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By Carol Harris
Sept. 27, 2017

The following letter was sent to me today by two Quarter Horse lovers, Betty Marshall and Liz Hickling.  For some reason it got me upset all over again.  A year and a half ago I was more or less asked not to write anymore “On The Fence” articles because it disturbed the halter horse people too much.  No telling who this will disturb, but the subject of people not knowing the difference between right and wrong still disturbs me a great deal.


Today I have only touched on one of my most disturbing subjects which includes the following:


We have allowed too many inhumane trainers to become judges who continually reward each other at the horse shows.  These trainer/judges have been permitted by our Association to totally ruin our once extremely popular sport by participating in conflicting jobs at horse shows and by refusing to listen to good advice and good criticism that has been given to them for years.


If our leadership and our members do not know the difference between right and wrong, they should try to remember that there is “NO RIGHT WAY TO DO SO MANY WRONG THINGS”.  That is exactly what they have been doing to our horses, our membership and our Association for countless years.   I predict we will never be what we once were because too many intelligent voices have tried to get the attention of those in command – – – and failed.  No one has even had the guts to try and make a wise improvement, they just close their ears and fail to remember that our multiple leveled classes are extremely boring and AQHA membership is still decreasing every day.

Carol Harris

Betty Marshall shared Liz Hickling‘s post — with Linda Byrdsonge and 29 others.
  • Some people are honest and brave enough to tell it like it is.

Liz Hickling

So they said – western pleasure horses are moving much better, more fwd movement etc etc.
I decided to watch the Farnham 2 yr WP Stakes at the APHA World Show. Holy crappola – same canted into the rail, crippled movement – nothing changed BUT — two horses were different.
JS Heaven Sent owned by Jan and Jay Williams, actually loped and came off the rail to pass the cripples. KUDOS to them for letting their horse move naturally and having the balls to do that at the World Show. Was a pleasure to watch.
Mark Gilmore had the only other horse that moved better than the rest of them.
Guess what – the best moving horse placed last out of 9 – what a frigging surprise. Mark was 4th in the Limited and I believe about the same in the open.
So I guess all the BS about the pleasure horses moving more naturally and freer is just that BULL SHIT. And the statement that the judges have to use what they see. Well tonight they saw a western pleasure horse moving naturally, not canted in, head not down to the knees. Even in the back up – the rider of JS Heaven Sent was the only rider who didn’t have to yard her lines up to her ears to get the horse to back up – all the others did. Did they reward that movement – HELL NO!!

Saves me from watching any more pleasure classes.

Just my opinion which along with a dollar will get you nothing.

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