Dos Cats Partners.”

4-Dufurrena-Vogel contract



“DBA. Definition. DBA. Stands for “doing business as,” which in Texas is also termed the “assumed name.”  The DBAis the alternate name under which you will operate your business, as compared to the format business name registered with the state or your own individual name.”



According to Texas law, as well as the Texas Secretary of State; A D.B.A. must be filed with the State of Texas in order to legally conduct business in Texas. More specifically, Form 503. A domestic or foreign corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, partnership or other foreign filing entity that regularly conducts business or renders a professional in this state under a name other than its legal name.(The name stated in certificate of formation or comparable document must file an assumed name certificate with the secretary of state and with the county clerk in the appropriate county. (Texas business and commerce code [TBCC] 71.103).

6-dba laws18



As an investigative journalist, I conducted research into the foregoing; Dufurrena self-admitted information and facts referencing (“his”) “d.b.a.,” i.e., “Dos Cats Partners” and ascertained the following:

  • The Texas Secretary of State has no record of “Dos Cats Partners” ever being filed with the State of Texas.
  • A check with the Cooke county clerk pertaining to any “Dos Cats Partners” filings on record with the same, revealed: Their office has“NO RECORD” of “Dos Cats Partners” ever being filed and recorded as a legal business “assumed name – d.b.a.” in the county, as required by identified Texas law in the foregoing.



However, in item (12) of the March 25, 2011 contract-agreement, by and between Ed Dufurrena, Don and Janie Vogel, and signed by S. Dufurrena; the handwritten document states as follows: “The obligations and undertakings of each of the parties to this agreement shall be performable in Cooke County, Texas and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas.”


Therefore, the foregoing Dufurrena/Vogel, “contract – agreement” referencing ‘governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas,’ couldn’t be corroborated or legitimized by my research due to the fact, each reporting agency stated that they have no record of “Dos Cats Partners” ever being recorded with them.


Clearly, the researched and stated facts in the foregoing, “speak for themselves”  specifically, Dufurrena states: “Dos Cats Partners” will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas,” yet it appears his – d.b.a. isout of compliance with Texas law, governing assumed namesor “d.b.a.” registration filings, as required by law.


Notwithstanding, this revelation of fact also provides evidence that the “Dos Cats Partners” wasn’t a legally filed d.b.a. entity in the State of Texas, as required by – law, during the first “Dos Cats Partners” lawsuit with the Minshall’s, nor was it a legally filed entity during the Vogel lawsuit. This conclusion is in accordance to the Texas Secretary of State and Cooke County information herein and obtained by me while conducting my investigative journalistic research.





(a)     If the court, as a matter of law, finds the contract or any clause of the contract to have been unconscionable at the time it was made, the court may refuse to enforce the contract, or it may enforce the remainder of the contract without the unconscionable clause, or it may so limit the application of any unconscionable clause as to avoid any unconscionable result.


(b)     When it is claimed or appears to the court that the contract or any clause thereof may be unconscionable, the parties shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to present evidence as to its commercial setting, purpose and effect to aid the court in making the determination.



My investigative journalistic research also indicated that billing from Dufurrena to the Vogels was conducted through Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses and not through“Dos Cats Partners,” which would be a “usual and customary” normal business practice in lieu of the fact Dufurrena is alleging a business partnership with the Vogel’s, (aka) “also known as,” “Dos Cats Partners.  However, my scrutiny of the signed agreement known as, “Dos Cats Partners” didn’t include a performance clause that such accounting practices would be performed by Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses.

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☛ Joe Hayes dies in one-car accident 6-27-18




By Glory Ann Kurtz
June 27, 2018

He was one of those horse trainers that everyone loved and respected. However, Joe Hayes, 67, Gainesville, Texas, was killed Saturday night, June 23, on Cooke County, Texas, road in a one-car accident. He died at the scene and was the only person in his beloved Corvette. According to the Texas Highway Patrol, he evidently hit a cow on the road, went off the road, through some grass and into a creek bottom.


Joe has over 30 years in the reining horse industry and during that time, he placed in the top 10 in reining at the AQHA World Show, the NRHA Open Futurity and Derby as well as numerous Intermediate Open Futurity finals placings.


