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☛ Dual Peppy moves to Babcock Ranch 10-4-16



By Rick Dennis
Oct. 4, 2016


Dual Peppy today!

In my opinion piece entitled “The Dual Peppy Saga,” dated Nov. 1, 2014, the article illustrates a highly publicized Colorado animal abuse case involving the NCHA World Champion Cutting Stallion Dual Peppy and his then owner Sherry Brunzell. Notwithstanding, the article includes other horses involved in the abuse case aside from Dual Peppy, e.g., cutting horses previously owned by NCHA Non-Pro World Champion Kay Floyd of Stephenville, Texas.


After an executed search warrant by law enforcement, Brunzell was arrested, prosecuted and convicted and a number of horses were seized by the State of Colorado – including Dual Peppy.


The seized horses were placed with a horse rescue in Colorado that cared for them throughout this ordeal with Brunzell being court ordered to pay the bill. At last information, Brunzell was appealing her conviction. For the record, this horse abuse case received National and International attention under the moniker “Justice For Dual Peppy.” For additional information in this case refer to the following link:

Click for Dual Peppy article>>

Today there is a new saga for Dual Peppy as he has been purchased by Jim Babcock, Sanger, Texas, one of the leading breeders in the cutting, reining and reined cow horse industry.



Dual Peppy came into this world in 1992 through the breeding genius of Greg Ward of the Ward Ranch, Tulare, Calif. Greg, a member of the NRCHA Hall of Fame, was well known in the reined cow horse industry as “The Master.” His accomplishments are scribed in the “Book of Legends” and his successes will be forever listed in the annals of history.


Dual Peppy was born at the legendary Ward Ranch in Tulare and was the second full brother in the four-brother creation by Greg Ward. These wonderful and famous creations are commonly known in performance horse circles as the “Dual Pep” line of horses.


The other full brothers include Dual Pep, Mister Dual Pep and Dually Pep. All four of the brothers are sired by Peppy San Badger and are out of the Ward Ranch mare Miss Dual Doc by Docs Remedy. Keeping it all in the family, Miss Dual Doc’s dam, Miss Brooks Bar, is another one of Greg Ward’s creations. Each of these brothers has become an icon in their own right in the performance horse industry.


After he sold Dual Pep, Greg realized he had formulated the “magic cross” with this match up of Peppy San Badger and Miss Dual Doc. Greg started breeding Dual Peppy at the age of 2 and his first foal, Dual Train, was another magic cross for Greg and later became the foundation mare of my reined cow horse training facility in Louisiana – the Wind River Ranch.


Dual Train is by Dual Peppy and out of Nics Train by Reminic. Reminic is still another legendary Greg Ward creation. Reminic is by Docs Remedy and out of Fillinic, the Ward Ranch’s legendary foundation and Hall of Fame mare.


Dual Peppy was broke, trained and shown by Greg Ward and the pair accumulated a successful money-earning show career. In 1998, Dual Peppy was sold to Colorado purchasers Rick and Sherry Brunzell and Dual Peppy was transported to Jim Babcock at the Babcock ranch in Texas where he was successfully shown. Later Dual Peppy was transferred to the Kay Floyd training facility where he was shown in NCHA cutting events by Glen Blankenship under the watchful eye of Floyd. The cutting team accumulated an NCHA World Championship Cutting Horse title.



Sire records reveal Dual Pep is the No. 7 all-time leading cutting horse sire with offspring earnings in excess of $19 Million, Dual Peppy has offspring earnings in excess of $700,000, Mister Dual Pep has offspring earnings in excess of $1,611,109 and Dually Pep is standing at stud in Brazil.


The uniqueness with this line of horses is their ability to traverse and master the three disciplines required in the NRCHA events: reining, cutting and cow horse, as well as other specialized disciplines. Also, they have all become prolific sires in the performance horse industry.


Other Ward Ranch stallions include the No. 6 NRCHA leading sire Just Plain Colonel, with foal earnings of $1,581,453; NRCHA Hall of Fame inductee Master Remedy with foal earnings in excess of $756,000; Smart Lil Pepinic, with foal earnings in excess of $1,319,543 and NRCHA No. 4 leading sire; NRHA Hall of Fame Inductee Boomernic, with foal earnings in excess of $1 million, Hall of Fame Inductee Reminic, with foal earnings in excess of $3,800,000. Overall, Greg and the Ward Ranch produced five million-dollar sires and five Hall of Fame inductees – including Greg himself, who is in the NRCHA Hall of Fame. The Ward Ranch is still the second leading breeder of reined cow horses with $2,422,280 in lifetime earnings.


