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I’M BACK!!!!!


I’M BACK!!!!!

Dear Readers,

Following over a month of being offline, is back!!!

Following a change by the website creators, a change in Word Press and a visit to the Apple store, today is the first time that I have been able to get into my site within the last two months. I hope you will continue returning to this site for the latest news in the horse industry. I need you to keep sending me your news. My gmail address is

Since this is the first time that I have been able to get into my site, my news is a little scarce – but in the coming days, I assure you that will change. The fleecing of innocent people in the cutting horse industry hasn’t gone down just because went down.



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☛ To Glory Ann and her readers 9-1-18

Posted by on Sep 1, 2018 in BREAKING NEWS, CUTTING NEWS, TO THE EDITOR, WHO, WHAT & WHERE | 8 comments


Sept. 1, 2018
By Name Withheld


Ron Pietrafeso, our President Elect, is to be commended on responding to the questions and letter onAugust 30th. However,I must say that I am not at all shocked at his attempt to skirt the issues by calling into question the facts that have been laid out. I will point out one by one why his answers don’t pass the smell test, in the order that he has laid out:

1. While he is quick to point out that the grievance committee members were peers of Dufurrenas, he failed to mention that Mr. Rapp began defending the Dufurrenas prior to any hearings, and at the same time another of our executive board members, Kathy Daughn, was suggesting no more than 30 days suspension for Ed. Mr. Pietrafeso maintains that our rules do not prohibit Mrs. Dufurrena from showing her horses, and he is DEAD WRONG! **See rulebook page 89, section G, “Any horse that is owned in whole or in part by a suspended person, or that has a suspended person as its agent will not be allowed to enter or compete in an NCHA approved or sponsored cutting horse contest.” Being as the Dufurrenas are married, means that the horses entered as “Shona Dufurrena” as owner is still owned in part by Ed who is suspended, which makes them ineligible to show at the Summer Spectacular. He fails to explain why Mrs. Dufurrena was never sanctioned even though she participated in the Dufurrena family scheme- transferring papers, etc. (Untrue statements and omissions by Mr. Pietrafeso)

2. Mr. Pietrafeso maintains that Mr. Dufurrena didn’t violate his suspension and that Mr. Dufurrena wasn’t an agent for a horse being shown. According to his suspension guidelines, Ed can only be in the stands as a spectator. The fact that he was even in the practice area, not once, but twice, is a violation. Furthermore, the horse that he was attempting to work was a customer’s horse, making Ed an Agent. The suspension guidelines dictate’that Ed can not be the agent of a horse being shown. By the way, this is the horse that Mr. Rapp worked as a favor to Ed. (Another untrue statement by Mr. Pietrafeso)

3. Mr. Pietrafeso states that he has never heard Phil Rapp lobby for no sanctions to be enforced upon any of the Dufurrenas. This may be true, but that doesn’t mean that Mr. Rapp didn’t do it, as has been stated by several people with knowledge. The second part of Mr. Pietrafeso’s denial is covered in #2. (weak attempt by Mr. Pietrafeso to cloud the facts)

4. Mr. Pietrafeso claims to have no knowledge about a written complaint being filed. He only needs to talk to the lady at the practice/flag area if he really wants to know the facts. Furthermore, Mr. Pietrafeso has stated that Mr. Rapp and Mr. Ray, along with the police, informed Mr. Dufurrena of the rule he was breaking by being there, and they asked him to leave, which proves the fact that a violation occurred. Why then does Mr. Pietrafeso continue to say there was no violation? (He is absolutely WRONG)

5. Mr. Pietrafeso maintains that the Dufurrenas shouldn’t have to return awards and monies that they won fraudulently. (Did he REALLY say that?!?) The rulebook contradicts Mr. Pietrafeso. **See rulebook page 182, section 4, “The Executive Committee may hold a meeting at any time and place and for any purpose pertaining to the integrity and welfare of the association.” According to the above rule and common sense, the association is obligated to ensure that the awards that were won fraudulently by the Dufurrenas should be returned and given to the rightful winners.

6. Mr. Pietrafeso should be aware that #6 has been answered several times above. (Weak attempt to discredit)

7. Mr. Pietrafeso admits that our membership has dropped drastically, but he doesn’t say why. Could it be because our leaders have been doing what he is doing right now?–Making untrue statements in an attempt to cover up the many bad decisions that are ruining our association. He asks the question if the membership is aware of how the problems are being addressed.–The answer is NO, because the membership is never informed. There is no transparency!

8. Mr. Pietrafeso complains that I have used derogatory complaints in addressing our “leadership”. He is free to use whatever adjectives he likes, but the results, or lack thereof, speak for themselves.