He was a lifetime member of the NRHA and had an NRHA and AQHA Judge’s card for over 25 years and had judged and given clinics around the US. And Canada, as well as 24 foreign countries. He judged such prestigious events as the NRBC Derby, the AQHA World Show and the NRHA Derby. He also served on the NRHA Judges Committee.


In 2010, Joe was the second leading breeder of reining horses in the world and he did that with only five broodmares. According to Equi-Stat, he earned $44,404 as a rider and bred the winners of $910,648.


He brought the “scholarly approach” to the reining industry, having graduated from Cornell University, an IVY League School in Ithaca, New York. He taught Vocational Agriculture in high school and at a two-year Ag and Tech college. He also served on the Board of North Central College.


He started in the horse business full time in 1974 with Howard Pitzer in Ericson, Neb. In those days, Howard’s great stallion Two Eyed Jack was the leading Quarter Horse sire, giving Joe ample opportunity to work in the breeding barn as well as with halter, pleasure and reining horses.


One particular rope horse that Joe was competing on, a pretty grey stallion named Goldfingers changed Joe’s future. Bob Loomis, one of the top reining horse trainers in the country, was quick to recognize a great  horse and Goldfingers was just that. Later, he offered Joe a job, which he took, and it worked into a seven and a half year stint, which was at the top of Loomis’ reining career. It gave Joe a chance to start and ride some of the great reining horses of that time, including Lady Eldorado, Caassandra Cody, Benito Paprika and the great Topsail Cody. In the fall of 1983, he moved to Gainesville, Texas, and started his own training operation.


Joe was born Nov. 26, 1950, to Thomas “Tom” and Mary (Welch) Hayes, in Troy, New York. He married Mary Elizabeth (Liz) Stone on December 20, 1992, at the First Baptist Church, Gainesville, Texas. Together they had one son, Ty Hayes.

Joe was raised in the Catholic religion and served as an altar boy. He had been a resident of Gainesville since 1983.

He is survived by his wife, Liz, son Ty Hayes of Denton; step-son Keck Baker and wife Jen, step-daughter Holly Bougin and husband Matt both of Old Church, Virginia; Mother, Mary Hayes of Schaghticoke, New York; two step-granddaughters, Annebelle and Emmy Lou; Two step-grandsons, Liam & Baker’ brothers, Daniel Hayes of New York and Jimmy Hayes of South Carolina and two sisters, Maureen Hayes and Patty Westscott. He was preceded in death by his father and brother Bobby Hayes.


Joe was one of the “good guys” in the horse industry and my late husband, Bob, and I personally loved and respected Joe. He was gracious enough to hold one of his educational clinics at our facility in Boyd, Texas, that we hosted for the Wise County Horse Committee. His passing is a great loss to the entire horse industry.


Services will be held at 4:00 p.m., Monday, July 2, 2018, at the Cowboy Church in Oakridge, Texas.





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☛ Errors in Ed Dufurrena letter to NCHA 6-25-18




Addendum 1 to my letter sent to the NCHA.

 By Glory Ann Kurtz
June 25, 2018


In Ed Dufurrena’s letter to the Officers and Directors of the NCHA dated June 14, 2018, he called my last article on a “rapidly grinding rumor mill that has skewed the facts beyond recognition.”


After checking his Exhibit 1 – Statement Regarding Horse Ownership History that was sent to the NCHA, I’m afraid that rather than skewing the facts beyond recognition, Dufurrena has given the NCHA completely wrong information on three (3) of the five (5) horses listed. The five horses involved in Exhibit 1 were Stevie Rey Von, Auspicious Cat, Creyzy Train, Ozzum Man and Whata Sneaky Cat.

In order to facilitate an ease of understanding in this matter, I retained the services of the Managing Member of the WIND RIVER COMPANY LLC, Richard E. “Rick” Dennis to design a schematic or flow chart pertaining to the two separate Dos Cats Partners. For the record, or from 1970-1986, Rick served as a Drug Enforcement Agent, Law Enforcement officer and a Criminal Investigator. Currently, or since Jan. 28, 1984, Rick serves business and industry as a private sector security enterprise that includes “Risk Analysis.” Click on the schematic chart below.

