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☛ Horse with severe injuries photographed at C.T. Bryant training facility 9-1-17




By Glory Ann Kurtz
Sept. 1, 2017

For the second time in a month, a prominent NCHA member has been accused of horse abuse – and a cell phone picture has been the compelling evidence.

Last week it was Tommy Manion who shot a tied-up horse with a BB pistol. Last I heard, he has used all his appeals except going to the Appeals Court of NCHA, consisting of five (5) NCHA Executive Committee members and four (4) other members in good standing. He could be suspended from NCHA for life, but that’s probably the least of his problems as he is being investigated by the SPCA and the County District Attorney. Horse abuse is now a federal offense, which includes a severe financial penalty and prison time if found guilty.

Today I received a copy of  four gruesome photos that were on Facebook.The photos were taken by a friend of Marie AuBuchon, Glenrose, Texas, who posted them on Facebook.

Horse in training with C. T. Bryant. He said in an interview that he was trying to get the horse to lower his head. Photo by Marie AuBuchon.

I talked with Marie who said the photos were of “a 3-year-old Futurity colt in training with C. T. Bryant Cutting Horses, Hico, Texas.The grandson of Freckles Playboy belonged to Punk Carter. She said the colt was injured last Friday or Saturday, Aug 25th or 26th, and as of Monday, Aug. 28, no vet has been called .

Marie has a recording of Bryant’s conversation with her, saying he didn’t want to call a vet because he wanted the bicycle chain under the browband sitting right across the top end of the gash as the colt was now trying to escape the chain digging into the wound and  finally keeping his head down.”

Marie’s friend was working at Bryant’s training facility but was fired Monday after she returned from a divorce court hearing and was accused of letting Bryant’s stallion out on Highway 6. Marie said it was impossible for her friend to have let the stallion out as she wasn’t back from the court hearing yet and the timing did not make sense. She was at Bryant’s facility on Monday with her friend when Bryant was talking to her friend.

Bit used on this 3-year-old. Photo by Marie AuBuchon

Marie posted on Facebook that the  second photo was the high-port bit this 3-year-old colt was being ridden in and is still being ridden in. The bicycle chain under the browband sits right across the top end of the gash.

The same colt hanging from the arena fence after he collapsed. C. T. Bryant’s website claims his program emphasizes on highly competitive horses, quality care and attention to customer needs. Is this an oxymoron? Photo by Marie AuBuchon

“The third photo is the same colt hanging from the arena fence after he collapsed after Bryant hammered on him and then beat the colt because he wasn’t performing well,” said Marie.

One response on Facebook was sticking up for Bryant, saying Bryant had told him that  “One of his helpers did that to the horse.”

However, Marie said, “As you can see, there are photos published and additionally I have witnesses to back up what I am stating here.“

Marie said she called Justin Caraway, the Sheriff of Hamilton County who said that he had been out to the Bryant Ranch and said, “There was no ‘probable cause’ for action.”

A call made to SPCA made it clear that SPCA does not work on animal abuse in Hamilton County. AQHA’s Ward Stutz said that Bryant was not a member; however, according to his website, Bryant is standing Royal Caesar Boon and needs to file reports with the AQHA. An E-mail to Director of Judges Russell McCord, President Lewis Wray, Vice President Ron Pietrafeso of the NCHA was answered with a press release that’s on their website:



NCHA Statement On Horse Abuse

Aug 31, 2017, 17:14 PM by NCHA

In recent days, the NCHA has received reports of horse abuse allegedly occurring on private property, outside the context of NCHA approved or produced shows.

The NCHA wants to make clear that it is strongly committed to protecting the health, safety and well-being of the horse.  To that end, the NCHA has a long established Zero Tolerance Policy which prohibits mistreatment of a horse on the show grounds of any show approved or produced by the NCHA.  The NCHA has in the past, and will continue in the future, to strictly enforce this policy at all NCHA approved or produced shows.  The NCHA urges you to report any kind of horse abuse occurring on the show grounds of an NCHA approved or produced show to the NCHA Executive Director.

The NCHA does not have authority under its rules to police any kind of alleged horse abuse that occurs on private property and not within the context of an NCHA approved or produced show.  However, the NCHA is ardently opposed to mistreatment of a horse in any venue.  Each state has laws that prohibit mistreatment of animals.  Therefore, if you have knowledge of any conduct abusive to a horse that is occurring outside of an NCHA show, the NCHA encourages you to report such conduct to local law enforcement agencies for investigation.


Bryant is a AAAA NCHA judge and according to his website has been a horseman his entire life and has been involved with such legends as Matlock Rose, John Carter, Don Dodge, Sonny Rice, Stanley Bush and Pat Patterson. He has judged such major events such as the NCHA Futurity in 2014, NCHA Super Stakes, NCHA Derby, Western Nationals, Pacific Coast,  Augusta Futurity, Reno, Las Vegas, Memphis, Arizona and the Southern Futurity.




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  1. Shame on NCHA. I am appalled at the blind eye they turn to the serious a use of animals entered in their competitions. The horrific abuse occurs to the animal so it can compete in your events. Someone needs to hold trainers accountable!

    • I so agree with LeAnn! First, that slimeball Manion gets away with the latest crap he’s done & now this! The NCHA would be the LAST association I would be involved with since they turn a blind eye to situations as these!

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