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Courtesy PRCA
April 28, 2017

Rodeo world remembers Harry Vold

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Duke of the Chutes was remembered in grand fashion Monday.

A standing-room only crowd paid tribute to ProRodeo Hall of Fame stock contractor Harry Vold during an emotional memorial service at the ProRodeo Hall of Fame’s courtyard. The memorial service was emceed by veteran ProRodeo announcer Boyd Polhamus.

Vold passed away March 13 at the age of 93 in his sleep at his home in Avondale, Colo.

“This was a great tribute to what a good person he was and that he was a great friend to other people,” said Kirsten Vold, Harry’s daughter, who will continue to run her father’s rodeo company. “This was wonderful. I also think how great it is that all these people get to see each other who normally don’t get to see each other for many years.”

Harry Vold is one of only two stock contractors to provide animals for every National Finals Rodeo, which has been held annually since 1959.

Vold, while operating the Harry Vold Rodeo Company, was chosen PRCA Stock Contractor of the Year 11 times (1982, 1987-96), which is tied for the most selections with Stace Smith ProRodeos.

Jerry Nelson, who runs Frontier Rodeo Company and has been selected PRCA Stock Contractor of the Year the past two years, took a moment Monday to talk about Vold.

“I think we’re all going to miss him,” Nelson said. “We’re going to miss his point of view and miss his tips and just miss talking to him. I loved calling him on the phone and saying, ‘Hey, Harry, what do you think about this? Or what do you think about that?’ I wouldn’t be in the rodeo business if it wasn’t for him selling me those mares like he did years ago; I would call him all the time and talk to him. I’m going to miss him, and there will not be another Harry Vold.”

Jake Vold wins Montgomery with a 90.5

MONTGOMERY, Ala, – Jake Vold nailed the fourth-best bareback ride of the 2017 season and won the Southeastern Livestock Exposition in Montgomery, Ala., with his 90.5-point ride on Frontier Rodeo’s Short Night.

“I try to win every rodeo, but I’ve got a lot of ground to make up now that everything counts, so I need to keep winning,” Vold said. “It’s going to take quite a bit of money this year – every win is key.”

Vold was No. 27 in the WEATHER GUARD® PRCA World Standings prior to his $4,893 win on Saturday night. He moved up to 17th in the March 20 world standings.

“It feels good, but it’s early in the season you know, so I’m picking away where I can,” Vold said. “But any time you win a rodeo, it’s a good feeling.”

Competition was stiff, but Vold set the bar high with his 90.5 ride, leaving Kaycee Feild in second with an 89.5 and Caleb Bennett in third with an 88.

“They had some rank horses and I drew a good one and just ended up being lucky tonight, I guess,” Vold said.

Vold placed second in the 2016 world standings and tied for second in the average at the 2016 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Polaris RANGER. He kicked off the new year with an early split-win and an 86.5-point ride at the Dixie National Rodeo in Jackson, Miss., in early February.

Since then, Vold’s been cooling off from his win in the South by taking some time off at his home in Alberta, Canada.

“I come down and rodeo here and there – can’t rodeo 365 days a year – I’m just getting started” Vold said. “We got a little buffalo set up there, and some cows, just ranching around up there and keeping myself busy.”

Up next, the 30-year-old bronc rider is heading to Rodeo Austin (Texas) which is underway until March 25.

“I’m just going to keep doing what I do, enter the big ones and get on the good ones,” Vold said.

Other winners at the $102,018 rodeo were all-around cowboy Nelson Wyatt ($2,038 in tie-down roping and team roping), steer wrestler Matthew Mosseau (3.3 seconds), team ropers Keven Daniel/Justin Yost (4.5 seconds), saddle bronc riders Audy Reed on Frontier Rodeo’s Medicine Woman, Clay Elliott on Frontier Rodeo’s Cross Fire, and Zeke Thurston on Frontier Rodeo’s Popsicle (87.5 points each), tie-down ropers Tyler Milligan and Shane Hanchey (7.8 seconds each), barrel racer Carlee Pierce (15.84 seconds), and bull riders Dustin Bowen on Frontier Rodeo’s Highway Man and Kolby Radley on Frontier Rodeo’s Footloose (89 points each).