Exhibit 1


Dufurrena’s use of the phrase; “acquired all rights,” as it relates to horse ownership-unequivocally suggests complete ownership of the horses named in the Vogel settlement.  However, my review of American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) horse ownership and registration records for the horses reflect otherwise.


  1. Auspicious CatAQHA No 46399993. Dufurrena states, “As of Jan. 1, 2016, Edward L. and Shona Dufurrena “acquired all rights”to such horse. To most individuals, ‘acquiring all rights’would mean that the horse was registered in their name with the AQHA, as required by the AQHA registration and transfer process. Instead, the horse was never in the Dufurrena’s names. According to AQHA records, the stallion was bred by the LKC Ranch, Longmont, Co., sold on 3/21/2005 to Silver Lining Ranch, Longmont, Colo. And 12/30/2006 to Dos Cats Partners, Gainesville, Texas, Dos Cats Partners members  were named in the Minshall v Dufurrena and Dos Cat Partners, et. al.  lawsuit that Dufurrena settled rather than going to court. However the members in that Dos Cats Partners were different from the Vogel’s Dos Cats Partners lawsuit, in which the Vogels were involved with Dufurrrena.

Auspicious Cat


  1. Creyzy Train, AQHA No 5655857. Dufurrena states as of Nov. 1, 2015, Edward L. Dufurrena and Shona Dufurrena “acquired all rights” to such horse. According to AQHA records, Edward L. Dufurrena and Shona Dufurrena never owned this horse. The breeder was their son, Brandon, and on Feb. 6, 2018, the mare was transferred to Jandon Ltd., the company owned by the Vogels.

Creyzy Train


  1. Ozzum ManAQHA No 5355877. Dufurrena states as of Oct. 28, 2013, Edward I. Dufurrena and Shona Dufurrena “acquired all rights” to such horse. According to AQHA records, Edward L. Dufurrena bred the gelding and on May 28, 2016, he sold Ozzum Man to Sharmon Hilliard/Laurie Evenhu, Rock Island, Wash.

Ozzum Man

Click for AQHA transfer process>>


Even though the information on those three horses was incorrect in Exhibit 1 and the first foregoing paragraph, both Donald Eugene Vogel and Jamie S. Vogel signed the document on behalf of themselves and Jandon, Ltd. with the document being reviewed by their lawyers.


For reference, I conducted a cross indexing of the chronological order of horses entered into the Dufurrena/Vogel “Dos Cats Partners” agreement executed on March 25, 2011 by and between Dufurrena and the Vogel’s.  The “cross indexing” or audit took in consideration: Dufurrena’s letter to the (NCHA), AQHA registration records for the horses included in the Dufurrena/Vogel “Dos Cats Partners” contract executed on March 25, 2011 and Dufurrenas letter to the (NCHA) scribed on June 14, 2018. In the “handwritten contract” it clearly states the names of the horses included therein, as well as the exact percentage of Vogel designated ownership – per horse, in consideration of their $105,000.00 investment, e.g.,:



Ed Dufurrena Ltr to NCHA Board 06.14.18 copy

Exhibit A – Exhibit 2:


  1. “Auspicious Cat” – AQHA # 4639993 – 49% -$49,000.00.
  2. “Ozzum Man” – AQHA # PENDING – 49% -$2,500.00.
  3. “Ozzum Cat” – AQHA # 5341284 – 49% – $3,500.00.
  4. “Whata Sneaky Cat” – AQHA # 5273828 – 49% – $20,000.00.
  5. “Miss Ella Rey X Auspicious Cat” – Embryo – 49% – $15,000.00.
  6. “Miss Ella Rey X Metallic Cat” – Embryo – 49% – $15,000.00.


However, and according to the AQHA records in the foregoing – non of the above listed horses were ever transferred into the Dufurrena/Vogel Partnership established on March 25, 2011, also known as (A.K.A.) “Dos Cats Partners”, except as noted below:


  • “Auspicious Cat” entered the AQHA registered “Dos Cats Partners” in 2006 and is previously listed there and was the subject of the Minshall lawsuit which excludes the Vogel’s in all respect.


