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☛ An NCHA history lesson 1-7-13



Jan. 7, 2013

Glory Ann,

I am sending this to you not knowing if you will pass it on to the general NCHA membership through your website or not. I would like to remain anonymous. AS you’ve pointed out and I’ve seen, retaliation is alive and well in the NCHA.


I’ve been a member of the NCHA for over 40 years and I believe some of us need to remember a few things and the newer folks could use a small history lesson.


Mr. Dunn has stated that the Whitmires could be denied membership due to their “integrity.” Mr. Dunn, I believe, was also passing a veiled threat to anyone that would buck the system or not meet certain standards in his eyes. A short history lesson: “Mr. Dunn in the early ‘80s was appointed to the EC due to one EC member quitting the board over not agreeing with their actions. Dan Lufkin was one of the power players on the board at that time, as he had certain controls over other board members due to some personal and business interests. He got Dunn appointed to the board; this was the first board member ever appointed, NOT elected.


That is also about the time the NCHA went from 5% to 6% (all done in the middle of the year). This 1% increase was used to offset a $300,000 cost of an overall broad-span review of the NCHA and projection survey. This was performed by a group out of West Texas. There were also some attorney fees needing to be covered and a payout to a North Texas NCHA judge as he had taken the NCHA to court for their wrongfully taking away an A rating on his AAA card over a proposed rule infraction.


In that time period, EC members Jim Milner and Dennie Dunn started rewriting the old NCHA By-laws. This rewrite took certain general membership powers away and also took some governing rules from the director pool.


But now back to Mr. Dunn’s integrity. In the ‘80s, Mr. Dunn left two different trainers’ barns owing them money, had an ongoing lawsuit with his family members and business partner in Utah, filed for divorce from Sue Dunn, which became Jack Waggoner’s girlfriend for a while, later

marrying her current husband Mr. Stevens.


Point being, everyone has history, good and bad. Now a small history about Mr. Eldridge Goins or as he’s known in East Texas: the Big L. Many people think this nickname refers to “loser.” His horse trainer is Punk Carter, EC member and the guy that is very involved in the Celebrity Cutting, also a past NCHA President. The Big L has had a couple of wives, one of them being Susan West, which is now Bob McBride’s wife.


The NCHA has been good for the Big L; the membership needs to remember he has been cashing checks from us for a while now. He helped keep the Robert/Wade Rust problem going on forever. The general membership spent over $250,000 in the early ‘90s on that one, and for what?  Next you get him leading the charge on the Millie Kay, Bob Bouget mess. That one took a man’s living away from him; they never proved anything, just got them both on a Rule 40, owing attorney fees. By the way, Dunn was also on that committee that went forward with the charges against the Bougets and virtually got them banned for life.


As a forty-year member, I feel that many, many things are not treated fairly. The EC doesn’t govern impartially or with openness and never has. Members forget or never know some of the things that have happened, if you’re not in the loop. If you don’t conform, sooner or later the NCHA will give you a wedgie.  What new members don’t realize is that some of the things that we go through now are because of what has happened 20 years ago.


There are many things in the past years that are hidden in Jimmy’s woodpile. Strong feelings from me about why I wish to stay anonymous.


But some of these little secrets and left out facts need to be known. In the future I will pass those on but I sure don’t want the NCHA coming after me, I don’t need the problem.


What I pass on can be checked I’ve got no problem with that.  The only way the NCHA is going to be cleaned up is to let all the facts be known to everyone about everything. The general membership needs to know but the general membership need to have some guts and band together and take control.


Now this is just a personal observation and opinion. Kenny Emigh should have had a chance to bid on the futurity coverage; Shelly Burmeister Gaylord Mowery should have had a chance if she wanted to. Anyone that was qualified should have had the chance, but the general membership didn’t

know this was coming up. Ride-TV really sucked. Craig with his little potbelly hanging out was pretty comical with this trusty side kick that couldn’t pronounce names. It was a lot like watching Laurel and Hardy when the picture did come in.


But what I cannot understand is why has the EC not run Morris off? You have a member threatening another member in writing; then you add in there that this clown is an EC member. Rule 35 and 39 clearly covers these actions.  Morris would probably beat up on a horse or a woman, but I don’t believe you could melt him and pour him on a man in a fair fight. But I’m not saying Emigh is much of a man either.


Name Withheld by request


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  1. Letters written without names show cowardice.

    • It doesn’t show cowardice ,, it only shows if that need is felt, you have the same good ol boys with way too much control,,, when a trainer stande up and pronounces ,”,this is our damn organisation “. You know pwwer and money corrupt !! The soul of the Ncha It stopped being about fun,friendship,fair playing ground and the general membership some time ago,,,and it will keep going that way until the general membership take it back,,,

      • Wayne; I disagree. All that it show is that some will stand up and try to help and some will hide behind fake names or no names and make accusations.