9. Mr. Pietrafeso states that the committee members work long, hard hours on fixing our problems. Does he not know that success is measured by results, not by time spent?

10. Mr. Pietrafeso fails to give a reason as to why other equine disciplines and associations are growing in numbers, while our association is experiencing abandonment.

11. Mr. Pietrafeso states how hard the committees, directors, and volunteers work. Of this fact, I am aware and appreciative. I have said many times that our problems are with our “Leadership”. We need leaders who can lead and make prudent decisions. Common sense is essential in making good decisions, but common sense isn’t very common these days.

Last of all,Mr.Pietrafeso’sattempts to defend Mr.Rapp and his bad decisions fall flat. He is asking for a list of people who are calling for Mr. Rapp’s resignation, when all he has to do is read the comments on, and he will see the growing number. Mr. Rapp has shown inexcusable conduct in connection with the Dufurrena fiasco, a situation that has and is causing great discord in our association. His protection of the Dufurrenas is unparalleled as far as I am concerned, and I have been a member for 40 years.

Does Mr. Pietrafeso realize the Dufurrena debacle is NOT the only issue?–lt’s only the latest. I’m sure he remembers Denny Dunn, who was the chairman of the Grievance committee, who served as the moral authority of our association and was a convicted felon, with numerous indictments against him. Along with Mr. Dunn, I would imagine that Mr. Pietrafeso remembers Chuck Smith, who was given a two-year $500,000 contract to be our Executive Director. Mr. Smith was fired after 6 months, but we have to continue paying his salary, while he sits in Ohio laughing at us. Shouldn’t we have at least kept him employed through the rest of his contract as head janitor, as we still have to pay him anyway? One  would think that our”Leaders”wouldbe embarrassed to have been duped by someone like Mr. Smith. I’m sure Mr. Pietrafeso is sensitive about the above issues. If memory serves correctly, Mr. Pietrafeso was part of the “Leadership” that was responsible for the aforementioned mistakes. I guess we can only hold hope that Mr. Pietrafeso recognizes the mistakes that have been made, and works diligently toward restoring our once great standing in the equine industry. It’s time for those in our “Leadership” to be reminded that the NCHA is a business and needs to be run like one! Performance is what our success should be determined by! Our membership must be appreciated, informed, and protected!

–Name Withheld
“Truth and fact need no name or face”

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☛ An open letter to all NCHA officers, directors and members 8-30-18

Posted by on Aug 31, 2018 in BREAKING NEWS, CUTTING NEWS, TO THE EDITOR, WHO, WHAT & WHERE | 31 comments





Glory Ann,

Let me start by saying how much my fellow directors and I appreciate your service in exposing the many negative issues within the NCHA. I could liken your reporting to turning on the kitchen light and watching the roaches scurry to find cover. And while it pains me to have our association’s issues broadcast to the general public, many of us believe it is necessary to expose the incompetence, ignorance, maliciousness, and hypocrisy that is rampant in our association’s “Leaders”, in hopes of rectifying all of the problems, to ensure a healthier organization in the future. Several months ago, I came to the realization that the only way to keep our membership informed of the current state of affairs was to use your website as a venue. Therefore, anytime I glean any knowledge of malfeasance or lack of transparency, I decided to keep you informed, and encourage others to do the same. All too often the president, executive director, and the executive board sweep things under the rug, keep the members in the dark, ignore the wishes and pleadings of members and directors, and go about securing their own personal agenda with a total lack of transparency or accountability. THIS MUST STOP NOW!!! There have been too many issues brought forth and too many questions unanswered for the public to ignore any longer. What was a dull yelp, is now a loud scream! We want answers and accountability! We are posing the following questions to be answered by the NCHA ”Leadership” (on this website) within 7 days, as we can no longer wait and hope for the NCHA to keep us accurately informed:

1. Why did the Dufurrenas receive such a lenient punishment, when the precedent for breaking Non-pro Ownership rules had been lifetime suspensions in the past? Why have lesser infractions of various rules received harsher punishment than fraud perpetrated against fellow competitors and members? Why did they get preferential treatment? Why did MRS. Vogel receive sanctions when Ed Dufurrena’s wife, Shona, who not only had knowledge of, but also participated in the fraud, receive no punishment whatsoever? Why were the Dufurrena’s horses allowed to be shown at the Summer Spectacular, when this clearly is in violation of the rules?

2. Why has Ed Dufurrena not received additional punishment for violating the terms of his suspension not once, but 3 times during the Summer Spectacular? (He was asked to leave the practice pen and flag area twice, including the need of police intervention. Also, a suspended person CAN NOT be the agent for/of a horse in NCHA competition)…See the RULE BOOK!!