For the record, this foregoing listed partnership is the second identified “Dos Cats Partners” – the first being legally identified in the Minshall lawsuit and the second being identified in the Vogel lawsuit.  Verification of the existence of two separate “Dos Cats Partners” is found in legal court filings in two separate lawsuits, i.e., “Minshall’s” and “Vogel’s, as well as by Dufurrena in his scribed June 14, 2018 letter to the (NCHA).


Further, and in accordance with “usual and customary”, as well as prudent and legitimate  business practices, a “reasonable person” would believe the above named horses, except as noted in the foregoing, i.e., “Auspicious Cat” would have entered the 2006 AQHA “Dos Cats Partners” registry as was “Auspicious Cat” in 2006 simply due to the execution of the “Dos Cats Partners” contract executed between Dufurrena and Vogel on March 25, 2011.  A trust account “so-to-speak” and specifically due to the pre-existing “March 25, 2011 “Dos Cats Partners” agreement signed by Dufurrena in the foregoing.


A “prudent and business savvy person” would also believe that when a horse was sold from the AQHA partnership registry, the AQHA registry would reflect this business transaction which would also be verifiable by the purchasers financial records or in the event the purchaser is by a business – then the verification process is performed by an audit of the business ledger, chart of accounts, and banking records.


Notwithstanding, the AQHA records clearly and unequivocally detail the facts as they apply to AQHA ownership, transfer, and summary records in this matter.  These records also clearly and unequivocally delineate, – with the exception of “Auspicious Cat”, these horse ownership records never included the Vogel’s in the Dufurrena/Vogel “Dos Cats Partners” agreement on March 25, 2011.  In other words, and according to the attached AQHA horse ownership and transfer summary, the Vogel’s didn’t exist.


Notwithstanding, of what Dufurrena states to the NCHA, concerning his alleged ownership – more specifically, his buyout of certain horses from the Dufurrena/Vogel – “Dos Cats Partners”; established on March 25, 2011, official AQHA Ownership Summary of the transfer doesn’t verify or confirm the legitimacy of this statement.




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☛ Response to Ed Dufurrena letter 6-21-18


Glory Ann Kurtz
9301 fm 2258
Grandview, Texas 76050



To Whom it May Concern:


The following is my rebuttal to a letter from Ed Dufurrena to the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) that openly, fraudulently, egregiously and maliciously falsely accused my website www.allaboutcutting.netor, as a “tabloid” and a “rumor mill”. For the record, Dufurrena’s letter was sent to me by a third party, explaining that the letter herein was sent to the (NCHA) in advance of his July 9, 2018. @ 10:00 a.m. hearing, as part of his defense.


 On June 19, 2018, I received a copy of an open letter to the National Cutting Horse Association dated June 14, 2018: referencing accusations against Ed, Brandon, and Rieta Dufurrena.  The author of the letter is identified as Ed Dufurrena, and  addressed to the Officers and Directors of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA); 260 Bailey Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas. Ed Dufurrena’s letter is five pages in length and allegedly describes a time line – more specifically “Dufurrena’s version of a time line – of transpiring events emanating from his business associations with Eugene and Janie Vogel.”  The letter can be viewed by clicking on the following link:


1-Ed Dufurrena Ltr to NCHA Board 06.14.18

2-Ed Dufurrena Ltr Exhibits 06.14.18


Mr. Dufurrena’s first paragraph proves the legitimacy of the title of this rebuttal when he states, “The Dufurrena family has been falsely accused and prejudged in the tabloid media website of Glory Ann Kurtz. The false information scattered from the rapidly grinding rumor mill has skewed the facts beyond recognition. I challenge every member of the National Cutting Horse Association’s governing body to become educated with the facts and make fair and just decisions based on the evidence.  I challenge you to stop this attack that is forcing us to defend ourselves against frivolous accusations that will escalate and expand outside of our own governance.”


Ed Dufurrena, for the record, your pitiful description of my online magazine or allaboutcutting.netas a tabloid, is abhorrent.  Equally and for the record, I’m an investigative journalist, not a tabloid writer. The articles crafted by me are inclusive of linked relevant documented facts, unlike your letter to the NCHA which is lacking in truthful chronological reporting as it is derived from your “selective inclusion” process. As such, your rendition is absent of a litany of relevant facts in this matter.