News & Notes from the rodeo trail
Longtime Casper (Wyo.) College rodeo coach Tom Parker passed away March 15 of cancer. He was 69. Memorial services for Parker will be held at 1:30 p.m., March 28, 2017, at Highland Park Community Church in the Sanctuary in Casper. Parker was in charge of the Thunderbirds men’s and women’s rodeo teams for more than 25 years. During his time at Casper College, Parker led three women’s teams to the season-ending College National Finals Rodeo. In recent years, however, it was the men’s team that garnered national attention as the red-vested T-Birds won three Central Rocky Mountain Region titles (2011-12, 2015) and qualified for the CNFR at the Casper Events Center five of the past six years.Juanita (Nita) Mary Humphrey Clark of Redmond, Ore., joined her beloved husband, Gene Clark in Heaven on March 12, 2017. She was 89. On the rodeo circuit, she served as a timer for Beutler Brothers and Beutler & Son. After Gene retired from the PRCA, they produced kids’ rodeos where she was business manager of the Gene Clark Junior Rodeo Association.


The PRCA continues to receive a jolt in mainstream media, thanks to journalist John Branch. The renowned New York Times writer wrote a story for his newspaper on rodeo and the Wright family. The six-page piece ran in The New York Times on March 15, 2015, on PRCA’s world championship saddle bronc riding family. That story was selected for the 2016 Best American Sports Writing anthology and Branch has plans on extending the story on the Wrights into a book. In a Facebook post March 15, Branch said the following: “With luck, the book (still untitled) will be out in a year,” Branch said. “Proud to know the Wrights, an incredible family with a timeless story.” Branch joined The New York Times in 2005 as a sports reporter. He won the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing in 2013 for “Snow Fall,” a story about a deadly avalanche in Washington State.



“Tom wanted to make sure his kids became good citizens and good contestants. That’s what he strived for. He’ll leave a lasting impression on a lot of kids.”

– University of Wyoming rodeo coach George Howard on Casper College rodeo coach Tom Parker, who passed away March 15. 


2017 WEATHER GUARD® PRCA World Standings Leaders

Unofficial through March 20, 2017


AA: Caleb Smidt, Bellville,Texas $50,328
BB: Tim O’Connell, Zwingle, Iowa $56,846
SW: Ty Erickson, Helena, Mont. $66,874
TR-1: Erich Rogers, Round Rock, Ariz. $46,209
TR-2: Corey Petska, Marana, Ariz. $46,209
SB: CoBurn Bradshaw, Beaver, Utah $55,940
TD: Caleb Smidt, Bellville, Texas $42,584
BR: Ty Wallace, Collbran, Colo. $48,865
SR: Scott Snedecor, Fredericksburg, TX   $41,752



2017 WEATHER GUARD® PRCA World Standings

Unofficial through March 20, 2017

1 Caleb Smidt, Bellville, Texas $50,328
2 Tuf Cooper, Weatherford, Texas 50,177
3 Clayton Hass, Weatherford, Texas 41,852
4 Josh Peek, Pueblo, Colo. 40,868
5 JoJo LeMond, Andrews, Texas 27,562
6 Ryle Smith, Oakdale, Calif. 26,572
7 Trell Etbauer, Goodwell, Okla. 24,232
8 Seth Hall, Albuquerque, N.M. 23,877
9 Bart Brunson, Terry, Miss. 18,642
10 Marcus Theriot, Poplarville, Miss. 17,521
11 John Leinaweaver, Orrtanna, Pa. 16,644
12 Justin Thigpen, Waycross, Ga. 13,557
13 McCoy Profili, Okeechobee, Fla. 12,187
14 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas 12,086
15 Cash Myers, Athens, Texas 11,654
16 Brent Lewis, Pinon, N.M. 9,555
17 Paul David Tierney, Oral, S.D. 9,298
18 Morgan Grant, Didsbury, Alberta 8,517