3. Why did NCHA President, Phil Rapp, try to sway the opinions of potential grievance board members by lobbying for NO sanctions to be brought against the Dufurrenas prior to NCHA hearings on the matter? Furthermore, why did our President come to the aid of Ed Dufurrena (after he was found guilty of ownership violations) by working his horse, when he was just asked to leave the practice pen? Does our president condone the acts of breaking one of our most sacred rules? How does he think this looks to our membership or general public?

4. Why did our President elect, Ron Pietrafeso comment on that there were no suspension infractions committed by Ed Dufurrena, when he clearly violated the rules three times during the Summer Spectacular? Why did Ron choose to ignore the fact that a formal complaint had been signed and witnessed by a prominent NCHA member? Moreover, why did the Executive committee or grievance committee fail to act on this complaint when they held meetings in the days following the show?

S. Have the titles and awards won fraudulently by the Dufurrenas been stripped, and monies returned by the Dufarrenas and awarded to the rightful winners, or persons who placed under the Dufurrenas? Has the NCHA even recognized the rightful winners? What has been done, if anything, in this regard? What will be done, and when will it be done?–If nothing has been, or will be done to rectify this situation, do our “Leaders” think that paying win monies to the Dufurrenas from their horses showing at the Summer Spectacular is a good idea, in principle? Have our “leaders” adopted the thinking that it is okay not to make reparations to those who were directly damaged by the Dufurrenas’ fraud, and wrongfully allow the Dufurrenas’ horses to be shown (and receive win monies) when they shouldn’t have been allowed to compete in the first place?

6. Why doesn’t the NCHA follow and enforce their own rules, which are set out in the rulebook that is distributed to every member? What’s it going to take to make them follow and enforce these rules? Do these rules only apply to a select few who aren’t part of the “Good ‘ol boy system?” Does the NCHA not understand that by not enforcing rules evenly and fairly, and meting out consistent and fair punishments, that our association is at greater legal risk for litigation and public scrutiny?

7. Does our “Leadership” not recognize that our membership has decreased approximately 50% in the past few years?

8. Is our “Leadership” so ignorant as to think that the Texas Mega Event Trust Fund will continue to give money to an organization that is so poorly run, is in an ongoing economic crisis,is in a constant state of turmoil and strife, has a diminishing membership, and doesn’t adhere to or enforce their own rules? Do our”Leaders”not remember that our state funding was drastically cut in the past due to fraudulent accounting and reporting? Are they so ignorant to think that the METF isn’t looking for an excuse to cut funding and reallocate monies to other, more deserving events and associations? Does “Leadership” not understand that by their own actions and lack thereof, that they are jeopardizing the premier events and taking money out of everyone’s pockets, including their own?!? Do they not understand that other events and associations are lobbying the state for funds, and could use our current state of affairs against us in hopes of receiving monies that should be ours?

9. Does our ”Leadership” not understand the need to lead by example, and set forth an agenda of rightness, integrity, fairness, and intelligence?—Do they not know that for decades the NCHA was an example for all other associations to be judged against? Do they not think we should be demonstrating why cutting is the most exciting equine sport, governed by an association that is comprised of smart, forthright, astute, business minded, forward thinking individuals?

10. Does our “Leadership” not understand that we are in direct competition with every other equine association for membership? And in this competition, do they not understand that they and their poor decisions are giving ammunition to our competitors as why NOT to join the NCHA or cutting industry in general?

11. Does our “Leadership” not grasp the fact that our association is in peril? Is there no recognition that actions need to be taken to restore confidence, repair our reputation, and restore the overall health and solvency of our once great association?

To further validate our concerns, one need only to read on facebook and, the remarks of past presidents, committee members, and general members, in reference to how they think the NCHA is being run. If all of us can see the disaster our association has become, why can’t our “Leaders”?

It is due to the aforementioned issues and complacency of our ”Leadership” that we are joining the growing list of those calling for the resignation of NCHA President, Phil Rapp. He has demonstrated such poor leadership, and total disregard for our rulebook, in trying to protect the Dufurrenas in their fraudulent behavior. If he chooses not to resign, we implore the Executive committee to impeach him! Furthermore,we are demanding that the NCHA seek and hire a qualified and experienced Executive Director, who has the knowledge, integrity, and fortitude to resurrect our once great association. We’ve heard the term, “Drain the swamp” lately, and it is high time we do it! Our elected and appointed officials MUST do the job they volunteered for, and do it well…or be removed from their position.