Fillinic is in the AQHA Hall of Fame, Master Remedy is in the NRCHA Hall of Fame, Boomernic is in the NRHA Hall of Fame and Dual Pep is in the NCHA Hall of Fame.




Dual Peppy shown today in his new stall at the Babcock Ranch.

From the Ward Ranch, I trained and participated in NRCHA events for three years riding and promoting my own stock: Nic Chex and Dual Train. While competing in these events, I had the opportunity of observing a myriad of horses competing in the NRCHA West Coast events that came from breeders around the country. Having had stock participating in and in the finals of every NRCHA event, I was appreciative of the fact each show was a meeting of the best horsemen and best horses striving for a coveted Championship title.


Aside from the coveted GW brand, the next brand I became familiar with was the Babcock Ranch brand.  First hand, I saw offspring of the legendary Smart Chic Olena being shown by some of the best trainers in the industry. One of the things that entwines all three of us is the fact that Greg bred, trained and showed Reminic; I owned and had a son of Reminic competing in the NRCHA West Coast events and Reminic later stood at stud at the Babcock Ranch.


However, Reminic wasn’t the only Greg Ward creation wearing the coveted “GW” brand that eventually gravitated to the Babcock Ranch. The other two are Mister Dual Pep and now Dual Peppy.


Greg’s theory with Reminic was that he wanted to send his creation to Texas to improve his breeding capability. Thus, respecting and having confidence in Babcock, the transfer was made and the rest is history. I’m sure if the truth were known, Greg is smiling down from heaven and approving the Dual Peppy transition to Jim and the Babcock Ranch, if not for one reason. Dual Peppy was Greg Ward’s favorite horse. In the evenings, Greg and Dual Peppy enjoyed roping steers at the ranch after training was over.


Unfortunately, the entire horse industry lost a legend when it lost the four-time NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Champion, to cancer on Dec. 6, 1998 at the age of 63. Just two months earlier, Greg had claimed his fourth NRCHA Futurity World Championship with an inspirational performance, while visibly battling the illness that would kill him only months later. He was showing Reminics Pep, a fourth-generation NRCHA Futurity Champion he had raised. He handily won the event with a 12-point lead over the second-place horse.


For the record Babcock is a successful breeder of performance horses. The May 15, 2016 statistics published by Quarter Horse News, show Babcock as the fifth leading breeder of all time in the cutting and reining industry, with total earnings of $994,831 – cutting  $148,823 and reining $846,008. In the Oct. 15, 2016 Reined Cow Horse issue of Quarter Horse News, listing Equi-Stat Lifetime Reined Cow Horse Statistics, Babcock was also fifth, with reined cow horses he bred earning $854,106.


Babcock said that stallions he owned, showed or stood as breeding stallions at his Texas Babcock Ranch during the past 47 years included Smart Chic Olena, Reminic, Trashadeous, Cowboy Smarts, Paid by Chic, Lucky Little Lena,  Mister Dual Pep, Ima Chairman, Elans Playboy, Chic Please, Peppy Badger Chex, Bueno Fritzinic, Bristol Pep, Lenas Wright On, Lenas Sugarman, Steady Tradition, Talk About Smart, Smart Peppy Doc, Smart Peppy Lena, HB Instant Choice, Royal Blue Quixote, Bar Passer, Poco Ray Mount, Two Eyed Request, Scorps Mister Tuffy, Bonanza Scorpion and  Mito Commander, Top Impressive, Dynamic Deluxe,  Aguila Baron, Dealin Dirty, Start Me A Tab, Smart Equalizer, Boomernic, Deluxe Doc Smoke and Elan Dynabid.


According to Babcock, he and the Babcock Ranch have also owned many great mares including Cowgirls Are Smart who won the NRCHA World’s Greatest Horseman title; A Captive Heart, AQHA World Champion Cutting Horse; Boons Holly Bar, AQHA World Champion Cutting Horse; Playboys Sugar Baby; AQHA Reserve World Champion Cutting Horse; Docs Michelle, AQHA Reserve World Champion Cutting horse and Jenny Montana, AQHA World Champion Cutting Horse.


During 2017 Jim and the Babcock ranch will be standing Heaven Sent Chic, Define Good, El Senor Red, New Addition and another Greg Ward creation Dual Peppy.



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  1. Wow i would loved to be breed ny mare hickorys jac o lena to him! her first foal made finals in reno at smafflbit futurity, and over 22 grand? Won Snaffle bit in Alberta.

