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☛ Letter from NCHA Director outlines problems with NCHA 3-25-18





By Glory Ann Kurtz
March 25, 2018

Recently I received a very revealing, “name-withheld” letter regarding the NCHA from a person claiming he (or she) is an NCHA Director. He (or she) said in the cover letter that he (or she) sent with this letter that he (or she) was “in hopes of addressing and correcting several problems within the Association that I hold dear to my heart.” The letter writer claims he (or she) is exposing issues within the association “for the betterment of the industry as a whole.”


He (or she) said he was in total shock when he read the article that I published on my site regarding Dennie Dunn, NCHA Past President and Grievance Board Chairman, who was charged with 10 felonies following two years of court cases. Dunn pleaded guilty on Oct. 10, 2017 to “Attempted Communications Fraud,” a third-degree felony. Dunn plea bargained following a sentence of “an indeterminate term of not to exceed five years in the Utah prison system and was placed on Court Probation for 12 months, meaning he could violate no laws and must complete 80 hours of community service at the rate of 10 hours a month beginning on Jan 1, 2018. The court also ordered Dunn to pay restitution in the amount of $95,047 to be paid at the rate of $150 a month beginning on Jan. 1, 2018.

The letter writer said, “I would have thought that by being a Director, I would have been informed of important association matters such as this. Unfortunately this is not the case.”

One incorrect statement:

However, there is one statement in this person’s letter (a link to the letter is below) that is not correct but it happened 10 years ago (Nov. 7, 2007) so he (or she) probably wasn’t a Director or even a member at that time. At the bottom of page 2 in the paragraph beginning “Another flagrant example of poor leadership … the writer says, “I may be wrong, but I don’t recall the NCHA EVER prevailing in ANY lawsuit that has been litigated.”

There actually was one lawsuit that the NCHA won after Bob Bouget and Millie Kay Walker sued them and the court granted a Plaintiffs Motion for Non-Suit. Court documents that I previously published show that the NCHA filed a judgment against them and put liens against the Bouget property that are still in effect today, as well as expelling Bouget from the NCHA.

Bouget Exhibit 1


Attached is the letter from the letter writer that, among other things, says, “I’m sending you an open letter to the NCHA, my fellow directors and our membership in hopes of informing as many people as possible about the deteriorating conditions of the NCHA. Not knowing any other avenue to get this posted, I chose you! I’m not a doomsdayer, but I am one of many directors who are concerned and alarmed by the leadership and decisions being made regarding the association that I love.  These poor decisions and lack of transparency is causing great harm to our industry. While I don’t always agree with you, I believe your intentions are noble. I hope you see fit to help inform others of our plight in seeing our association become prosperous again.”

Following is the letter from “Name Withheld” that was e-mailed to me regarding the NCHA to the NCHA Directors and members who are readers of In the original attachment the sentences on the top of pages 3 and 4 were only half printed when I received the copy. This  new copy makes it possible for you to read all the pages.

New letter from name withheld 3-29-18


NCHA Super Stakes Sale cancelled:

One unusual thing that has happened within the NCHA lately is that the NCHA Super Stakes Sale that is usually included within the NCHA Super Stakes, which is scheduled to begin this Thursday (March 29), is not on the Super Stakes schedule. It is customary for Jeremy Barwick to hold his Western Bloodstock Super Stakes Sale during the event. I have been told that this sale has been cancelled. I checked the Super Stakes schedule and the sale is nowhere on the schedule, where it usually is. Also, there is no list of consignments on Western Bloodstock’s website.



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☛ Just in case you’re interested 9-27–17

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By Carol Harris
Sept. 27, 2017

The following letter was sent to me today by two Quarter Horse lovers, Betty Marshall and Liz Hickling.  For some reason it got me upset all over again.  A year and a half ago I was more or less asked not to write anymore “On The Fence” articles because it disturbed the halter horse people too much.  No telling who this will disturb, but the subject of people not knowing the difference between right and wrong still disturbs me a great deal.


Today I have only touched on one of my most disturbing subjects which includes the following:


We have allowed too many inhumane trainers to become judges who continually reward each other at the horse shows.  These trainer/judges have been permitted by our Association to totally ruin our once extremely popular sport by participating in conflicting jobs at horse shows and by refusing to listen to good advice and good criticism that has been given to them for years.


If our leadership and our members do not know the difference between right and wrong, they should try to remember that there is “NO RIGHT WAY TO DO SO MANY WRONG THINGS”.  That is exactly what they have been doing to our horses, our membership and our Association for countless years.   I predict we will never be what we once were because too many intelligent voices have tried to get the attention of those in command – – – and failed.  No one has even had the guts to try and make a wise improvement, they just close their ears and fail to remember that our multiple leveled classes are extremely boring and AQHA membership is still decreasing every day.