As I stated above, WE ALL WANT ANSWERS! What has been written in this letter is not based on hearsay or rumor, but rather, indisputable FACTS! We deserve a full, accurate, and timely response,on this website! As our President Elect has seen fit to comment, we take this venue as being endorsed by him and feel that this is the proper venue to finally show the transparency we deeply deserve. If there is no response, we can only conclude that there is guilt and culpability in their silence, and we are once again made aware of their lack of competence or care, in keeping their members informed and serving the greater good of the association. We encourage every member to let their thoughts and opinions be known, and share them on Our ”Leaders” must know that we will not go away! We will continue to point out every bad decision, inaction, bad conduct, conflict of interest, act of incompetence, and any act of ignorance demonstrated by our ”Leadership”, no matter who it is or what position they hold. Let’s face it, one doesn’t have to have a PHD to recognize our dire situation, and it’s downright embarrassing!!

Thank you Glory Ann for providing a public forum to reach both our membership and “leadership”! Let’s see if they have enough respect for our membership to fully address ALL of these matters, and provide answers to the questions that shouldn’t have had to be asked!

VERY Sincerely,

Name Withheld

–Let the truth, content, and sincerity of this letter concern the readers, not who wrote it.

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☛ A letter to readers of 8-11-18


August 6, 2018

To: Readers of

Let me start by saying thank you to Executive Committee for addressing the concerns that my colleagues and I have raised in the past. The changes in personnel that you have made were very positive and much needed. However, the way the Dufurrena fiasco has been handled has been an unbelievable disgrace to the image of the NCHA and horse industry in general!


I spent MANY days at the Summer Spectacular visiting with many people, and the talk of trainers, owners, and spectators is how lenient the penalty was for the Dufurrena family! As we all know, the non-pro ownership rules are considered to be some of the most sacred rules of our association, and are not meant to be bent, much less broken. And if broken, the penalty in the past has meant lifetime suspensions. In some of my conversations with fellow directors and committee members, I found it appalling to learn about how our president, Phil Rapp, was strongly lobbying for no sanctions to be brought against the Dufurrenas, and Committee member Kathy Daughn suggested only a 30 day suspension!?!?

REALLY?!?! Thankfully, Frank Diehl was not complicit in this attempt at a miscarriage of justice, and stood his ground for appropriate sanctions. Furthermore, in stead of feeling lucky for the light punishment they received, Ed brazenly ignored the suspension rules by being an “Agent” of horses showing at the Spectacular, and also violated suspension rules by trying to work horses in the practice pen and flag, two separate times, even to the point that required the police asking him to leave!…However, he did get his horse worked…by our president, Phil Rapp. Now, ask yourselves, “How Stupid does that look?”


We are in a time where the association desperately needs to convince its members and the public that there is a new commitment to establishing credibility, fairness, and professionalism. Instead, we look like a group of mentally challenged cowboys! But wait, there’s more!…On the website,, our president elect, Ron Pietrafeso, comments that there were no suspension violations involving Ed, and it was no big deal, when in fact, there was a formal complaint filed and signed by a prominent member.


These infractions can NOT be ignored or swept under the rug!! If the penalty is not assessed as prescribed in the suspension order, this will be looked upon as a new all-time low, and carry with it a protracted campaign to make our entire membership aware of the many nuances that are at play here. With our president receiving free breedings from the Dufurrenas to Stevie Ray Vaughn, lobbying for no sanctions, maintaining that Brandon and Rieta knew nothing of the fraudulaent ownership (before there were even any hearings), working Ed’s horse for him, and our president elect’s claim that there were no suspension violations when there has been a signed formal complaint in front of witnesses, leads to utter discust in how our association is being run.


The above, when taken in totality, clearly demonstrates the effort being made to protect the Dufurennas. It also raises the question as to what Ed Duffurenna has over our governing body. Nonetheless, everyone whom I spoke with, is demanding that the cover up by our “leaders” is stopped, the NCHA enforces their own rules, and the ship is righted! In all my years in the Cutting horse business and as a Director, I never thought I would see our principals crushed, our reputation marred, and our integrity questioned. I am sad to say that I am embarrassed right now to be a member of our association, and I am sickened about our state of affairs. Can someone help?…This is an emergency!!

Name withheld due to retaliation against those who speak the truth!