Bareback Riding
1 Tim O’Connell, Zwingle, Iowa $56,846
2 Bill Tutor, Huntsville, Texas 42,716
3 Tanner Aus, Granite Falls, Minn. 42,274
4 Tyler Nelson, Victor, Idaho 36,850
5 Chad Rutherford, Lake Charles, La. 34,554
6 Jake Brown, Cleveland, Texas 30,469
7 Winn Ratliff, Leesville, La. 28,819
8 Ty Breuer, Mandan, N.D. 25,150
9 Justin Miller, Billings, Mont. 24,092
10 Evan Jayne, Marseille, France 23,452
11 Mason Clements, Santaquin, Utah 23,380
12 R.C. Landingham, Hat Creek, Calif. 19,992
13 Orin Larsen, Inglis, Manitoba 17,635
14 Austin Foss, Terrebonne, Ore. 17,351
15 Richmond Champion, The Woodlands, Texas 16,861
16 Luke Creasy, Lovington, N.M. 15,661
17 Jake Vold, Ponoka, Alberta 14,918
18 Caleb Bennett, Tremonton, Utah 14,792
19 J.R. Vezain, Cowley, Wyo. 14,420
20 Wyatt Bloom, Bend, Ore. 13,535


Steer Wrestling
1 Ty Erickson, Helena, Mont. $66,874
2 Tyler Waguespack, Gonzales, La. 49,280
3 Luke Branquinho, Los Alamos, Calif. 29,272
4 Nick Guy, Sparta, Wis. 26,770
5 Josh Peek, Pueblo, Colo. 26,449
6 Clayton Hass, Weatherford, Texas 25,785
7 Baylor Roche, Tremonton, Utah 22,957
8 Jason Thomas, Benton, Ark. 20,902
9 Jon Ragatz, Beetown, Wis. 20,153
10 Tyler Pearson, Louisville, Miss. 19,482
11 Olin Hannum, Malad, Idaho 17,676
12 Chance Howard, Cedarville, Ark. 17,581
13 Shane Frey, Duncan, Okla. 17,220
14 Rowdy Parrott, Mamou, La. 16,116
15 Blaine Jones, Templeton, Calif. 15,904
16 Matt Reeves, Cross Plains, Texas 15,535
17 Dakota Eldridge, Elko, Nev. 15,409
18 Scott Guenthner, Provost, Alberta 14,441
19 Ryle Smith, Oakdale, Calif. 14,172
20 Kyle Whitaker, Chambers, Neb. 14,105


Team Roping (header)
1 Erich Rogers, Round Rock, Ariz. $46,209
2 Luke Brown, Stephenville, Texas 39,368
3 Kaleb Driggers, Albany, Ga. 36,378
4 Dustin Egusquiza, Mariana, Fla. 31,505
5 Cody Snow, Los Olivos, Calif. 25,766
6 Bubba Buckaloo, Kingston, Okla. 24,076
7 Jake Cooper, Monument, N.M. 22,166
8 Travis Tryan, Billings, Mont. 21,335
9 Garrett Rogers, Baker City, Ore. 19,804
10 Tom Richards, Humboldt, Ariz. 19,239
11 Kelsey Parchman, Cumberland City, Tenn. 18,076
12 Clayton Hass, Weatherford, Texas 16,068
13 Dustin Bird, Cut Bank, Mont. 14,779
14 Blake Teixeira, Tres Pinos, Calif. 14,628
15 John Alley, Adams, Tenn. 13,446
16 Cody Tew, Belgrade, Mont. 13,055
17 Clay Smith, Broken Bow, Okla. 12,936
18 Bart Brunson, Terry, Miss. 12,345
19 Brady Tryan, Huntley, Mont. 11,943
20 Levi Simpson, Ponoka, Alberta 11,627


Team Roping (heeler)
1 Cory Petska, Marana, Ariz. $46,209
2 Jake Long, Coffeyville, Kan. 39,368
3 Junior Nogueira, Presidente Pruden, Brazile 36,378
4 Russell Cardoza, Terrebonne, Ore. 29,407
5 Kory Koontz, Stephenville, Texas 27,719
6 Chase Tryan, Helena, Mont. 23,587
7 Wesley Thorp, Throckmorton, Texas 22,637
8 John Robertson, Polson, Mont. 21,882
9 Jake Minor, Ellensburg, Wash. 19,804
10 Kinney Harrell, Marshall, Texas 18,076
11 Travis Graves, Jay, Okla. 17,723
12 Paul Eaves, Lonedell, Mo. 17,540
13 B.J. Dugger, Three Rivers, Texas 15,861
14 Tyler McKnight, Wells, Texas 15,856
15 Travis Woodard, Stockton, Calif. 13,974
16 Clark Adcock, Smithville, Tenn. 13,446
17 York Gill, Stephenville, Texas 13,023
18 Trace Porter, Leesville, La. 12,779
19 Matt Zancanella, Aurora, S.D. 12,578
20 Cody Hogan, Athens, Texas 12,206


