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By Richard E. “Rick” Dennis
May 4, 2019


On July 7, 2015 I authored an article, for all about, entitled: Horse Abuse Part 6 – Horse Slaughter A Double Edged Sword, which offers an insight into the horse slaughter business, in the USA, as well as the contributing factors illustrating how horses end up in the horse slaughter pipeline.  Examples include: Horse nonprofit support of horse slaughter, unorthodox nonprofit breeding practices which elevates foal production, safety warnings to eating horse meat due to drug toxicity levels as disclosed in the introduced SAFE ACT, the economy etc. If your interested in reading this prelude article please click on the following

☛ Horse Abuse Part 6 – Horse Slaughter 7-7–15.

On July 23, 2015 I, again, authored another horse slaughter article for, entitled: Horse Slaughter Facts and Fiction which also identifies pertinent events contributing to the ongoing horse slaughter issue in the United States. However, this article was written from a Risk Analyst perspective and offers the reader with an even more in-depth perspective of the horse slaughter market in the USA as well as identifying the Top-Tier-Horse Slaughter Advocates. If your interested in reading this second article please click on the following link.

Horse Slaughter Fact & Fiction

Today, I’m able to report that the horse slaughter issue, in the USA, four years later isn’t better off, it’s actually abhorrent with an increased continuation of the amount of horses making the trip across the border of the United States to foreign horse slaughter facilities in Mexico and Canada continuing in the hundreds of thousands annually.  The accompanying May 2, 2019 USDA Slaughter Report illustrates the amount of horses crossing the border to Mexico for a given time period.  For an in-depth review of this report please click on the following link:

2019 Horse Slaughter report




For the record, it’s NOT AGAINST THE LAW in the USA to be in the horse slaughter business or to transport a trailer load of horses across the international borders of the United States to foreign horse slaughter plants in Mexico and Canada. However, it’s AGAINST THE LAW to slaughter a horse for human consumption in the USA. American horse slaughter plants have long been closed. Also, what is AGAINST THE LAW is the constant harassment, threatening, intimidation, defaming, slandering, or cyberbullying of individuals in the horse slaughter business by self proclaimed animal rights activists on social media. 

Another fact emerging from the horse slaughter dilemma is that it’s become an integral part of domestic commerce as well as a way, for some, to make a living in society.  As unpleasant as it sounds, it’s just a fact. The reception of horse slaughter has evolved into two factions.  There’s those who are FOR keeping the horse slaughter pipeline open to keep horse populations manageable and under control in the USA. Then there’s the OPPONENTS who oppose the abhorrent horse slaughter market entirely. 


Today, in our society, two distinct factions have emerged concerning the present horse slaughter industry which completely compliments the “Law of Physics,” i.e., “FOR EVERY ACTION, THERE’S AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION”. On one side of the equation “Them” are the self proclaimed animal rights activists trying to shut down the “Kill Buyers” under the guise of saving the horse who are actually nothing more than “Cyberbullies” and on the other side of the equation is “US” or the individuaL making a living buying horses at the local barn as well as acquiring horses from other sources to fulfill foreign horse slaughter contracts.  

However, there’s one faction caught in the middle of this battle for the “SOUL OF THE HORSE” and that’s the “Horse Rescues” with being constantly harassed by the cyberbullying groups. Within the “Horse Rescue Groups” they, themselves, are divided (fractured) into two groups.  “Legitimate and Ill-legitimate.” 

The “legitimate” horse rescuer’s goal is to rescue as many horses as they can from the “Kill Pen Lot” whose been placed there by horse slaughter individuals known by the moniker “Kill Pen Buyer.”  Thereafter, the responsible horse rescue finds new homes or jobs for the discarded horses they purchase while using donor funding to support their goal and practice of saving lives.  One obscure inaccurate alleged fact “social media horse warriors promote pertains to donor funding.”  

Example, “The donors actually own the rescued horse a donor donates too”. The stark reality to this ludicrous statement is that NO THEY DON’T.  Unless the donated funds are accompanied by an “Adoption Contract or a Bill of Sale” for a particular horse, between the donor and the horse rescue owner/operator, the donated funds are “generic funds” and the rightful property of the horse rescue and can be used in any manner the rescue sees fit. This illegitimacy is like saying I donated to the Red Cross, therefore I own it! 

Still another internet inaccuracy is the claim, by social media fanatics, that they have a right to know where each and every horse a “legitimate horse rescue” buys (bails) from the “Kill Pen” ends up.  This is true for a law enforcement agency conducting a criminal investigation, or a law enforcement agency with a subpoena duces tecum, however this is a false claim by an internet or social media self proclaimed legal authority operating in a cyber bullying animal rights activists group. Once purchased the rescued (bailed) horse becomes the sole property of the “horse rescue” and all privacy laws thereto are applicable, as well.

The “ill-legitimate” horse rescue is just another scam artist in the horse business.  Their goal is to pose as a legitimate rescue and even mimic the legitimate rescue while concealing his or her actual goal of defrauding donors out of their cash and acquire horses under the false pretense of providing a forever safe home only to send the horse to slaughter once it’s acquired. An example of one such case can be identified in a February 03, 2019 news article by Anissa Fritz whereby a Veterinary student faces fraud charges; allegedly sold rescued horses for slaughter.  