    • Really?!? After all that poor wondrous should has been through and at 2t yrs old, not to mention that he was suppose to be RETIRED NEVER TO BREED AGAIN because of the hell he’s been through!?! Really…smdh

      • *Soul
        *25 yrs old

  2. Thought Dual Peppy was never to be bred again………..

  3. Seriously, they are going to breed this poor horse? He is 24 and survived a trip to hell and back, hasn’t he earned a restful retirement?? I understand he has some soundness issues related to his age and near starvation, i doubt that being used for breeding is going to benefit him. Unfortunately, it will benefit the new owner’s bank account, apparently that’s more important. So very sad for Dual Peppy. And SHAME on BLUE ROSE RANCH!!!!

    • Amen!

    • I don’t think breeding Dual Peppy is an issue. He has previously been tested and was found to be infertile. The best they could do, is cloning, and I’m not sure they clone horses in the US, yet. I also believe the AQHA has pulled his registration. But, I really wonder why they didn’t held him, since this is a hot button issue.

  4. What a fabulous ending to a tragic misstep in Dual Peppy’s life. We own a Dual Pep gelding and he looks exactly like his uncle, Dual Peppy. I knew Greg when he was a student at Cal Poly and a nicer, more horse savvy fellow would be hard to come by. My high school chum, Crawford Hall, worked for Greg starting colts until Crawford’s horrific horse fall accident at Ward Ranch that left him a paraplegic. As Crawford was recovering, it was Greg who encouraged Crawford to find another way to train horses without riding them. Between Greg, Crawford and Monty Roberts, Monty hired Crawford to come train at his place since his entire ranch was level (wheelchair). Monty and his wife Pat created an entire ‘wheelchair’ friendly ranch for Crawford who went on to become one of the foremost trainers starting colts. It is a testament to the horse world and that these two tragedies, i.e., Dually Peppy’s abandonment and Crawford’s second chance, brought together great minds like Greg Ward’s that created something so positive toward making the world a better place.


  5. What great news!! SO happy to hear the legend is finally getting the care and dignity he deserves… I did wonder though-am I reading it correctly that Dual Peppy will be breeding in 2017? To be honest, I rather assumed that he must have become sterile to have declined into such a state of neglect, given that even a few breedings a year would have “paid his way” EASILY(although, seriously, at what point have people made enough money already to not at least give an animal a decent retirement from performing or breeding?!) And I am SURE there would not be a lack of requests even in a poor economy… Beyond the question of how/why ANY animal could be treated as such, how on earth could such an incredible example of the breed, who could still pass on his genetics, be religated to starvation and neglect/abuse?!! It is unthinkable. That is such an underline to the absolutely sick mindset of those owners and if Brunzell somehow appeals a way out of punishment on this earth, surely justice will be served in the next life… call it karma or God’s will;whatever, however, anyone who can treat other living individuals, whether human or animal, in such a manner will have it come around tenfold. Thank you, as always, for your investigative reporting keeping us all aware and informed.

  6. I don’t understand how this horse was adopted by Christi Fontaine, which the Blue Rose Ranch adoption papers stated was to be his forever home, and then sold to The Babcock Ranch. The adoption papers also stated that he was not to be used for commercial breeding or his semen for AI use. Hopefully the truth of this situation is better than what it appears to be at this point.

  7. Well my opinion of the western horse industry in America has just lowered substantially, seems it really is all just about “Show me the Money”, truly shameful. Seems there is a benefit to NOT having such huge prize-money in western performance here in Aus, perhaps us Aussies will keep more integrity in the industry. What happened to good ‘ole Cowboy Ethics?

  8. Hey Rick, what an in depth and wonderful article. Over the years I’d heard rumors about the power house Ward Ranch dynasty. Your facts and figures really put it in full perspective. WOW!!! Great to read an article from a guy who’s been in the thick of it all. I knew Babcock had a bunch of good stallions but had no idea how many good ones. More articles should be written about the whose who of the horse industry. This is what it’s really all about. Thanks to you and Glory. Good read.


  9. Truly a heart-warming story about Dual Peppy and his incredible history. Thanks for the article. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  10. Rick
    I have a Dual Peppy foal that is probably the best horse I’ve ever owned. Reading your article is like witnessing Lazarus rising from the dead. I had no idea the history behind this horse. Incredible story. thank GOD he’s still alive.

  11. I don’t care too much for Jim Babcock from personal dealings, but if he takes good care of Dual Peppy, that’s all that matters. I’m glad to see the old blood still around. Dual Pep horses have always been my favorite.

