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☛ Letter to Inspector General re: wild horses & burros 1-9-16





Jan. 9, 2016

The following is a letter written by Rick Dennis regarding his request for a criminal investigation into abusive actions of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), as well as the U. S. Forest Service pertaining to their being in violation of the Wild Free – Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971.


From a former law-enforcement perspective, Dennis believes that a criminal investigation is warranted, not only to save taxpayers dollars but for the protection of America’s wild horses and burro populations being born and living on public land. He also believes that federal employees found violating this law should be punished.


Also, on Jan. 4, the BLM was sued by the American Wild Horse Preservation Organization regarding their plans that they feel calls for the chemical or physical sterilization of the horses in the Saylor Creek Herd Management Area, located south of Glenns Ferry, Idaho.

Click for article from The Horse>>


After reading this article, you feel that the continued mistreatment and slaughter of America’s Wild Horse and Burros population by these agencies needs to be investigated and that those federal employees found violating this law should be punished, please write to the address above the letter with your feelings as a U.S. Taxpayer.





January 8, 2016


Office Of Inspector General

717 14th Street, NW, 5th Floor

Washington, DC 20005


RE: Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

U.S. Forest Service.

The Wild Free – Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971.


Dear Sir/Madam:


This letter references a request for a criminal investigation into abusive actions of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), as well as the U.S. Forest Service et. al. pertaining to same being in violation of The Wild Free – Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. By a litany of published articles and documented evidence illustrating the continued mistreatment and slaughter of Americas Wild Horse and Burros population, by these agencies.


I personally believe, from a former law enforcement perspective, such a criminal investigation is warranted not only to save taxpayers dollars but also for the protection of America’s wild herbivore populations being born and living on public land and the punishment of any federal employee found violating this law.


Horse Slaughter – Fact & Fiction 7-23-15 is an article written by me and published in the web site The article unequivocally delineates a myriad of pitfalls and abuse horses in our country are being subjected to (including abuse and slaughter), as well as the waste of taxpayer dollars by funding cattle ranchers grazing their cattle on public land, which constitutes approximately 2 percent of our overall cattle production industry. Even though this insignificant portion of the cattle industry is minuscule in comparison to the overall industry production, it’s by far the single sector creating the most adverse actions on the American Wild Horse and Burros populous and the largest waste of taxpayer dollars.

Click for Fact and Fiction article>> 

It’s well documented that their roundup methods, enlisting the aid of helicopters, subjects these animals to abuse and hardships and thereafter their retainment methods subjects such animals to additional abuse and hardships. Also their engagement in horse slaughter is the ultimate insult and abuse to America’s noble animals they are required, by law, to protect.


What defies logic is the revelation that our federal government agencies, such as the (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service are entwined in this senseless abuse of our Wild Mustang and Burros herd when their specific jobs are to protect these animals in accordance with The Wild Free – Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971.


The dichotomy of these agencies’ convoluted thought process can be illustrated by news articles circulating throughout the Internet, on media broadcasts, magazine articles, etc. One such article entitled Slaughtering wild horses and the BLM: A fatal mix, by Jack Ferm, 01/07/2016 clearly illustrates the (BLM and Tom Davis, a Colorado rancher, in collusion to slaughter Wild Mustangs.

Click for Jack Ferm article>>

“Within two weeks of his confirmation in 2009, Ken Salazar began shipping truckloads of horses to Tom Davis, Salazar’s neighbor and business associate. Salazar is a fifth-generation rancher; ranchers throughout the western U.S. lobby for the removal of mustangs from public lands to make room for their cheap, taxpayer-subsidized livestock grazing. The livestock industry has been a very vocal advocate for slaughtering wild horses.”

Click for Tom Davis story>>

Perhaps a conflict of interest should be investigated.


For the record, I’m appalled, to say the least, that our own federal government employees would enter into a clandestine operation to slaughter our wild horse and burro population, which is a legitimate fact and well documented. I’m also appalled such individuals would willfully and knowingly violate their oath of office to abide by the laws of the United States of America and enforce and abide by existing laws and then in a closed-door meeting ignore this oath of office and clearly violate the law for which no consequential actions have been brought against any of these individuals by a federal law enforcement agency that I’m aware of.