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☛ Letter to the Editor 7-8-18


Hi Glory Ann!
It’s been some time since our last communication, but I’ve certainly kept up with your investigation into the Dufurrena fiasco.  I must commend you on your tenacity in helping expose the truth!  Now, on the eve before the Dufurrena appeal hearing, I wanted to share the following thoughts with you.  I, along with so many others, are sick to death of legal issues and lawsuits involving the NCHA! The ship needs to be righted, and wrongs need to be accounted for, so our association can garner the respect it once had.  In doing so, the rules need to be enforced evenly and fairly!
There is NO DOUBT the Dufurrenas cheated the Vogels, and broke NCHA ownership rules!  The rules clearly state that a competitor or family member MUST own their horse to show in the non pro! It does not say, “You can think you own the horse you are showing”.  The simple dismissal by Phil Rapp (NCHA President…Who received Stevie Rey Von breedings from the Dufurrenas) saying the “Kids”(who are really adults) didn’t know anything about ownership issues WILL NOT WORK as an excuse to go easy on the Dufurrena family.  If Brandon and Rieta truly didn’t know (Which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY) that the Vogels owned a percentage of the horses they were showing, Ed and Shona are worse than what we all thought!  And if this is the case, they need to look to their parents for recourse, not the NCHA!  If the Dufurrena family is not punished like those who have committed the same offenses, We will all know the fix is in, and the NCHA WILL be sued and WILL lose!!  I’m not sure how astute the appeals board members are, but they, along with the Association members need to know! All I’m advocating is to treat people fairly!
Please use this as you see fit! And if you choose to use it, time is of the essence as their hearing is tomorrow morning! Thank you for your tireless effort to rid our great sport of bad apples!!
Name withheld
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☛ Dear NCHA Executive Board members 4-3-18


Dear Executive Board Members,
A short while ago I read an open letter to the NCHA, from a director, on the website, regarding many issues within the NCHA and the dubious decisions that caused them. Ifyou have not read the letter, I would advise you to do so promptly! We are in a state of emergency, and actions must be taken to ensure our longevity. In the letter, I read about several rule violations perpetrated by the Dufurrena family, and possibly the assistance of NCHA Vice-President Phil Rapp in helping to “go easy” on the Dufurrena,as in regard to disciplinary actions by the NCHA.

Upon learning of the verdict of their recent grievance hearing, we see that plan being executed. Everyone who has been guilty of violating the non pro ownership rule has received harsh penalties that were appropriately applied and justified. Now we see a much different set of sanctions that are in no way consistent with other cases regarding the same rule. Every lawyer I’ve talked to has said this can turn into a major legal fiasco for us. I’m imploring the leadership of ourAssociation to seek advice from a competent lawyer before the Appeals Committee hearing is held. Trust me when I say, there is a contingency of past and current members and directors who are adamant about exposing the many deficiencies and lack of common sense that is present within our association. This present matter”smacks” of yet another example of poor judgment if not dealt with in an appropriate and consistent sanction. In the opinion of many, this matter can have very serious legal and financial consequences.

In addition to legal liability from former members who have been suspended for life from the same rule violations, we are also liable to the competitors who were directly damaged by the Dufurrenas’ bad conduct. Right now, we have the luxury of being able to follow the Olympic rules for athletes who break their rules. If athletes are deemed in violation, they are banned from competition, and the awards are presented to the appropriate winners. Why not follow their approach to dealing with contestants who break the rules? Are we not bound to recognize and compensate the rightful champions? Also,the fines that were levied against the Dufurrenas in the grievance hearing are absurd! In the least, the fines should equal the amount of money that was won fraudulently in the various events by the Dufurrenas, and the awards should be given to the rightful winners! I f anything less than the above suggestions are done, it will be regarded as a sham by our Association leaders and produce another example of poor leadership. Now is our opportunity to demonstrate to the general membership and public that our association is trustworthy and will be regarded as the model to which other associations aspire to be. Currently, there is great bewilderment and dismay felt among the people who make up our industry, and feel that our great association has deteriorated to an all-time low, especially within the last several years. These problems have only been exacerbated during the tenure of Chuck Smith’s leadership beginning with his presidency and extending through his time as our Executive Director.

In closing, I want to bring to your attention just how many of us are opposed to the choice of Chuck Smith as our Executive director. We, the body of Directors,were never consulted prior to his hiring, thus making it apparent that he was hired out of mere convenience, rather than conducting a rigorously due diligent effort to find the right candidate for the position. Not only does he lack experience running any association whatsoever, he is also completely in over his head, and lacks the intestinal fortitude of true leadership, all the while being paid a ridiculously high salary usually reserved for someone in upper management in a corporate setting. This is just another example of why our association is currently facing the dire economic conditions we find ourselves in.

Let it be known that many strongly suggest that the present Executive board and Appeals Committee take this opportunity to fulfill it’s fiduciary duties and demonstrate strong leadership that has been lacking in the past.

—-Let the content of this letter concern you, rather than the author

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