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☛Is the Federal Government paying outsourced hunters to shoot wild horses?

by Richard E. “Rick” Dennis CPP

Dec. 14, 2018

I recently engaged in a conversation with Captain William E. Simpson, a former military veteran, freelance writer as well as a Wild Horse and Burros conservation enthusiast. The topics of the conversation included a myriad of individual and shared philosophical ideologies and hypothesis exchanges pertaining to: Wild Horse and Burro preservation, as well as Mr. Simpson’s newest concept, i.e., the reintroduction of captured and corralled wild horses and the burros that were previously removed from government rangeland, for the sole purpose of wild fire control in remote wilderness areas of the U.S.

In fact, the reintroduction of wild horses and burros into remote wilderness areas to feed off of the underbrush grasses, which fuel the rapid numbers of increasing and devastating wild fires, seems like a very logical concept to me.  It places the wild horses and burros back where they’re supposed to be, decreases federal spending for rounding up, corralling, transporting, housing, feeding and caring for the animals, except for a few obstacles in its path. main culprits are our federal government and the cattle and sheep ranchers whose cattle are occupying vast swaths of lands in our western public grassland landscape.

During my tenure on planet earth, I’ve learned a few facts about our federal government. For example,  after it’s involved in a federal project, it probably will never work efficiently again – if at all. Wanton financial waste is an inherent institution in our “powers-that-be,” whose economic projections, spending and enactment most certainly defies sound business logic. To quote a U.S. Senator from Louisiana to illustrate this established trend, one only has to apply his testament to this truth said by the honorable Mr. John Neely Kennedy, “Our country was founded by geniuses and is run by idiots!”  

Over the years, I’ve personally written a litany of articles on the topic of the preservation of wild horses and burros, the inflictions being put on the wild horses, burros and predators occupying public grass lands, the ineptness of the federal government, as well as horse abuse. To me, it’s not as hard a topic to understand as the federal government, sheep and cow ranchers receiving government subsidies who occupy public grasslands and the special interest groups profiting from public land grazing would like for you to believe.  

First of all, long-ago the public grasslands were set aside by the U.S. Government for the citizens of the U.S. and its wildlife and not for ranchers receiving government subsidies for ranching on our public lands. Nor did the government set aside this land for billionaires and millionaires who have found a very lucrative dollar sign to attach to their bottom-line profits while taking advantage of the ridiculously low grazing costs as well as the endogenous species originally occupying public grass lands, such as wild horses and burros, deer species, predators (i.e.) carnivores-meat eaters,  e.g., bears, wolves, bobcats, mountain lions, etc.

Two things I’ve learned from being associated with the federal government through my military service in the U.S. Army during the Viet Nam War era and my sixteen years as a Drug Enforcement Agent and Law Enforcement professional. (1) Some federal government employees are masters at propaganda and (2) some federal government employees are corrupt.  They have adopted the “Do as I say and not as I do” mentality. In fact, some years back, I wrote a request for a criminal investigation of the BLM, with the request being sent to the Office Of Inspector General in Washington, DC. To date, I haven’t heard the outcome. 

The Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros act of 1971 was supposed to be the shining beacon on the hill – so to speak.  The act covered the management, protection, and study of “unbranded and unclaimed horses and burros on public lands in the United States.”  

However, as with all things designed to be good, unscrupulous opportunists have learned to take advantage of the system and profiteers have learned to make exorbitant financial profitsat the expense of our public grazing land and the wildlife inhabiting it. Horses and Burros are removed and either sent to exile in concentration camps to make room for more cattle and sheep, predators are killed because they feed off of cattle and sheep have been introduced in their native habitat by ranchers, that turn out to be “lunch menu items” and are either trapped and removed at taxpayer expense or shot and killed in place by ranchers, as well as birth control, i.e., sterilization for wild Horses and burros.

Confidential sources have told me that the BLM has a little known undocumented expenditure amount of $2,500 that certain agency members can spend without claiming what it was used for and without receipts to verify the expenditure. I’m told that many outsourced hunters are being paid this $2,500 to kill, in place, wild horses and burros with high-powered rifles with silencers. I’ve also been told that there are currently some 290-some-odd head of horses lying dead in a mountainous region of a Western state, with all deceased bodies lying side by side and shot in the head. The corpses are decomposing as of the writing of this article.

