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☛ NCHA Summer Spectacular Sale results 8-16-16





By Glory Ann Kurtz
Aug. 16, 2016

The NCHA Summer Spectacular Sale, produced by Jeremy Barwick’s Western Bloodstock, held Saturday, Aug. 6, in the Watt Arena of the Will Rogers Complex, featured 130 consignments, with 109 selling for $964,800, averaging $8,851 for an $8,000 median (Median is halfway between the highest- and lowest-selling horse). This is down from the 2015 sale, which had 171 consignments and 135 selling for $1,359,350, averaging $10,069. The high-selling horse in the 2015 sale, Miss Aristolcrat, brought $85,000.


This year the high-selling horse, brought a $34,000 final bid. Noodles Brown, a 3-year-old red roan mare sired by Metallic Cat out of Jitters Brown by Smart Little Lena, bred by David Brown, Gainesville, Texas, and sold by Thomas Guinn, Philadelphia, Miss. Noodles Brown had been sold by David Brown as a yearling to Jody Galyean, who six months later resold the mare in December 2014 to Guinn.

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Showing the results from a poor economy this year, last year, six head brought over $30,000, while this year only the top two sellers brought $30,000 or more. The second high seller, bringing $30,000, was Lil Pepto Memory, a yearling sorrel stallion consigned by the Shrontz Family Ltd. Partnership, sired by Sweet Lil Pepto out of NCHA Futurity Champion, Some Kinda Memories by Smart Little Lena.

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Although one 6-year-old gelding brought $21,000, a 3-year-old stallion and a 7-year-old gelding brought $20,000, a weanling mare brought $19,500 and an 8-year-old gelding brought $15,000, leading the average of multiples by the age of the horses, were six 4-year-old geldings averaging $14,617, nine 3-year-old mares averaging $14,367 and two 3-year-old geldings averaging $14,250.


These figures more than likely show that buyers are currently looking for young, trained cutting horses they can show and have fun with, with 14 money earners (that were not broodmares) averaging $14,879 for a $14,000 median. Money-earning broodmares averaged $8,786 on seven head.


Probably thinking the economy would be better in two or three more years, three weanlings sold, averaging $15,000; however, 36 yearling mares averaged a disappointing $6,803 and 20 yearling stallions averaging $6,360. One yearling gelding only brought $2,200.

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The leading sire of horses, with 2 or more sold) was High Brow Cat, with three head selling for an $18,667 average. Catish, a 2012 gelding brought $23,000, Cats Reyvenge, a 2013 stallion brought $20,000 and Drs Starlight, a 2012 gelding brought $13,000, for a total of $56,000 and $18,667 average.


The second leading sire was Once In A Blue Boon, with two head averaging $18,250. They included two unnamed weanlings bringing $19,500 and $17,000, for an $18,250 average. Third was Smooth As A Cat, with two head averaging $15,500, followed by Metallic Cat with nine head averaging $15,222.


Woody Be Tuff had the most offspring selling, with 17 head averaging $9,788.  All of his offspring were sold by Center Ranch, the owner of Woody Be Tuff, with the high-selling offspring, CR Purrty Tuff, a yearling filly bringing $25,000, followed by CR Tuff Telecatster and CR Della Wood, both yearling fillies bringing $20,000 each.

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No buyers were provided by the sale company.

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  1. Perhaps I am mid reading, but. Check the high seller prices for the 2015 Summer sale. I purchased one at $37,000 and I know there were several higjer than that.

    • Brenda,
      You are correct. The high seller last year brought $85,000. I must have been numbered out. Thank you for the great catch. I have changed it on my online article and am resending my E-Newsletter. Thanks so much for catching that.
      Glory Ann

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