Carol Harris

Betty Marshall shared Liz Hickling‘s post — with Linda Byrdsonge and 29 others.
  • Some people are honest and brave enough to tell it like it is.

Liz Hickling

So they said – western pleasure horses are moving much better, more fwd movement etc etc.
I decided to watch the Farnham 2 yr WP Stakes at the APHA World Show. Holy crappola – same canted into the rail, crippled movement – nothing changed BUT — two horses were different.
JS Heaven Sent owned by Jan and Jay Williams, actually loped and came off the rail to pass the cripples. KUDOS to them for letting their horse move naturally and having the balls to do that at the World Show. Was a pleasure to watch.
Mark Gilmore had the only other horse that moved better than the rest of them.
Guess what – the best moving horse placed last out of 9 – what a frigging surprise. Mark was 4th in the Limited and I believe about the same in the open.
So I guess all the BS about the pleasure horses moving more naturally and freer is just that BULL SHIT. And the statement that the judges have to use what they see. Well tonight they saw a western pleasure horse moving naturally, not canted in, head not down to the knees. Even in the back up – the rider of JS Heaven Sent was the only rider who didn’t have to yard her lines up to her ears to get the horse to back up – all the others did. Did they reward that movement – HELL NO!!

Saves me from watching any more pleasure classes.

Just my opinion which along with a dollar will get you nothing.

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☛ An endorsement for Ron Pietrafeso for NCHA Vice President 4-30-16

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April 30, 2016

Dear Ms. Kurtz,
I am supporting Ron Pietrafeso for Vice President of the NCHA. I have written an endorsement statement and am including it with a letter from Ron to the members of NCHA.  We would be very appreciative if you would include this in your next publication. Thank you.

Ken Akins

My name is Ken Akins and I’m supporting Ron Pietrafeso for Vice President of the NCHA. I’m retired from the Texas DPS Narcotics Service.  I first met Ron Pietrafeso in 1977 when I was stationed in Alpine.  Ron who was the Agent-In-Charge of the Attorney General’s Organized Crime Task Force, and his team, came to the Big Bend area where we successfully investigated a major international heroin smuggling organization. It was during this time that I discovered what an exceptional individual Ron is; his professionalism, his organizational expertise, and the respect his team had for him was a testament to his leadership.
Now nearly forty years later, the members of the NCHA have the opportunity to elect Ron Pietrafeso as Vice President. The NCHA needs a person who can lead us, a business man and a horseman who possesses the attributes and resolve to transform our NCHA into the Association where all levels of participation will thrive and the attendance of all events will grow to full capacity. I hope all of you will join me and the members who support Ron in electing the right man as Vice President of the NCHA.

Ken Akins

The following is a letter to NCHA members from Ron Pietrafeso:

I am a Colorado native and have been around horses almost my entire life. I am a retired law enforcement officer spending over twenty years in that job that I thoroughly enjoyed; spending four years as a regular patrol officer and then being promoted to detective. During my next sixteen years I worked undercover narcotics and organized crime. I was assigned to the Colorado Attorney General\'s office and became the Agent-In-Charge of investigations. I worked all over the United States investigating major drug smuggling operations and organized crime. I was given numerous commendations for my work including the Denver Police Department\'s Medal of Honor, the highest award that is given.
After leaving the police department I became involved in the automobile business working for three major new car chain dealers, eventually I became a dealer representing Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge. While working for the chain dealers I was responsible, at times, for over three hundred employees. Currently I manage our family business which is J.M. Auto Service and Collision, Johns Towing, Apollo Motor Home Rentals and Chambers Road RV and Boat Storage.
My wife Adrienne and I became involved in the cutting industry over twenty-two years ago. We bought our first cutting horse at the NCHA Futurity Select Sale. Lloyd Cox was recommended to us at that time and we have done business with him off and on ever since. We currently have several horses with Nate Miller who has trained for us for over fifteen years. Our three daughters are all cutters. We enjoy traveling all over the country showing our horses. We live on a 400 acre ranch just south of Denver. We raise twelve to fifteen babies every year most of which are by our stud Rap Cat a son of High Brow Cat.
I have been an officer for Western States Cutting Horse Association and served on their board for over twelve years. I have been very fortunate to be elected as an NCHA director from Colorado for the last twelve years. I was selected by past president Barbara Brooks to serve as a member of the newly created Governance Task Force and I am a member of the NCHA youth committee.
In 2013 I formed a group of people to help get the Western Nationals to Denver for 2014. We raised over $130,000.00 for NCHA and successfully had the Western Nationals in Denver. We will host them again this year.
I have all the respect in the world for my opponent, Phil Rapp. So everyone just make sure you VOTE!