Clearly, your letter is well crafted to induce a quickly scribed “response document” to defend myself against Mr. Dufurrena’s unfounded, inaccurate, inconsistent and injurious allegations included in this letter to the NCHA, as well as attempting to bolster a capricious defense for use in his upcoming hearing with the NCHA by deflecting blame, from himself to me.


However, and after careful examination and consideration to determine Dufurrena’s willful and knowing intent in this matter, I was able to conduct a thorough research of my previously covered lawsuits involving Ed Dufurrena, as well as the legal outcomes of each, which are duly recorded in legal court documents.  Pursuant to reviewing the records of my online magazine I confirmed that I had written and produced three articles involving Ed and Shona Dufurrena, more specifically:


  1. An article entitled, “Lawsuit against stallion owners, vet regarding HERDA, 8-4-16.Shawn, Lisa, and Lauren Minshall sue for fraud regarding HERDA designation of Auspicious Cat.”

a. THE LAWSUIT:  Federal Court filings in the Eastern District of Texas, Sherman Division, lists a lawsuit entitled Shawn and Lisa Victoria Minshall and Lauren Victoria Minshall vs. Ed Dufurrena, Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses, Anthony and Dufurrena, Hartman Equine Reproduction Center (HERC), and Dos Cats Partners dated Oct. 30, 2015.

b. The filed public court records allege the Plaintiffs suffered specific damages arising from the material fact that the Plaintiffs bred their mare to Auspicious Cat, a stallion owned by the Defendants, and the produced foal owned by the Plaintiffs suffers from HERDA. The court filings continue to state the Defendants specifically misrepresented the HERDA designation on Auspicious Cat in an advertisement, prior to the breeding, stating the sire was HERDA negative or HERDA N/N. A copy of this advertisement is provided in court documents therein.

c. Shawn and Lisa Victoria Minshall reside in Hillsburgh, Ontario, Canada, and Lauren Victoria Minshall resides in Pine Grove, Ky. Ed Dufurrena and Ed Dufurrena Cutting Horses are in Gainesville, Texas, and according to their website, Hartman Equine Reproduction Center (HERC) have two locations in Whitesboro, Texas and Marietta, Okla.

d. Dos Cats Partners is a general partnership and includes the following current members and/or former members, identified by Defendants as being involved at all material times: Ed Dufurrena, Shona Dufurrena, Karen Claycomb, Tom Donaghe, Linda Donaghe, Gary Craighead, Barbra Hanselman, Michael Nolan, Tracy A. Agrall, Butch Redish and Blair Vissar.

i. The significance of this lawsuit is that the members of the Dos Cats Partners listed in the foregoing, doesn’t include the members of the Dos Cats Partners formulated on March 25, 2011 under the same Dos Cats Partners namewhich also includes Ed Dufurrena, but a different set of members, more specifically: the “Vogels,” but it does include the same horse: “Auspicious Cat.

ii. Essentially, according to court records appearing in two separate law suits, (e.g., the“Minshall” lawsuit and the later “Vogel” lawsuit, Ed Dufurrena had two active Dos Cats Partnersat the same time period, with different named investors and both sets of investors owning vested interests in the same horse: “Auspicious Cat.”However, the members of the first “Dos Cats Partners” were sued in the foregoing lawsuit and according to court documents reached an “out-of-court” settlement with the Plaintiffs.  Further, there’s no mention of the“Vogel’s” name appearing in the “Minshall” lawsuit – whatsoever.


iii. However and for the record, Ed Dufurrena acknowledges the fact of two separate Dos Cat Partnersin his letter to the NCHA, (e.g., “On January 1, 2016, I purchased the Vogel’s share of Auspicious Cat. (Exhibit 14).  At that time, the co-ownership agreement was over as there were no horses remaining.  Auspicious Cat was owned by me before the Vogels acquired 49 percent of him.