One could probably file a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request to try and obtain any information pertaining to this alleged act but the filer probably would have as much luck getting a truthful answer from the government, as one would have finding Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails. 

One fact of certainty remains: wild horses, burros and predators are being killed and the BLM isn’t conducting enough all-inclusive investigations to find out who the culprits are. It’s been my experience and opinion that BLM would rather listen to a group of whining taxpayer subsidized ranchers receiving millions of taxpayer dollars equivalent to welfare payments than they would to preservation groups whose only concern is the welfare of our public grasslands and wildlife.  

After all, public grassland beef production only accounts for two percent or less of the total beef production in the United States., at a cost of more than $500 million annually to appease welfare ranchers who demand wild horse, burros and predator removal.  This public travesty is just another example of the federal government trying to act like smart people while fulfilling the forgoing statement: “Once the federal government gets involved in something, it probably will never work right again, if at all.” 

On the other hand, in an article entitled “Healthy Forests – Healthy Communitie,”, Mr. ????   Simpson offers a sensible and alternate solution to this problem by re-homing wild horses and burros in remote wilderness areas to feed off of grass that fuels wildfires (i.e.) the devastation from this and last year’s wildfires is still unfolding at a scale that has not even begun to be understood. 

The socioeconomic impacts, which include the loss of life, property, natural resources, massive impact on health and healthcare, economic impacts on business and real property, etc., emanating from last year’s wildfires are continuing to mount as other new impacts are just surfacing. The total annualized losses and costs are in the realm of hundreds of billions of dollars annuallyand unsustainable.

Legislators must CHANGE how they are handling this most serious problem as the usual methods (and people) are not providing the greatly needed solution. We need new blood and ideas if we are to devolve this monumental devastation, which is certain to be worsening year over year, as it already is trending.

Following is a plan to save human life, wildlife, forests, watersheds, fisheries, property and native-species American wild horses, that are approaching extinction under the BLM’s awful management according to Dr. Ross MacPhee, curator of Vertebrates – American Museum of Natural History: An intelligent forest management plan encompasses three synergistic actions:

1.      Correcting Unnatural 1-hour Fuel Loading.

                  It’s important to note that: When native Americans used fire to manage the landscape, there were about 100-million more large-bodied herbivores grazing on the landscape than there are today. Those now-missing, native-species herbivores consumed about 273-million tons of annual grass and brush (1-hour fuels), based on an average grazing of 15 pounds per day across various native-species herbivores. The best science informs us that when native-species herbivores are depleted, catastrophic wildfire evolve.

2.      Logging And Thinning Forests.

                  Forests must be managed by experienced managers who have a holistic approach to forest management. Overstocked (high tree densities) forests must be culled so tree densities are optimal (based on species and carrying capacity of landscape) in order to preserve water and light resources for the best trees and this requires intelligent thinning. 

In ecologically sensitive areas containing rare flora and fauna, domestic draft horses have been well-proven to be a successful method for both logging and thinning in ecological sensitive forests. In other less sensitive areas, traditional methods (mechanized) can be employed with proven success.

3.      Wildfire Suppression

                  With the assumption that the foregoing programs and methods are implemented, stopping wildfire suppression is logical and made far more effective by the implementation of the best practices as outlined herein above and therefore must be set as established policy by all agencies.

For more information on Mr. Simpson’s fire prevention plan with the re-introduction of corralled Wild Horses and Burro’s, please click on the following link:

Link Here

For more information on Mr. Simpson’s latest video on this subject, please click on the following link:

Link Here

Until Next Time, Keep Em Between The Bridle!!


Richard E. “Rick” Dennis CPP

Managing Member

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  1. I certainly agree with the part of this that would set the wild horses that have been gathered by BLM & USFS (and are currently languishing/disappearing from miserable holding facilities) back to the natural areas where they will be able to greatly reduce vegetation that becomes dry tinder for catastrophic wildfires. Due to Global Climate Change, aka Global Warming, this risk is greatly exacerbating and the thousands of wild horses that have been unjustly removed from their legal areas could provide an incredibly valuable service to all of life, including us humans. But we should do our part by stopping to pollute the atmosphere. We must!

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