  2. Craig, if you think so why don’t you put how you vote on issues at the EC meetings? The only time the membership has heard of you standing up is when you got off your keester to take the $60,000+ check that was given to you for the broadcasting of the NCHA Futurity. We all know how that turned out.
    What issues for the betterment of the NCHA have you lead the charge on? We have seen your attempt at personal enrichment, but as an EC member what have you done for the general membership that you are supposed to represent?

    • No name@ you can check my voting anytime you want. It’s all on the record and I’m proud to stand behind it. As far as what I have done for this association, you must be a new member because for all of 25 years I have put my heart and soul into promoting the sport and helping guide our industry. Get your facts straight! Then open your mouth or your computer. I’m really a nice guy and it’s people like you who we should ask “what good have you done for NCHA?” But we can’t, we don’t know your name.

  3. Unless your name is “unanimous” it is very hard to check how an EC member or Director votes on any issue. Over the years the EC members have taken great pains to shield themselves from accountability to keep anyone involved from being individually sued.
    As far as what you have put into this business in 25 years, is that you have tried to make a living just like everyone else. I’ve known of you since Dixie drug you into Jimmy’s barn to clean stalls, so don’t think you can bluff me with the “I’ve been here for 25 years” line like you have others. After that you married fairly well and you got your start, then Durant had you for a while. I didn’t say you weren’t a nice guy, and my facts are straight.
    You are still proving our point about the dual standard that the membership has an issue with. You knew 5+ months prior to the Futurity what was happening on the broadcast, it was not a last minute decision that the EC has led everyone to believe. It was not that RideTV came in to save the day.
    There are no facts to support any statement that bids were open to other bidders. Then, for you to go after Emigh for questioning this just makes it worse. Your “in” with the EC gave you an inside track. Your behavior on the internet to Emigh would have gotten you a reprimand if you were a non-EC member Joe Blow; to say any different is just bull. For any director to say you should get a pass just compounds the overall problem in the eye of the general membership.
    I’m not attacking you personally Craig, you just seem to be the EC member that has stuck his head up the highest and exposed himself to be criticized by your actions.

    • No Name/No guts it’s all the same. Don’t disrespect my mother. Jimmy has been and is a good father to me. He taught me a lot. One of the main things is respect. Something you must have missed! As I said before get your facts straight. If you will check the votes, you will see that we have not ALL been in agreement with every issue..That being said I have enough respect for the other members of the EC and the organization to abide by the decisions that are made. Your right I did marry above my head. I also won the Sunbelt Futurity and a truck before we met. I have spent my adult life promoting the sport and giving back. Serving on committees, supplying horses for sponsor and celeb cuttings, doing my best to see that this association thrives. The TV situation has all been put to bed. I did as I was asked. Tried to help the association. Didn’t work as well as I hoped for and I stood up and took the heat. As far as Emigh goes, I never threatened to do anything to him. Actually I think I have kept my cool pretty good all things considered. Put your name on here, take the heat and lets see how big a boy are ya.

  4. No one is disrespecting Dixie, as far as I know she has always conducted herself as a lady. I’ve seen Jimmy have runs that should have gotten a check but because he looked a little different on a horse than most, or was not in the “in-crowd” they didn’t mark him. He took it like a man even though it affected his income that he was trying to support a family with.
    Respect is earned not demanded, maybe you missed that one.
    Going back to Bouget, Whitmiers, Rust, Western Nationals, Gaughn, broadcasting, Tom Holt, etc.- with some of the decisions that have been made, and the actions of the board members & NCHA employees, it’s hard to feel good about how the NCHA’s business was conducted. Therefore some respect is lost. When the general membership asks for explanations, we get half-truths, misinformation, and/or creative accounting.
    But reading your reply brings up another question…who asked you and why?
    Maybe you should re-read your earlier post to Emigh about burning bridges and meeting in a back alley. You also say check the votes…where? The EC has not furnished minutes to their meetings to anyone. After the December meeting that was to change. When those were finally put out (late) they were not accurate, but that’s a different issue.
    And you are right, you have done everything you can to be considered in, that is the point, you and a few others keep missing it, there should not be an “in”.
    Maybe you should address the real issues and questions instead of covering it up with smoke and mirrors like acting as if you honestly thought I was disrespecting Dixie and Jimmy. Or talking about how many horse’s you’ve loaned to a celeb or sponsorship cutting – that’s just another way of kissing someone’s butt and trying to get new customers or a horse sale.

    • Call me. I will answer all your questions. Promise. 817-946-0774 Just like I have for anyone else who has asked. Craig.

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