Saddle Bronc Riding
1 CoBurn Bradshaw, Beaver, Utah $55,940
2 Jacobs Crawley, Boerne, Texas 51,203
3 Audy Reed, Spearman, Texas 39,832
4 Zeke Thurston, Big Valley, Alberta 31,704
5 Hardy Braden, Welch, Okla. 27,235
6 Jake Wright, Milford, Utah 22,065
7 Cody DeMoss, Heflin, La. 21,796
8 Curtis Garton, Kaitaia, New Zealand 21,167
9 Clay Elliott, Nanton, Alberta 20,248
10 Sterling Crawley, Stephenville, Texas 19,526
11 Nat Stratton, Goodwell. Okla. 18,552
12 Jesse Wright, Milford, Utah 17,735
13 Cody Wright, Milford, Utah 17,133
14 Tyrell Smith, Sand Coulee, Mont. 17,019
15 Tyler Corrington, Hastings, Minn. 16,846
16 Ryder Wright, Milford, Utah 16,125
17 Cooper DeWitt, Rio Rico, Ariz. 15,571
18 Chuck Schmidt, Keldron, S.D. 14,466
19 Cole Elshere, Faith, S.D. 13,926
20 Shade Etbauer, Goodwell, Okla. 13,402


Tie-down Roping
1 Caleb Smidt, Bellville, Texas $42,584
2 Marcos Costa, Childress, Texas 37,840
3 Bryson Sechrist, Apache, Okla. 34,788
4 Marty Yates, Stephenville, Texas 34,061
5 Shane Hanchey, Sulphur, La. 32,360
6 Tuf Cooper, Weatherford, Texas 32,319
7 Hunter Herrin, Apache, Okla. 31,835
8 J.C. Malone, Plain city, Utah 31,177
9 Tyson Durfey, Weatherford, Texas 27,995
10 Cade Swor, Winnie, Texas 24,032
11 Cody Quaney, Cheney, Kan. 21,178
12 Ace Slone, Cuero, Texas 21,148
13 Tim Pharr, Resaca, Ga. 19,070
14 Randall Carlisle, Athens, La. 17,771
15 Westyn Hughes, Caldwell, Texas 17,089
16 Matt Shiozawa, Chubbuck, Idaho 16,657
17 Trell Etbauer, Goodwell, Okla. 15,851
18 Michael Otero, Krum, Texas 15,382
19 Seth Hall, Albuquerque, N.M. 15,346
20 Riley Pruitt, Gering, Neb. 15,344


Steer Roping
1 Scott Snedecor, Fredericksburg, Texas $41,752
2 JoJo LeMond, Andrews, Texas 26,683
3 Jason Evans, Glen Rose, Texas 25,469
4 Troy Tillard, Douglas, Wyo. 22,482
5 Tuf Cooper, Weatherford, Texas 20,168
6 Tony Reina, Wharton, Texas 19,905
7 John Bland, Turkey, Texas 18,330
8 Vin Fisher Jr., Andrews, Texas 17,321
9 Cody Lee, Gatesville, Texas 16,416
10 Chet Herren, Pawhuska, Okla. 16,323
11 Garrett Hale, Snyder, Texas 12,572
12 Chris Glover, Keenesburg, Colo. 11,340
13 Rocky Patterson, Pratt, Kan. 10,306
14 Shay Good, Midland, Texas 10,285
15 Roger Branch, Wellston, Okla. 9,773
16 J. Tom Fisher, Andrews, Texas 8,914
17 Bryce Davis, Ovalo, Texas 8,810
18 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas 8,287
19 Brodie Poppino, Big Cabin, Okla. 7,790
20 Brian Garr, Belle Fourche, S.D. 7,714