According to the article, Fallon Blackwood, a 24-year old veterinary student at Tuskegee University, was indicted in October of 2018 by the State of Alabama on 13 counts of acquiring a horse under false pretense with the intent to defraud.  Blackwood has similar charges against her in North Carolina. This isn’t an isolated case.  For additional info click on the following link:

Tuskegee student Fallon Blackwood indicted in Alabama and North Carolina…


Also, and according to what I’ve read on the internet emanating from some self-proclaimed animal rights activists, include inaccurate commentaries reminding me of the “Jail House Lawyer Mentality”. A perfect example of a useless inaccuracy is: “Unless, you’re a 501 C 3 nonprofit your not a legitimate horse rescue.”  This is just one of a litany of ignorant “legally false” inaccuracies being spewed forth on social media. 

More specifically, in the USA an individual has the right to make a living and own a business so long as the business is legally set-up properly and legally operated according to law.  Therefore, a horse rescue can be in the form of a Sole-Owned-Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company, Doing Business As (DBA) or an assumed name, State Organized Non-Profit, 501 C 3 Non-Profit or for that matter a For Profit Business.  The only difference between the 501 C 3 Non-Profit and the others mentioned in the foregoing is, in most circumstances, the donation is tax deductible. Accordingly, the financial reporting status to the general public differs from the 501 C 3 Non-Profit and the State formed Non-Profit.

Another misinformed, inaccurate and completely delusional statement spewed forth, by some social media self proclaimed animal rights activists, is that a horse rescue owner or operator isn’t allowed to make or draw a salary from his or her owned or operated business and that’s just another ill fated and inaccurate false hood.  Whether the business operates in any of the categories in the foregoing, every business owner has the right to draw a salary from their owned, managed, or operated business in order to be compensated for their labor to make a living wage so-to-speak.  Once the donor funding is accrued in the general operating account, it also can be used to provide a living wage to the Owner/Operator.  To verify this assertion just research how much the salaries are from some of the largest nonprofits in the USA are. It’s just ludicrous for an individual to think otherwise.

In order to educate the uninformed but self-proclaimed social media animal rights activists about another topic, more specifically: who owns a 501 C 3 Non-Profit, the answer is no one can individually own a 501 C 3 Non-Profit.  Once setup it becomes an entity entirely onto itself.  However, it is controlled by a set of by-laws and a governing body known as a “Board of Directors”. It’s legal compliance is bound by the Laws of the State of Incorporation and the laws of the Internal Revenue Service. Again, whoever runs the 501 C 3 Non-Profit is entitled to earn a salary and be compensated for their labor.


Some members of the elite cyberbullying groups are masters of threats, scare tactics, intimidation, lying and in some cases where law enforcement is conducting a criminal investigation they pose as a law enforcement officer or representative thereof with their reliance on their self-proclaimed delusional authorized power to conduct an investigation on their own.  Again, they are misinformed and sadly mistaken. Quite Simply, their self proclaimed power and worth are delusional.  What these individuals apparently don’t understand is that they themselves can be arrested and prosecuted for violating the law.  

In order to be a representative of a law enforcement agency one has to be duly licensed and a commissioned police officer.  If you don’t have these credentials in your back pocket, you can be arrested and prosecuted for impersonating a police officer or law enforcement official.  Equally, if she or he is conducting an investigation without a license in a State where licensing of private investigators is required such as: Louisiana, Texas and New Jersey the offender faces fines and imprisonment and can be liable for injury to the individual he or she is illegally pursuing and investigating.

Furthermore, an individual without the foregoing legal authorities doesn’t have the legal right or authority to interrogate an individual relative to an ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by law enforcement.  That right is reserved for law enforcement and only after an individual being interrogated has been issued his or her Miranda Warning, which provides the interviewee with the option of having an attorney present while being questioned. This is witness tampering and he or she can be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for their violation of the law.


My Root Cause Analysis identified two leading culprits, money and greed.

The second particular culprit is the economy.  The horse industry is directly tied to the USA economy.  When the economy is good the horse industry experiences an increase in investors.  In a down-turn economy, horses are quickly shed on the open market. This open-market shedding usually takes place in sale barns which unfortunately includes the favorite visiting place for “Kill Pen Buyers.”  

Another top-tier-culprit is an overpopulation of horses in the USA without sufficient economic sustainability.  Each year a new foal crop is born to be consumed by the  Racing and Performance Horse industry in hopes to the breeder, that one will becomes a revered champion. Essentially, they can be viewed as replacements for the ones that didn’t make the grade in previous years. Thus, in our society today, it has adopted the “Breed More, Kill More” mentality. Unfortunately this narcissistic personality disorder proves detrimental to the poor horse. Perhaps the most disturbing perception to this practice is that it illustrates a complete emotional detachment from the horse.

Perhaps the most disgusting of the contributors to the horse slaughter pipeline are the poor two, three and four year olds that are washed out of the industry by illegal drug use and trainer abuse. In my past article entitled: THE MECHANICAL HORSE, A HORSE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS I delineate the cause and effects sports enhancing drugs have on the physiological makeup of the horse. If the reader cares to read this article please click on the following link .

The Mechanical Horse

In the next article on horse slaughter, written by Glory Ann Kurtz, she will explore and explain the ongoing “BATTLE FOR THE HORSE IN LOUISIANA.”

“Until Next Time, Keep Em Between The Bridle!”

Richard E. “Rick” Dennis
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