“The horse was originally part of “Dos Cats Partners” that was, at one time, a partnership. I ultimately bought out the other partners.  I used it like an assumed name, or “d.b.a.”  Once the Vogels no longer owned 49 percent, I kept the horse under the same name.”


Wherefore, and for the record, Dufurrena doesn’t include the date he bought out the first “Dos Cats Partners” as he so readily did in the foregoing paragraph; referencing the “Vogels.”

iv. Also, Dufurrena’s hapless rendition doesn’t explain the correct and factual events pertaining to the “Dos Cats Partners,” recorded in court documents during this same time period and accurately delineated in the foregoing. This court recorded information, contained in two separate lawsuits filed against Dufurrena, i.e., “Minshall” and “Vogel” are absent; as is the “out –of-court settlement” between “Dos Cats Partners,” included in the “Minshall” lawsuit with the “Dos Cats Partners,” which excludes the “Vogels” in the “out-of-court” settlement during the “Minshall” lawsuit.

v. Hypothetically, if the original “Dos Cats Partners” owned a vested interest share in “Auspicious Cat” and the “Vogels” owned a 49 percent vested an interest share in “Auspicious Cat”, with Dufurrena owning a 51 percent share with the “Vogel’s,” how much of a percentage interest share did the original “Dos Cats Partners” members receive?  It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to figure this one out!


One way to verify these investors’ percentage information is to have Dufurrena supply the NCHA with any and/or all recorded documents pertaining to the names of the investors in each separate “Dos Cats Partners”, the dates of the open and closing of the partnership, the included horses therein, the ownership percentage of each recorded partner (per horse) and the date each partnership was dissolved. This should keep Dufurrena’s time line accurate.


  1. The second article authored, by me, was on October 10, 2017 and is entitled: “Ed Dufurrena In Court Again!!.For more information please click on the following link:


3-dufurrena in court again


  1. The third article authored by me, was on May 2, 2018 and is entitled: “Would The Real Dos Cats Partners, Please Stand Up.”For more information please click on the following link:


4-☛ Would the real Dos Cats Partners Please Stand Up 5


As with all my articles referencing litigation, each article is accompanied and supported by authentic court documents, as in this case and not in tabloid fashion as asserted by Dufurrena in his pathetic defense deflection letter to the NCHA.


Notwithstanding, another omission by Dufurrena in his letter to the NCHA concerns his not having a crystal ball when is comes to picking horses. For the record, Dufurrena fails to include in his letter to the NCHA that AQHA records show Stevie Rey Von was sold to him by his son Brandon Dufurrena during the 2015 NCHA Futurity. Since Ed Dufurrena was the rider of the horse at the Futurity, did he find a crystal ball? Or did he have a mystical premonition that he was winning money at the NCHA Futurity; Dufurrena was in the Futurity finals on Stevie Rey Von.


Stevie Rey Von


A forensic audit of the books of the complete Dufurrena operation, including an analysis of tax returns and bank accounts should establish whether or not this was a legitimate sale (as stated on the AQHA transfer documents) by a transfer of funds from Ed Dufurrena to Brandon Dufurrena. It would also establish legitimacy of the two separate “Dos Cats Partners”, as self-confessed by Dufurrena in his letter to the NCHA.


Either way the cookie crumbles in this matter, I’m just an investigative journalist who has developed a knack over my many years in the industry of reporting the truth, backed up by documentation without “cherry picking,”as Dufurrena has done in this matter. A review of any issued checks, by either party, to include front and back banking information should clear up any discrepancies an individual may have as to the legitimacy of any financial transactions occurring during a specific time period, and evidenced as a “SALE” on the AQHA transfer documents.


Lastly, Ed Dufurrena asserts that the rumor mill –  a specific reference about and myself – implicated Dufurrena in the sale of Stevie Rey Von to Alvin Fults. Once again, the truth escapes Ed Dufurrena in his allegation.


Mr. Dufurrena, one word of advice. A person should always take responsibility for their own actions; not falsely accuse someone else in the process.


At no time has this type of information ever been disseminated by either my online magazine or myself. Good try Dufurrena, but no cigar!  The court documents in each article speak for themselves!



Thank you for your time.






Glory Ann Kurtz, Editor and Owner and

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