Bull Riding
1 Ty Wallace, Collbran, Colo. $48,865
2 Garrett Smith, Rexburg, Idaho 45,253
3 Roscoe Jarboe, New Plymouth, Idaho 42,653
4 Cole Melancon, Liberty, Texas 39,950
5 Sage Kimzey, Strong City, Okla. 39,648
6 Joe Frost, Randlett, Utah 37,054
7 Dustin Bowen, Waller, Texas 34,770
8 Lon Danley, Tularosa, N.M. 31,047
9 Bayle Worden, Charleston, Texas 28,121
10 Tim Bingham, Honeyville, Utah 27,815
11 Trevor Reiste, Linden, Iowa 27,789
12 Brady Portenier, Caldwell, Idaho 26,129
13 Scottie Knapp, Albuquerque, N.M. 25,872
14 Jeff Askey, Athens, Texas 23,944
15 Dalan Duncan, Ballard, Utah 22,440
16 Jordan Hansen, Okotoks, Alberta 21,479
17 Guthrie Murray, Miami, Okla. 20,653
18 Dave Mason, Burnet, Texas 19,749
19 Brennon Eldred, Sulphur, Okla. 19,588
20 Trey Benton III, Rock Island, Texas 19,567


*2017 Barrel Racing (March 20, 2017)

Barrel racing standings, provided by the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA), are unofficial, subject to audit and may change. Unofficial WPRA Standings are published by the PRCA as a courtesy. The PRCA is not responsible for the verification or updating of WPRA standings.


1 Tiany Schuster, Krum, Texas $75,094
2 Amberleigh Moore, Salem, Ore. 58,705
3 Kathy Grimes, Medical Lake, Wash. 52,137
4 Stevi Hillman, Weatherford, Texas 32,885
5 Taylor Langdon, Aubrey, Texas 28,362
6 Kellie Collier, Hereford, Texas 23,362
7 Jordan Moore, Mauston, Wis. 22,843
8 Brooke Rix, Skidmore, Texas 21,194
9 Nellie Miller, Cottonwood, Calif. 19,579
10 Carmel Wright, Roy, Mont. 19,320
11 Fallon Taylor, Collinsville, Texas 18,624
12 Cayla Small, Bokchito, Okla. 17,645
13 Sabra O’Quinn, Ocala, Fla. 17,240
14 Ivy Conrado, Hudson, Colo. 16,660
15 Sammi Bessert, Grand Junction, Colo. 16,614
16 Calyssa Thomas, Harrold, S.D. 16,586
17 Kassie Mowry, Dublin, Texas 16,501
18 Taylor Carver, Broxton, Georgia 14,876
19 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, Victoria, Texas 13,930
20 Suzanna Hill, McDavid, Fla. 13,169





2017 PRCA Xtreme Bulls Standings

     Unofficial through March 20, 2017


1 Ty Wallace, Collbran, Colo. $25,884
2 Sage Kimzey, Strong City, Okla. 22,263
3 Brady Portenier, Caldwell, Idaho 20,680
4 Garrett Smith, Rexburg, Idaho 20,453
5 Bayle Worden, Charleston, Texas 15,995
6 Trevor Reiste, Linden, Iowa 14,134
7 Justin Hendrix, Belton, Texas 11,892
8 Brennon Eldred, Sulphur, Okla. 10,332
9 Tristan Mize, Bryan, Texas 10,313
10 Jeffrey Ramagos, Zachary, La. 9,281
11 Roscoe Jarboe, New Plymouth, Idaho 8,146
12 Clayton Foltyn, Winnie, Texas 7,580
13 Tim Bingham, Honeyville, Utah 7,402
14 Tanner Learmont, Cleburne, Texas 7,078
15 Ednei Caminhas, Denton, Texas 6,639
16 Tanner Bothwell, Rapid City, S.D. 6,561
17 Christopher Byrd, Compton, Calif. 6,486
18 Cody Teel, Kountze, Texas 6,357
19 Cole Melancon, Liberty, Texas 6,338
20 Jordan Hansen, Okotoks, Alberta 6,266


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