My research has shown again and again that the “root-cause-analysis” of this continuing abuse of our American Wild Horse and Burros population, is strictly motivated by money and greed for which our federal government is aiding and abetting this conclusion of fact by continuing actions contrary to The Wild Free – Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971.


In retrospect and in my opinion the actions of the federal agencies herein clearly illustrates government agencies out of control, operating in a rogue fashion, and clearly possessing a convoluted thought process which places their actions in an “ABOVE THE LAW” mentality. Your attention in this matter is greatly appreciated.


If after your review of this correspondence and further attention is required, please do not hesitate to contact me. The above articles are attached herewith for your review for your convenience and record.


Yours truly,


Richard E. “Rick” Dennis

Managing Member




701 Carnation Avenue

Metairie, Louisiana 7001

Office/Mobile: (985) 630-3500


Web Site:




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  1. Thank You Rick Dennis. As you know Tom Davis was allowed to walk, probably because of his relationship with Salazar. The DOI disposed of the case. The horses were traced to SouthWest Auction, in Los Linas, NM, owned by Dennis Chavez (who has been cited for shipping infractions of horses to slaughter in the past.)
    The Disposition states… “We referred the public health issue concerning a USDA-certified veterinarian signing International Health Certificates (IHCs) without inspecting the horses (false statements) to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Mexico. The District of New Mexico formally declined prosecution. We will refer this issue to the USDA Office of Inspector General for any action deemed appropriate.”
    So, perhaps, the most productive path to take, at this point in time, is to petition the USDA IG, to follow through on this investigation. We need to stop USDA from overseeing this bloody charade of “meat” processing by shipping American horses to Mexico.

    • Anyone here who believes that Tom Davis did NOT share big bucks back to his neighbor, Ken Salazar? (I have a great bridge in Brooklyn, NY, that I can get for you at a great price.) 🙁 THEY are both guilty of profit by the sale of captive and ‘federally protected’ wild horses to slaughter. Where is the penalty?

  2. Thank you for your letter to the IG. I hope you will find the following case US v Hughes and the courts findings parallel to the Davis conversion of our national treasure. It appears to me that DOI’s refusal to prosecute may constitute collusion, fraud and conspiracy as defined by Blacks legal dictionary. I would appreciate your feedback. My work in the wild horse arena can be viewed by Google search: Kathleen Hayden, Coyote Canyon Wild Horses.
    Sincerely Kathleen

    “The Hughes appeal really needs to be studied to understand the many findings by the court. I have circulated it but too few folks really study it … that BLM never can abdicate their PROPERTY INTEREST in captured horses whether sold or adopted. This is the first time a court has ruled on the property issue as wild horses … not livestock.”

  3. Thank You so much from us all who have calling … Writing….. Emailing…. Signing petitions …. To who ever will listen to what’s been happening to the Widl Horses and Burros! Unfortunately NO ONE is hearing us! So I pray you get some kind of result!!! Again Thank You!

  4. What our wild horses and Buros have endured is way beyond cruel.. The BLM has got to be stopped and officials punished for their acts of inhumane treatments. On behave of the wild horses and buros, I want to thank you. Please keep America aware of what has be going on behind close doors!!

  5. Yes! Of course. I really like seeing the men folk challenging them like Jack Fern and yourself. Its a great letter. Complete with links.

  6. Thank you for standing up for the wild horse and burro when so many others have turned their backs to the suffering and cruelty.. The BLM methods are barbaric and an enormous waste of Taxpayer Money…

  7. Please send a letter directly to President Obama asking him to stop all of this and put a permanent protection on our remaining Mustang and set the onesback free to their prior territories that have been locked up hell hole pens across the states it is obvious the BLM and others involved are methodically wiping out the American Mustang for other interests it is obvious that they shouldn’t be rounding them up at all or blocking them from their water the amount of acreage that our Mustangs live on are drastically underpopulated not over populated don’t you think it’s time pure greed stops dictating the future of this world sincerely Rebecca Patricia May Smith may this letter reach you and you pardon are Mustangs before you leave office do the right thing and save them 1-24-2016

  8. Thank you a thousand times over Rick Dennis. Your letter to the inspector general is chocked full of FACTS and truths. The BLM is driven by money and greed and is corrupt. Your credentials in your many fields of expertise demand that this letter be reccond with seriously. I wish everyone would read your letter in Ricks Corner , and write your letter, opposing the BLM , and send to this address.

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