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☛ Horse publications and your ad dollars 12-7-16





By Glory Ann Kurtz
Dec. 7, 2016


The breeding season is just around the corner, and breeders should be thinking about which performance-horse publications will give them the most “bang for their buck” as far as the number of subscribers or members the publication is mailed to. And most of all, how many of those individuals are paid subscribers, as they are the ones willing to pay for the publication and look through it thoroughly.


Linked below is a chart that I have put together, obtaining the Statement Of Ownership, Management and Circulation completed form from each of the Western performance publications. This statement is required by the U.S. Postal Service to be published in the October or November issues of each publication mailed by U.S. Postal Service bulk mail permits.


According to that document, “Any publication that furnishes false or misleading information on their form or who omits material or information requested on the form may be subject to criminal sanctions, including fines and imprisonment and/or civil sanctions including civil penalties.”


It took me some time to put these forms together on a chart, that were printed in the two publications owned by the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), because the information was so small, it couldn’t be read even if it was enlarged. Since it was a .pdf, enlarging the copy only made it fuzzy and harder to read.


The publications, the Quarter Horse Journal and America’s Horse, were both printed by the American Quarter Horse Association. However, after I called them, the AQHA was gracious enough to send me full-size pages of these documents which are linked below, along with the other magazines.


On the linked chart, I broke down the publications by “Membership-based” publications and “Subscription-based” publications. Under the “Membership-based” associations, which go to all the association members, I included the AQHA America’s Horse, the NCHA Cutting Horse Chatter and the NRHA Reiner. The “Subscription-based” publications included the Quarter Horse News and the AQHA Journal. The time frame for this report ran for a 12-month period prior to Oct. 1 of the current year.



The publication with the most issues printed during this time frame was AQHA’s America’s Horse, with 184,199 copies printed during the 12-month period, and 184,298 – an increase of 99 copies – nearest to the filing date of the postal form. The publication also had the most paid distribution, with 181,976 paid subscribers nearest the filing date, an icreasst of 388.


Second place went to the AQHA subscription-based publication, the Quarter Horse Journal, with 26,388 printed and 24,528 paid subscribers nearest the filing date, up 628 from the beginning of the 12-month period. 


The publication with the fewest issues printed and paid circulation, yet did the best in increases in all divisions was the NRHA’s Reiner, printing 6,646 copies during the 12-month period and 7,286 copies nearest the filing date – an increase of 640 copies. Their paid subscribers of 7,151 nearest the filing date, increased 955 during the previous 12 months.



While the NRHA Reiner, a membership-based publication, had the fewest copies listed in every division of the report, it was the only publication on this list that made increases or stayed the same in every section of the form, including Paid Distribution, Free Distribution and Total Paid and Free Distribution. (see above figures)


The AQHA had the highest numbers in the subscription-based publications, with the Quarter Horse Journal printing 26,388 copies and 24,528 paid subscribers nearest the filing date, up 628 from the preceding 12 months. Both AQHA publications led the other publications in total distribution and paid subscriptions.



The publication on this list of performance-horse publications, that lost the most subscribers during the past 12 months was the subscription-based publication Quarter Horse News, that decreased in every division of the postal form. Their press run was down 312 copies and their paid distribution down by 305. 


The Quarter Horse Journal, also a subscription-based publication, printed and distributed 1,250 fewer copies at the end of the time frame even though their paid circulation was up by 628 from the preceding 12 months. 


The membership-based publication, the NCHA Cutting Horse Chatter, with a loss of 853 copies printed during the previous 12 months and a loss of 249 paid subscribers, had the largest losses of the membership-based publications. The only section up was the free distribution which was up 48 copies from the previous year.


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