Ron Pietrafeso
Missing Creek Ranch


From the Editor:

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to send them to me and I will make sure that Ron Pietrafeso gets them.

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☛ An Amateur’s wish list 10-2-15

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September 29, 2015

NCHA Directors

Gentlemen and Ladies

I am an amateur rider holding an Amateur/Non-pro card.  There is an issue of real importance to me and other amateurs that I would like my NCHA to address.  My total lifetime earnings are a bit in excess of $22,000.  Consequently the classes open to me to ride in are of course the $50,000 Am and the Non-pro classes.  Currently I own 2 horses eligible for weekend classes and 1 three year old now being shown in the futurity class by my trainer.

The NCHA is the governing body determining divisions and class structure.  If I want to show both my weekend horses at any given show then all that is available to me is the 50 Am and a Non-pro class either the 35NP or 15 Novice NP or the Non-pro class itself.  If I want to show both horses on fresh cattle that eliminates the 35NP most of the time. The primary problem is being able to show in a class of only Amateur riders and a relatively level playing field.  We all are aware that the Non-pro class, 35NP or Non-pro itself is also composed of trainer’s wives and family.  This in itself makes the playing field extremely difficult especially to an Amateur rider relatively fresh out of the 15Am class and wanting to show more than once at an event.  Furthermore, having to show in the Non-pro class itself is not reasonable as in the division and classes there are riders with earnings in excess of 100’s of thousands of dollars.  Again, the playing field is unfairly skewed.  I am aware that on any given day it is possible to do better than the more seasoned rider and it is possible for this seasoned rider to do poorly.  However, to continue to “donate” to these “professional” Non-pros or compete against trainers family members that have unlimited access to professional training and open level horses is not what the sport is about. Furthermore, the group that has become known as the “professional Non-pros” need to compete against each other.  If these riders are in the sport to make money, not just for the love of the sport and the horse, they need become open riders.

The solutions to the problems are rather simple.  Add another Amateur class with all the parameters and rules related to the designation of Amateur.  As an example of what many of we amateurs would like is the following:  15 Am with re-run cattle, a 30 or 35 Am with fresh cattle and a 70 or 75 Am class with fresh cattle.  I do not pretend to know exactly what the earning denominations should be, only that we Amateurs need another class to ride with fresh cattle that keeps us from having to ride in the Non-pro classes until we are really ready and competent enough to compete with Non-pros irrespective of earnings or trainer’s family members. It is the level playing field we are seeking, nothing more.

Respectfully Submitted,


Lloyd Godlis

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☛ Chubby Turner endorses Lewis Wray for NCHA VP 3-13-15

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The two candidates running for NCHA Vice President are very good friends of mine and both very qualified.
I am endorsing Lewis Wray.
I met Lewis 12 years ago in Ft Smith Arkansas where he was producing a Cutting Circuit.  Lewis had obtained TV News coverage, sponsorship from local vendors, and great cattle, needles to say it was a very successful Event!!!
A few years later  I helped with a Grass Roots Clinic in Arkansas that Lewis Spearheaded.  Again he had news coverage, local vender support even Political support from the Mayor and Governor.
Lewis currently serves on the Executive Board, Amateur Committee, Open Show Committee, Limited Age Committee, and his son Scott is a Cutting Horse Trainer.  Lewis has his hands on what is happening in the NCHA!!
Being a retired Football Coach, Lewis is a great Motivator, and Organizer.
He is in love with Cutting and He is just what we need to lead us into the Future!!!
Vote for Lewis Wray for your next NCHA Vice President !!!!!!!!!
Chubby Turner
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Open letter to Dennie Dunn 5-17-14

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May 17, 2014


Dear Dennie Dunn,


Seeing how the NCHA Convention is coming up here soon in Salt Lake City, I wonder if that would be a good time to bring up the smear campaign you threw at the Utah and Idaho Affiliates and how strong Steve’s new ideas for a new Affiliate and the growth of members would be! Why are we losing a director? If what you had said were true, we would be adding more directors –  not losing them.


Why would you include the Mormon Church in your smear campaign? If you have forgotten, I still have the E-Mails. I do not hold anything against Steve. I know why he did what he did but you are supposed to represent the area and you DO NOT.


We could just as well have an Executive Board member from Alaska as you. They would know as much about cutting in Utah as you do. You have no idea about our fees, which you said were too high comparing them to anywhere else.


You have not been to one of our shows or meetings for a long, long time. You spend most of your time in Texas so why don’t you become a Director at large for them. You drive more people from cutting than you get and they are people that would spend money at cuttings.


Or better yet, you could drop out altogether like you were asked to.


David Hughes


Utah Cutting Horse Association


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