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By Glory Ann Kurtz
Dec. 18, 2018

If you went to the NCHA website yesterday and paid attention to the NCHA Staff listing, you would discover what hundreds of members stayed up half the night on Facebook talking about. 

Missing on the list of Administrative employees was Dave Brian, who was the long-time Director of Shows, while the Show Department was minus Dee McLauchlin who almost single-handed ran that department at the office and during the major events. No reasons were reported by the NCHA but names of individuals and supposedly what happened were abundant on social media.

The only statement by an official of NCHA that I could find came from President Elect Ron Pietrafeso, who responded to something James Bankston had written.

He said “I can’t really say much about recent developments with NCHA; however, what I can tell everyone that James Bankston is just like the rest of the liberal news media he has no clue what he is talking about and he continues to spread rumors. Jim Short has not been fired he is still our lobbyist, said Pietrafeso, President Elect of the NCHA. But there was no explanation about the two individuals who had worked at the association for a number of years and were today missing on the list of NCHA Staff.

Since I like to investigate why things happen, I turned to the minutes of the NCHA Executive Committee over the past year. After reading the minutes that were missing the “real news” during the private sessions that were not in the minutes..


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  1. Why doesn’t Mr rapp get on the web and try to let the members know what`s going on , if it was management decisions, or problems with them in the office. Just be open, let the members know if your trying to balance the budget or keeping someone from doing not right.

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