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Open letter to Dennie Dunn 5-17-14

May 17, 2014


Dear Dennie Dunn,


Seeing how the NCHA Convention is coming up here soon in Salt Lake City, I wonder if that would be a good time to bring up the smear campaign you threw at the Utah and Idaho Affiliates and how strong Steve’s new ideas for a new Affiliate and the growth of members would be! Why are we losing a director? If what you had said were true, we would be adding more directors –  not losing them.


Why would you include the Mormon Church in your smear campaign? If you have forgotten, I still have the E-Mails. I do not hold anything against Steve. I know why he did what he did but you are supposed to represent the area and you DO NOT.


We could just as well have an Executive Board member from Alaska as you. They would know as much about cutting in Utah as you do. You have no idea about our fees, which you said were too high comparing them to anywhere else.


You have not been to one of our shows or meetings for a long, long time. You spend most of your time in Texas so why don’t you become a Director at large for them. You drive more people from cutting than you get and they are people that would spend money at cuttings.


Or better yet, you could drop out altogether like you were asked to.


David Hughes


Utah Cutting Horse Association


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  1. David—would you please forward emails you have on this subject? Thanks I am not a fan of Dennie Dunn !

    Rusty Kirschner

  2. I didn’t see Mr. Dunn’s comments, but Mr. Hughes describes several members of the EC. They only look inward at Mecca.

  3. I don’t know “the story” behind this, but can only say “Oh my!”

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