    • Where he is looks like the best place to land from where he was – from his tragic situation – to the ‘rescue’ – to the idiot “adopter” – I have followed this story and had my doubts on where he was placed from some ‘sneak peek’ photos of the facility released early on. He deserves nothing less than to be in a respectable place – well staffed – well monied – and well tended to…. High volume of publicity in this case – from the Facebook teenagers and busy body clueless menopause mollies and everything in between – including a large amount of respectable horsemen who KNOW what he means and what he represents….

  12. Truly a heart-warming article about the Wards. I use to go and watch Greg and his crew work horses on the weekend. Greg was an incredible horseman and wonderful human being. His entire family are so nice.

  13. Happy Birthday Rick! Beautiful article! I’ve never read another writer’s articles that can simply state the facts in such an eloquent way. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to you for writing it and thanks to Glory for publishing it.

  14. Hats off to Rick, without his know-how and strategies: Dual Peppy would have died! By the way Happy Birthday Rick

  15. A very refreshing article Mr. Dennis. Glad someone can actually shed some factual light on this horse. Had no idea the wonderful history behind him.

  16. If you want a chuckle, read the latest about you and this horse on the Justice For Dual Peppy page written by a gal at Quarter Horse News. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Very unprofessional on her part. Cheers.

  17. Personally I think it’s coudos to Jim Babcock for taking the horse in and caring for him. After reading the psycho negatives on social media, I think this is nobody’s business but Babcock’s.

  18. Very nice article Rick. I loved the history lesson.

  19. Retire the old man with dignity. He’s made enough people enough money.

  20. Glory,
    You may remember me from many years ago. Due to some injuries, I no longer show, train or breed pleasure horses.
    I have been very involved in equine therapy working first as a salesperson and educator for major therapy manufacturers of equine medical therapy devices, including modalities such as *photon, acoustic wave, sound wave, and magnetic wave therapy. Basically laser, shock wave, ultrasound and magnetic stimulation.
    I also have headed several studies that have included the effects of laser therapy on stem cells and I am currently working on a study for a new equine therapy device using lixels instead of pixels to increase the delivery of photon therapy. It’s been really interesting and a growing educational experience.
    I have become involved with Dual Peppy’s recovery. I am aware of some of the controversy about his move to the Babcock ranch. I posted on the Blue Rose Ranch Horse Rescue and adoption page about Dual Peppy’s condition and treatment. There are two different posts. I had two thoughts I wanted the public to understand. I wish I would have combined them.
    This horse has a very long way to full recovery- if that is possible. His current condition is not indicative of the pictures taken when he left Blue Rose Ranch. They should be commended for his care and I only wish he was in the same health as the pictures represent.
    His care after his departure from Blue Rose Ranch and Horse rescue and before he arrived at Jim Babcock’s ranch early this month is what should be questioned by those who are so worried about the care Jim Babcock is providing for this animal!
    The regression that has taken place in just his weight and muscle loss is tragic.
    Jim Babcock reached out to me to provide this animal EVERY opportunity for recovery available. As I said in my second post on Blue Rose’s Facebook page, I have experienced such trauma in my own health, resulting in my own body clinically eating itself, a “0” fat content, huge percentage of muscle loss and the decrease of my T level to near non existence!
    Luckily I am human and have my own ability to seek help. Luckily, Dual Peppy has someone who is taking care of the same critical medical issues that end the lives of people and animals alike!
    There are many technical aspects of the treatments Dual Peppy is receiving. The atrophy of his muscles create body pain. It’s a vicious cycle. Doctors tell you “protein, protein, protein.”
    For Dual Peppy, too much is as dangerous as not enough. His nutrition has to be managed as much as his medical issues. Adding full body class IV therapy treatment will trigger the natural components of his body to stimulate stem cell production, accelerate tissue and muscle regeneration In addition to providing pain relief.
    Everyone should know that this amazing animal survived because he had the will and the heart to live. If he had not been rescued, it would not have been enough.
    The intervention of all involved should be commended. Everyone should know that the story has not ended and his fight is not over yet. For those concerned, knowing if this animal will ever breed again is a question that will not and cannot be answered in the near future.
    The main concern at the Babcock Ranch is the comfort, care, dignity and recovery of this unique, magnificent animal.
    I have been involved in many aspects of the horse industry. I am proud that it has brought me to a place of involvement, which allows me to be a part of his recovery and life.

    Thank you for your time and warmest regards.
    It’s been a very long time.

    Patricia Woodrick

    Editor’s note:
    Photon therapy: A type of radiation therapy that uses x-rays or gamma rays that come from a special machine called a linear accelerator (linac). The radiation dose is delivered at the surface of the body and goes into the tumor and through the body. Photon beam radiation therapy is different from proton beam therapy.

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