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☛ Letter from Gang of 21 – 1-12-13


Dec. 12, 2013


Following is a link to an unsigned letter that I received today, Dec. 12, from the unidentified “The Gang of Twenty-One.  The letter was mailed from a Phoenix, Ariz., post office. A copy of the envelope is also attached.


Click here for copy of letter>>

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  1. Dear Glory Ann,
    I just read the letter that you printed from the “gang of 21”. Although I would not normally respond to such a letter from someone (or group) that doesn’t have the guts or integrity to sign their names, I felt it necessary in this case because of the total inaccuracies and accusations made. I find it particularly ironic that a group that calls themselves a “gang” would have any legitimate credentials to accuse anyone of intimidation, or harassment.

    First of all, I was appointed to a committee following the 2012 Convention, to investigate the bids for the 2013 Western Nationals and come up with the best place to hold that event. I can’t even imagine what financial interest I could possibly have by being on a committee and reviewing the bids. I did recommend the Las Vegas venue because I felt that their bid gave the NCHA the best chance to cut their losses from 2012. I still believe that.

    I have never made a public attack on anyone at NCHA. I do however speak out when I have a strong opinion on something. For example, I said that the bid from Arizona received by Dave Brian should have been given to the committee for examination. I have also said publicly that I didn’t think we were getting the best advice from our current attorneys, and that was my opinion and it still is. That is exactly what I told Mr. Morris at the Directors’ Meeting. There were certainly many others in attendance at the Directors’ Meeting who agree with this. Perhaps if the “gang of 21” attended the Directors Meeting they would have heard many other complaints about our current attorneys from others besides me.

    I find the allegations made by the “gang of 21” regarding my actions at the Western Bloodstock sale not only incorrect but defamatory. I objected to the way a bid was handled on a horse that I was bidding on and thought that I had won. I made an objection to Mr. Emison and he said that he would look into it. I also told the auctioneer the same thing. The ring man that was handling my bids came up to me later along with several other people and told me that it wasn’t right the way they handled my bid. It was over after that. I did buy 3 horses at the sale. I wonder how many the “gang of 21” bought?

    I did help to start the request for a Directors’ Meeting because I felt and still feel that some changes need to be made. We are, according to Mr. Buetenmiller, losing 31 directors this year, and that equates to around 2325 members we have lost. I think that is a big problem. I think we have spent way too much money on legal fees and I think there are changes that need to be made to the bylaws and rule book because they are old and outdated. Those are my opinions and if I can’t stand up and say what I believe then there is something really wrong with this organization. However, I believe there are many other directors and members who feel the same way and they too have spoken. We had 139 directors show up for the Directors’ Meeting in December. We only needed 86 to have a quorum. I think the turn out speaks volumes about people wanting change.

    I will continue to speak for what I believe in and I will continue to sign my name unlike the “gang of 21”. They must be ashamed of the false and defamatory accusations they have made which is why they choose to hide behind a ridiculous moniker. This is a great organization that provides many with a livelihood and many others including many families with enjoyment.

    The youth portion of NCHA is doing a great job in directing our youth in becoming responsible adults. I have three daughters and all three can’t wait for the next cutting. But I’ll be damned if I will keep quiet when I think something needs fixed or changed for the better. To the “gang of 21” please find out the facts before you start babbling about something you obviously know nothing about when it comes to the truth.

    Ron Pietrafeso

  2. I read that letter and wondered how 21 people from 6 states got together and wrote the letter. How can people make a formal charge as they stated in the letter without even signing their names. Impossible. How do they know what was said in a text message between two individuals? Unless you were looking very closely over the shoulder of both it would be highly unlikely. Why did they not sign their names? The gang of 21 is probably a gang of 1.

    I actually think that without the signatures that letter should never been published on this site. And why would someone or 21 of them sending a formal letter to the officers of our organization even copy Glory Ann Kurtz. Just trying to stir up more trouble.

  3. You know how I feel about unsigned letters/comments. If you’re not willing to put your name behind it, I’m not willing to give it any value.

  4. RE: The gang of Twenty-One

    Here is some free advice to the gang of twenty-one; When choosing a scribe to commit your collective thoughts and feelings into the written word, it would be a good idea if said scribe possessed the ability to spell and punctuate. Dissension is never spelled with a T and your indiscriminate use of commas creates a rambling, incoherent narrative at best.

    I think it would be better if we allow a forensic audit to determine exactly what monies were received and what monies were spent. If there is nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about. I was able to discern from your collective ramblings that you feel like the Directors should not dictate policy. If that is true, then why do we go to all of the trouble to elect them?

    Somewhere along the way the NCHA, which is an organization I dearly love, has lost sight of what we are organized to achieve. We are supposed to provide an opportunity to compete with our horses in a fair and impartial atmosphere. There is nothing better than riding a well tuned horse against well prepared competitors.

    The graft and the greed aside, we still accomplish this goal on a fairly regular basis. It cannot be ignored that the current leadership is playing fast and loose with our organization and their actions will force a change. I believe the only way to rebuild the NCHA is through a grass roots effort that begins with ordinary members communicating through their Directors to ensure their voice is heard and institute real change through a vehicle other than the current EC. We can either take action as an organization now to preserve the NCHA or allow the current leadership to take us down with them.

    Free the Whitmires!

    The Gang of One

  5. Shame on you “Gang of 21”, if indeed there are 21 of you to begin with. Kudos to Mr. Ellis. I heartily agree with him, if you feel that strongly about something, you must sign such accusatory blather, or it just becomes……blather.
    While a little dissesion is a good thing for any organization, as it tends to keep the leadership on it’s “A” game, that vituperative language in your letter is just trash talking.
    Sure there are some problems that need be rectified, and the Director’s meeting in December is a step on the path to see that those problems are addressed. Ernie and the Executive Board listened, and in fact have already proposed some of the procedural changes on how the Board of Directors and their Elected Regional Executive Committee members should conduct their affairs in the future. It will require a greater participation of the people who asked to be your representatives, and will hopefully leave the folks by the wayside that are on the Board just to have their name on the letterhead.
    I think that things will be fixed. Read and consider ALL of the available information before you form an opimion, and I think you will see things are not all gloom and doom.
    Finally, I agree with everything Ron Petrafaeso put in his response to your little tantrum.

  6. I’m in the cutting horse business for my pleasure and enjoyment. I am thinking very seriouly about investing more time and money into this business and it is a business.
    But after reading this “do i really want to get involved?”
    I can have misunderstanding and confussion in my own barn without driving 500 miles to have it.
    We all are very lucky in life so “remain calm and move on”.
    Looking forward for the calm ahead.

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